Thursday, January 31, 2008

Treasure Hunt Thursday #2!!!

OY! Let me tell you this almost didn't happen on time! Someone came in my house, and it wasn't me and it wasn't the cats, and it wasn't the housekeeper (which is what I thought when I heard the noise from my bedroom then rolled over and went back to sleep!!) But the garage door was wide open and I know the difference between the sounds my cats make and whatever the hell that was. A couple of doors were open that normally are kept shut. Yes, my cats DO open doors. I have to tie them shut. Boogers. So I cannot say for sure whether or not I am completely on crack, but I bet the cop who checked the house out thinks I am. Nothing is missing that I can see so far, but it's not like the laptops were hiding, so...I can only wish I'd never seen that freaky ass movie Hider in the House when I was a younger person. Frikken horror movies. Frikken Lifetime. I love frikken Lifetime. LOL.

It was suggested it might be a fan. If that's true...KNOCK IT OFF!!! Ya scarin' me! Frankly, I don't think I'm that important!

So, locks are getting changed, ADT will add a few contacts to the garage, they will fix the USELESS motion detector and all will be well.


Oh! I caught the other stray! She's soooo cuuuuute!!!!!!!! So sweet!! I'm calling her Sweet Pea. I believe she was Nettles GF, so in for tests tomorrow. :( . She might be pregnant so we have to proceed with a little more caution this time. Even if the mom is positive for FIV, it's possible the kittens can be born FIV free. I think. Gotta research that.

I cut that damn collar off her. Oh my....oh when I tell you how furious I am about this...all I can say is if she DOES belong to someone, they best not knock on my door looking for her. FOUR inches. Thats all. Four inches around on a full grown adult female cat about 12 lbs. It wouldn't even fit Mal right now at six months old and 6.5 lbs!! Luckily, I can't see any sores or outer physical damage. But I sense her relief. My gosh, she has been all over me, rubbing, purring. Very vocal. So sweet.

But now it's time for business :)


You have between now and Saturday night at 11:59 PM to find the answers to the following ten treasure hunt questions. You must submit your answers to and you must put TREASURE HUNT #2 in the subject line! In the body of the email number 1 thru 10 and enter the corresponding answers to the presented questions. All of these answers are findable! That doesn't mean it will be easy...hehehe....I mean this is ME after all.

This week's prizes are...

Third Place Prize: A nylon bookcover that says "Curl up with a GOOD Demon" on it. I have colors to match every book cover from the series :P You can choose.

Second Place Prize: Another of the much coveted "I spend my nights with the Nightwalkers" nightshirts!

FIRST PLACE PRIZE: Yes, the one you all want, an ARC of DAMIEN!! Woohoo! All my goofy mistakes included. LOL. But quite readable. You will be the envy of all your friends. Muahahahaha!!

But first you gotta get every one of these right. One single answer wrong disqualifies you. Like last time, I will allow for one oops email. If you send in your answers and OOPS you realize you got one wrong, you can replace it. However, the new email now becomes your entry voiding the previous one EVEN IF THAT ONE TURNS OUT TO BE THE RIGHT ONE!

Yeah, I'm a bitch like that. Heh.

Here goes nothing! Or...everything!

1. In Elijah, what is the page number where he unwittingly removes Siena's collar for the first time?

2. On my website I mention my one male friend. What is his name?

3. What's my favorite brand of ice cream? ( are allowed to interview my friends for that one! I do mention it in a blog or two at least also.)

4. What is the name of my new series, the next installment of the Nightwalker saga, in January of '09?

5. Name 10 authors I am friends with on MySpace.

6. Name three paranormal romance (or erotica) books I have read. (hint: Shelfari, Goodbooks)

7. What's my sign?

8. I just joined the Carolina Romance Writers chapter of the RWA. What is the date of their upcoming meeting? (Hint: It is coinciding with a religious holiday for me)

9. Besides Eddi Reader, name a female vocalist I love.

10. Joey W. Hill wrote my all time favorite erotic romance. The hero's name is Mac. Name the book.

That's it guys! Good luck! (You're gonna need it!)

Hugs and Kitties


Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All Creatures Great and Small

On December 6th a story broke about a no-kill shelter in Hendersonville NC.

All Creatures Great and Small

I have to warn you that the video that accompanies this article is disturbing to sensitive viewers. I didn't finish watching it. I didn't have the heart. PETA's investigations had a hand in shutting down this vile hoarding ground, but they had been breaking state law and failing inspections for five years prior! Yet nothing was done about it in all that time. And I'd like to say they will be gone for good, but they are simply moving to a new facility in another state. SC. Animal Compassion Network and other animal rescue organizations are hurrying to find placement for as many of these animals as they possibly can before the court mandated deadline (I don't know what deadline means for the lives of the remaining animals...and I don't like where my assumptions are leading me). Resources are going to be overwhelmed. Anything you can do to help will be much appreciated.

