Friday, August 31, 2007

Nalini Singh on Dangerous Heroes

Hi folks! I’m very excited to be here on Jacki’s blog. I look forward to getting to know you all.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with my work, I write a paranormal series about the Psy, a race that eliminated its emotions a century ago in an effort to stave off a vicious wave of insanity and murder; and the changeling shapeshifters who threaten their perfect Silence.

If you'd like more info, there are lots of excerpts available on my website, along with tantalizing snippets of behind the scenes info, and a free short story.

The latest book in the series: Caressed By Ice, releases Sep 4! I can hardly wait. Here’s what one bookseller had to say about it: “I want to marry this book, I love it so much.” I love that quote! And no I didn’t bribe her to say that. Promise. It was all Judd Lauren, my icy assassin of a hero. He drove me nuts with his stubbornness while I was writing, but he is quite unbelievably sexy (in a dangerous sort of way).

I’m guessing that since you’re reading Jacki’s blog, you love a dash of darkness in your heroes? What is it about them that’s so fascinating, do you think? Personally, I think it’s not their dangerous edges which seduce us, but the fact that we know they’ll never use those edges to hurt the heroine.

A lethal blade of a hero might drive the heroine to insanity with his possessive protectiveness, as Judd does to Brenna, but he will never ever allow harm to come to her. He’s not tamed...but for her, he’ll try to behave. (Of course, his version of “behaving” might include plenty of making the heroine crazy *grin*).

What’s your take on dangerous heroes? Any particular favorites?

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Your Psy/Changeling Hero: Dorian

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p.s. The timestamp on this blog says 5.48a.m. Nope, I'm not awake that early! I'm in New Zealand, and it's around 9.48PM on Friday night!!


AmyC said...

HI NALINI!! I love your books!! Thanks so much for stopping by!! I am very anxious for Caressed by Ice. There are a few ladies here on Jacki's board that were lucky enough to win ARC's of it! But I've been waiting and the wait is almost over!!

MaryKate said...

Hi Nalini! Jeez, I'm like your own personal stalker. ;o)

Dangerous heroes. Love them. In fact, there's not much I like better than a hero who is a little scary. My favorite dangerous hero is Rhage from JR Ward's Lover Eternal. He literally is a beast. And he's so terrified of hurting Mary, his mate, that he won't make love to her. The girl has got her work cut out for her, that's for sure. He's literally afraid he'll kill her if they have sex. Sounds kind of familiar, huh? LOL!

Amy - I read CBI last weekend. You are in for such a treat! It's a very emotional book. You're gonna love it!

AmyC said...

Thanks Marykate! I cannot wait to read it!!
And you know, Rhage is one of my favorite books! I cried my eyes out reading that! I came downstairs (it was kinda late) and my mom was still living with me and she thought there was something wrong!! I'm like's the book!!! LOL I love books like that! Jacki's Elijah was like that for me too!!

Suzette said...

HI! I too am a fan of your books thanks to Gena Showalter and a few others that kept mentioning we should read your books. I did and I love them and am very excited for Sept 4.

Christine said...

Hi Nalini!! I just started your Psy-Changeling series last week and I love it! I took your hero quiz the other day and got Lucas! And that was *before* I read Slave to Sensation! But now I know why I got Lucas... because I find I am A LOT like Sascha! :)

Today I am in the middle of Visions of Heat and will be ready for Caressed by Ice on release day! Vaughn and Faith's story is great so far and I am really looking forward to Judd and Brenna's story. I so desperately want to see Brenna healed. Am I going to need tissues for that one?

I find that I love dangerous heroes because, well... they're just damn sexy. They're dangerous, strong, and determined enough to do whatever it takes to protect, defend, and honor their mate and their people, and the rights of their loved ones. Rights like freedom and safety.

My favorites? I would have to say ALL of JR Ward's Brothers, Hugh from Meljean Brook's Demon Angel, Jacki's Elijah, and so many Dark Hunters and a few Carpathians as well. Oh yeah! And Lara Adrian's Midnight Breed Warriors... can't forget them. And I think I am really loving all of the Changeling's as well. I've got my eye out on Hawke, by the way. ...and Kit. So cute. Okay! Okay! So I like them all! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nalini...thank u 4 taking the time 2 talk w/ us! I recently purchased ur books, thanx 2 Gena Showalter's & J.R.Ward's blog that keep mentioning that ur books r a MUST! Y do I like danger? 4 all the chills, thrills u get and all w/ sexy men! My fav? I am w/ u Christine, 4 me it would be RHAGE from Lover Eternal-J.R.Ward BDB Series. He is an extremely intense, impulsive vampire w/ a voracious appetite...but most of all he is sinfully delicious when he gets emotional! Have a great weekend!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Hi Nalini!!Wow,its great to have you here!
I finished Slave To Sensation not to long ago and it was fantastic!
Some fav heros are probably like others,J.R.Wards Brothers.Wow is all I can say there,lol.And omg,Gideon is amazing!But my favorit dangerous hero is Ash from SK's Dark Hunters.Such a tortured soul!But of so dangerous and powerful!:D He's in need of some lovin and i'm just the woman,lol!!!
Have a great weekend and holiday Nalini.Take care.