Animal Compassion Network
is building a facility of it's own called Pet Harmony. This is such a thrilling development of a goal for them and I hope you take the time to read about it. Of course donations are helpful, but those who are local can consider lending muscle to the project, becoming foster homes for pets between adoptive processes...perhaps just donating blankets, litter, food...

This isn't the same shelter you heard me speak of before. But if the state/county doesn't care to regulate places like ACGS, you can imagine the level of concern aimed at their own facilities.

Yesterday I had the boys neutered at the Humane Alliance Spay and Neuter Clinic for an unbelievably reasonable price. Located in Asheville and staffed with what I felt were warm, concerned and understanding individuals, the incredibly busy clinic may not be the prettiest place on earth, but it serves a beautiful purpose. Cut pet population. Period. They ask very few questions. They make it as easy for you as possible. Hell, its dirt cheap! Go. Do.

The boys are fine and frisky as always, thank you for asking. I am hurrying my way into the ACN foster program. I am hoping to take in some of these animals in need. The boys ought to LOOOOOVE that!

Oh, did I mention the stray? The second one. A girl tabby. Grey like Malcolm. She eats like it's going to disappear, poor thing. At first I thought she was owned because of her collar. Turns out it is a flea collar...and it was put on her so long ago, most likely when she was a kitten...that its choking her. She came up to me. Skittish but sweet, I tried to get a finger under the damn thing and couldn't. She bolted when I touched her like that (I think it hurt her) so I didn't get to cut it off. It may even be embedded. I couldn't see. I keep food and water out and have been waiting for her, but no luck for two days now. I'll catch her next time. But that means the vet...and I am sorry to say I am fairly certain she and Nettles catted around together. There is a chance she's okay of course, but not a very good one.

Okay, thanks for listening to my pet lecture, pet peeves and pet projects. And thanks for anything you do to help. Even if it's just spreading the word.

And be sure to read up on Pet Harmony....esp if you read that article and watch the tape. It will help you balance your emotions and, like me, help you remember that not all people suck.

Hugs and Kitties

Monday, January 28, 2008

And the Winners of Treasure Hunt #1 are...

Only TWO in number! Not one other person besides these two gals got every question right! Hurm....maybe I am making them too hard.

Nah. Not me~!

There was, admittedly, one stumper in the bunch, but I swear the answer was out there. You juuuuust had to HUNT.

Here are the answers:

1. A Jacob.
2. Five.
3. September 19-21. (I would have taken any one of the dates between)
4. Best Contemporary Paranormal Romance.
5. Fire In His Eyes.
6. Writers House.
7. Grey.
8. Kat Michaels, Denise, Amy, Renee and Maura.
9. Lynnora. (or Maria, Janette, or Laraine)
10. CSI-Las Vegas or Heroes or any of those listed in my MySpace. If all else failed, most of you should know I am a Buffy fanatic lol.

And the First Place winner is....Kimberly S. Kimberly, email me your name, address and PLEASE put the name of you prize in the subject line (and the contest it came from in the body of the letter!) You have won a signed copy of Ellijah of your very own :)

The second place winner is... NESSABOOG. Ness, you won your very own Nightwalker Nightshirt! Please email me your name, address and PLEASE put the name of your prize in the subject line (and the contest it came from in the body of the letter!)

And since no one made it to third, girls, I will split the covers between you. Randomly, one will get a signed cover for Elijah and one for Damien! Congrats and you deserve it for the hard work you did.

As for the rest of all worked hard and some of you were so close it was utterly painful to have to put your entries aside! But the best thing about this?? There's another contest this Thursday! All new questions and new and exciting prizes!! WOOT! Want a hint?

Next Thursday's Treasure Hunt FIRST PLACE PRIZE is....

A Damien ARC!!!

Yep you heard me! And if you thought this one was hard, imagine what I am gonna do to you to make you earn one of those! I haven't decided on the second and third place yet, they could be anything really. :)

Also, I wanted to let you know I am plotting another guest blogger marathon! Soon. I want to get people to do it before they get overwhelmed with RT preparations. Of course, I am going to make them give you things. LOL. I always do! I may torture you, but I always look out for you all in the end.

Have a fabulous day today!


hugs and kitties,

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Treasure Hunt Thursday #1 !!!

As promised we are going to have a treasure hunt! The rules an conditions are easy (it's just the hunt that will take some time!)

Below I have listed items for you to find one thru ten. In an email with the subject line saying TREASURE HUNT #1, numbering 1-10 in the body of the letter you write the corresponding answers to the questions and email it to . Getting all ten treasure finds right gives you entry into a drawing for the prize. Believe me, this is no easy hunt and your competition won't be very high because all it takes is one wrong answer for me to disqualify (delete) the entering email from the contest.

Only ONE entry per person is allowed. I WILL allow an oops replacement entry if you suddenly realize you made a mistake as long as it is before deadline and with the understanding that your previous entry will be annihilated even if that one ends up being the right one!!

Your DEADLINE for finishing the hunt is 11:59 PM Saturday, January 26th!

Your PRIZE for winning this first hunt is... a signed copy of my latest release ELIJAH

I will draw a second place winner whose prize will be...
a one size fits all black nightshirt that reads in red "I SPEND MY NIGHTS WITH THE NIGHTWALKERS!"

A lucky third place winner will receive...signed book flats for both ELIJAH and DAMIEN. I decided on three prizes so that those who already have one type of prize can still play for another.

So, now everyone can play! Ready? Set?


1. Recently I guested on Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth’s radio show, The Raven Happy Hour. In the show (podcast), what did Michelle say she wanted for ‘her very own for Christmas.’?

2. In the first Nightwalker book, Jacob, how many stories up was Bella’s apartment?

3. Author Lora Leigh has invited me to her 2008 RAW event. What are the dates for that event?

4. What Romantic Times Award is Gideon nominated for this year?

5. What is the first book cover picture you see at Stella and Audra Price’s website?

6. What is the name of the agency that represents me?

7. What color is my cat Damien?

8. Name my top 5 friends on MySpace

9. Name one of my sisters.

10. Tell me one of my favorite television shows.

All of these answers are findable. Some easily, some not. Between my website, my MySpace and the sites of others mentioned, the solutions are out there. Good luck to you all! And remember, 11:59 Saturday night is when your email has to be marked by! (As per my EST hotmail account!)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Few Loose Ends

As the intro says, I have a few loose ends to tie up.

First, I blogged TWICE yesterday, only I can't notify you twice a day. Only allowed one time each day. So, sorry about that. But just scroll down and you can see what inspired me to blog again.

Second, for those who don't know, Nettles was put to sleep after testing positive for FIV (Feline AIDs). It was so sad, but I am glad he spent the night before protected from 10 degree weather, had a huge satisfying meal of premium cat food, and a soft blanket and chair to curl up in. I hope those who read this and own cats realize how rampant FIV has become among outdoor cats and how easily it is transmitted to other cats. (Not to mention feline Leukemia. Feline Leukemia is VIRAL and can be passed from cat to cat just like any other virus!) It is a horrible way for a cat to die, and I am glad Nettles went in a soft, peaceful way. My aching heart and my tears are worth that kind of peace any day.

Third, on Saturday I held a chat at SmutSluts. What fun! We had a hugely difficult (is there any other kind???) treasure hunt. I didn't announce a winner, but I did pick one earlier today. (The Nettles incident kinda distracted me), lucky won all three of my books, signed.

Fourth, I had SOOOO much fun with the treasure hunt that I decided to do another one. I will do it here on the blog (and my MySpace blog as well) on Thursday and I think the prize will be a Nightwalker Nightshirt! Then I will do it again next week on Thursday (I think we'll call it TREASURE HUNT THURSDAY) with another new prize and so on, all through the month of February. (My birth month hehehe) in celebration of becoming a gloriously ancient 40 years of age. Ahhh. So tune in here (I will still mass mail those on my mailing list) for the contest...and for other drama in my life. LOL. It's always something! (Hey, it's GScout cookie season in Feb. too, think that's a coinkydink?)

Mmmmmm SAMOAS!

And fifth, an amusing little story. Today my two youngest boys, Malcolm and Magellan, were off to the vet to get neutered. And not a moment too soon, I realized. Malcolm loves to snuggle with me as I wake up in the morning. I pet him all over and he sprawls in the crook of my arm and purrs. I don't even open my eyes, but he knows I am waking up and comes right to me. How he knows....I have no idea. So this morning I am petting him as I slowly awaken to the warm and sunny day that awaits me, the comfort of my feather bed and charmeuse satin sheets so delightful, Malcolm's fur so soft in that way only baby kittens have and it felt so--

What the---??