Nalini Singh said...

Hi AmyC - thank you for that awesome welcome :)

MK - how cool - my own personal stalker! *g*

Suzette - isn't Gena awesome? I had the awesome luck to read her first Darkest book ahead of schedule and oooh, I think you guys are going to like these heroes. Very, very dangerous.

Christine - hmm, you might need a few tissues, but Brenna's pretty tough. I'm so delighted you're loving the series. And yeah - Hugh - I really loved him, too. Also Colin, because he appeared so vain but once you got beneath it all, he was just this wonderful, deliciously dangerous hero.

Hi Ada - hope you enjoy my books!

Hi Stephanie - ooh, Ash. I'm so waiting for his book! Though I must admit, Zarek from Dance with the Devil is one of my faves. Oh and Vane from Night Play.

Pam said...

Hi Nalini, I can't wait to read Judd's and Brenna's story, finally, the wait is almost over.

I love all those sharp, darker edges to the dangerous sexy hero, knowing he will stop at nothing to protect his lady, yet does not have to be feared by her, the one who can tame the beast somewhat, lol.

Anna said...

Hi Nalini...
I have yet to start this series, but I have Slave to Sensation and it's on my September book list. Looking forward to that.

On the dark-hunter front besides Ash... Zarek and Vane are my favorites too. Zarek is soo very bad and soo very tempting. :)

Nalini Singh said...

Pam - yes, I love what you said about taming the beast. It's just so seductive to know he'll only bend for this one woman.

Anna, hope you enjoy my books. Zarek is just so tormented and yet he never hurts the heroine. And Vane - wow, he had me from the start - that book where he first sees his heroine and immediately sees beauty in her. Thud!

Christine said...

Nalini, I think we have a very similar taste in heroes.

First of all... Colin? So delicious. The chemsitry between Colin & Savi is awesome.

Secondly... I love Zarek. He is definitely one of my most favorite Dark Hunters. Wren, Valerius, Vane and Ash, too. Can you tell I am totally drawn to the quiet, mysterious, keeps to himself, tortured soul kind of dangerous hero. Like Jacki's Jacob. And your Changelings. Awww... Poor guys. ;)

ShellBell said...

Hi Nalini - not stalking you (much) I promise! Zarek and Vane are 2 of my favourite heroes as well, along with Zsadist and Rehvenge (JR Ward).

I started Caressed By Ice last night - finished at 1.30 this morning. Absolutely loved it - Dorian and Vaughan are still my equal favourites, but now Judd comes a very close second. Loved the excerpt at the back of CBI for Clay's book (Mine To Possess) and reading it has just made me more anxious for the book to be released.

Love your Nightwalker series Jacki - can't wait for Damien's book!

Nalini Singh said...

Christine - yep, the chemistry there was scorching. I do like those tortured heroes, too, definitely :)

Oooh, Shell - you're the first person to comment on the excerpt of Clay's book. So glad you loved both CBI and the excerpt!

Kat said...

Hi Nalini!!!!

Favorite dangerous hero? Uh....Dorian (duh) ;) LOL.

Excerpt from Clay's book? Oooh, I can't wait. Very excited to get my official (for lack of a better word) copy of CBI Tuesday :)

Probably what I love most about the dangerous heroes is that they're totally bada$$ and distant from the world, but incredibly loving to their heroines. It feels like they belong to their heroines above and beyond the norm (if that makes any sense).

More dangerous heroes that are faves:
Acheron from Sherrilyn Kenyon's Dark Hunters (he actually has to top the list)
Zsadist from J.R. Ward's Lover Awakened
Peter Jensen from Anne Stuart's Cold As Ice
Jonas from Lora Leigh's Breed series

Hope you're having a great weekend :)


Nalini Singh said...

Kat, how did I know you were going to say Dorian?!

I agree with you about these heroes belonging to the heroine above and beyond the norm. They're so tough that when they fall, it's HARD. So romantic...

And LL - love her heroes. I'm really jonesing for Cabal's book!

Kat said...

Nalini - *wide-eyed innocent look* I don't know how you knew. Must be psychic. Besides, the quiz said I should be with Dorain. Gotta believe the quiz. LOL.

Definitely Cabal - he's my favorite Breed. How could he not be on my list? I blame school for frazzling my brain.


Jennifer said...

I know I'm late, but I have to say that I love your books Ms. Singh =)

There's just something about Dorian *sigh* But we can't forget about our fav Wolf alpha Hawke (hubba hubba!)

I'm firmly on the Z train as well, that being Zarek. I love that he has every reason to be the way he is and you can't fault him once for it. Is it bad to say that I'm not much of an Ash fan?

*Ducks flying cushions*

But I still want his book! I really want Fang's and Fury's book. What can I say, I love the sarcastic wolves ;)

polheber2 said...

I just had to pop on and go all fangirl on you. Squeeee, I LOVE your series!!! Just look at my reviews of it at FAR (no, not a promo, just too much to say in too small a place LOL)

Ok, fangirl moment done. Back to the real world.

Nalini Singh said...


Jennifer - thanks! And I'm with you on the sarcastic wolves. ;)

Hey Serena! Thanks for the awesome reviews!


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