Damn if that little perv didn't have a great big kitty erection! I guess he was really feeling good! And to be fair, he's a guy and he'd just woken up...hehehe. But after squeaving out over that and leaping out of bed fully awake, I was ready to march them into the vet postus hastious.
So I get there and they give me papers to sign about risks and such and then an estimate of the cost--

What the--??

193 dollars ?? For a male neuter?? You must be joking! In NY my vet did them for 35 dollars!!! I calmly but gently turn to the vet tech, say "Oh my fucking god!! Is this per cat or for both??"

"Per cat." she says as if it's not something ridiculously insane.

"Uhh..." I explain the part about about my former vet, as if it will somehow make her alter their price plan.

"Well it would cost that much if you took them to the spay neuter clinic--"

"Give! Number! Now! C-ya!"

So I left, still LOVING that vet btw, but in search of a 35 dollar snip so I can use the other money toward fosters and strays and such instead! We're scheduled. I am leery, though, about tomorrow morning and my wake up ritual with Malcolm.

Maybe I ought to make him buy me dinner tonight, first....

Monday, January 21, 2008


A very funny lady I know, whose blog I read, sent out this tag. In light of the day I had today, I couldn't pass it up.

I have a dream...

That one day I will walk into a social services office and see mothers with their babies looking for and receiving help without ten tons of gold jewelry on, expensive intricate hairstyles and equally costly manicures. That will mean people have learned they must put their children first in everything, they have learned where their priorities must be, and understand that abuse of the charity of others only hurts the givers and those in need they might have helped next had you not hurt and jaded them.

I have a dream...

That all tribes become one tribe. That we will delight in our one tribe being the most exotic, intricate and diversified collection of human beings there can possibly be and it will give us pleasure to celebrate our differences...together.

I have a dream...

That one day everyone will realize that domesticated animals depend on us and we are responsible to them for all of their lives just as we would be for our natural born children. Without us to shelter them as we promised, they are cold, wet and vulnerable to attack. Without us to feed them they will starve and be forced to hunt with weakened skills since we purposely bred them out of them. Without love, cuddles and snuggles of affection they will suffer alone and lonely, unable to trust...unable to comprehend...and unable to feel needed and wanted just as everyone craves to be needed and wanted.

I have a dream...

That fear and self-preservation will lose the battle against conscience and righteous indignation when it comes time for us to bear witness to cruelty, abuse, or a crime of any kind. That people will understand that their silence may not have involved them in the present crime, but it will aid and abet the crime of the future if allowed to. Speak up. Be unafraid. Be a moral force of nature. Say NOT THIS TIME...NOT THIS ANIMAL...NOT THIS CHILD...NOT THIS NEIGHBORHOOD...NOT THIS TIME AND NOT EVER AGAIN!!!'re it! If you have a blog...let's see what you dream the way Martin Luther King dreamed. put the link in my comments when you are done.


Well, we all know I'm an animal lovin', tree huggin', eco-friendly hippie girl, and if you don't...well, you do now. But you don't have to be a hippie or a liberal of anything else to feel everything inside you cringe when you read a story like this: (Click to see it larger!)

Closer to home...

As many of you know I have six cats. And you know I adore them...the little shits. LOL! For a couple of months now, Nino (The Sentry) has been guarding my vulnerable outpost (home) from the evil invasion of outdoor kitties. (A neat trick, especially since he is NEVER allowed outdoors...YAY NINO!) In this endeavor he has hissed at, swatted at and glared menacingly at a two regular tresspessers. One was a chubby black and white tomcat who taunted my poor baby through the glass of the sidelight windows, literally sticking his face up to the glass and meeting Nino eye to eye as if to say: SUCKAAAAHHHHH! Nino's response: "One day, friend, their aint gonna be no glass between us...then, it's time for a little payback."

Well, that day has come my friends. Much to the distress of cats simply living their lives, an alien known a The Human has swooped in to fuck everything up. But all for a good cause, I assure you. Using a sophisticated trapping mechanism utilizing the physics of the natural order of the universe (food) The Human captured the enemy cat (okay so he purred and licked me and all but leapt in my arms....) and imprisoned him in the bowels of her evil fortress (back bedroom)
and forcefed him succulent morsels of...well, no need to go into gory detail.

Our prisoner is long-haired, had a tail full of thickly clumped nettles, no collar, full of fleas, reeking of the musk of an intact tomcat, and an uncounted number of battle scars. (A little taller you could slap a kilt on this guy and I'd have a date. Meeerrrrow!) Now, Nettles (so dubbed) isn't in that back room but an hour before Nino manages to dash under my legs and tear into the room. And people, payback is a bitch. MEEROW!!ROWWW!!!RRRRREEEOOOWWWWWLLL!!!! *fur flying* The warden let's out a girlie shriek and breaks up the yard brawl before one inmate shivs the other.

Night falls on the penitentiary and The Sentry and Nettles tussle, albeit under the door, every so often. Today Nettles goes to the vet for some blood work to see if Death Row awaits. The Warden has hooked up with ACN to adopt him out in the event of successful health tests. From the inmate's perspective? He is being held without rights to counsel, subject to mutilation of his private parts at any time, and could get the needle.

I am so proud of myself for rescuing him!!!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

The ARCs are HERE!!

Damien ARCs just arrived. Yummy yum yum! Everyone who won one in my chat last Saturday I am going to try and get them all out to you by wednesday of next week! (That goes for all prizes won from me lately....I know, I am slow...but I was also SWAMPED!)

In other news, I passed my driver's test (20 years between tests and it is STILL just as hard and scary as the first time...and just as thrilling to beat it!) I am now officially licensed in the State of NC. Ahhh.... Now if I could only find the damn title to my car!!!

And further news, Saturday from 9pm to 10pm I am holding a chat at the SMUT SLUTS website. I am giving away what I like to call the TRIFECTA. Signed copies of all three released books. But I am so delighted to have the ARCS I may just...well, we'll see. Hehe. How can you win the trifecta? Well, it won't be easy...and I'll just say one thing: TREASURE HUNT.

'Nuff said.

I was battling the blues today, but managed to make it through without pizza or chocolate. Imagine that! I have hopes that it gets better from here, though. All my deadlines are achieved for the moment and now I can relax and do some free-thinking writing...where I go wherever the mind takes me. You never know what that will bring. The Shadowdwellers came about this way. Once we get into that series you will see a significant change in my writing. I loosen up, heat up and my plots thicken. Kensington frees me to write however I like, heh, and I just may make them regret that! Just the same, as my reading tastes evolve, as I age, everything I write tends to change in a likewise manner. I don't ever want to become predictable or stuck in a rut. I've seen it happen to some of my favorite writers. I don't believe in "If the formula works, use it again...and again...and again!" Obviously some things will never change. I will always have a HEA. (Happily Ever After) and I will always center my stories around the journey my H and H take to get there. It is romance, after all. Paranormal, fantasy, Sci-fi...yes...but romance just the same.

I want to give a shout to all my favorite soldiers who are out there doing a really tough job for a paycheck. They've really taken to the series, and they've been really gracious and kind to me as well.

Also, feel free to write to me and tell me what you thought of Elijah. I can always use the feedback.

Let's have a contest. Heh. For an ARC of Damien. Comment to this blog to enter a chance to telling me which is your favorite Nightwalker race and why. Short answers are frowned on and may be disqualified. Put some thought into I know you have. Epress yourself as if I might write a romance, and a Nightwalker, JUST for you!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Let's Play!

YAY! Tomorrow is the all day Post Elijah Release Chat Party taking place in the chat room on my website!! That gives you one day to buy and read the book because I cannot guarantee no spoilers and you DO NOT want to miss it! Just follow the link and click on Visit the Chat Room in the header, on the left.

Why? Because I invited ALL of my author friends to come! Some are going to run through and give you drive-by love, some can't make it an gave me prizes to give away on their behalf, but here is who IS coming and their scheduled times to be available for chit chat. At the end of their hour they will give away a free prize, but I am warning you now...being who I am, I told them to NOT make it easy for you to win!! You are gonna have to work for it! I even heard the words Treasure Hunt from one! Muhahahah.

Aww c'mon, you know you love it.

Here's the schedule :)

10:00 AM 12 hour CHAT PARTY begins! (Yes I will be there all day!)

11:00 - 12:00 Deirdre Knight Guests! Hear all about the Parallel series and get her to tell you about the new series she mentioned to me Midnight Warriors.

12:00 - 1:00 Anya Bast Guests! The new book since Witch Fire is coming out soon isn't it? Oooo maybe she will give it away...suck up to her. :P

1:00 - 2:00 Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth Guest! This dynamic duo has done some great stuff...together and apart! We had fun on their radio show together. Let's see what we can get them to share with us of their future innovative endeavors.

2:00 - 3:00 Nalini Singh! All the way from New Zealand :) What a sport. Wonder what she'll have in store for us??

3:00 - 4:00 I think I'll have to pee by this time :P

4:00 - 5:00 Gena Showalter! Am I name dropping or is it just me?!?!

5:00- 6:00 Any of these blank hours I will spend giving away gifts from authors who can't make it...and from ME too! Don;t think you're getting off easy!

6:00 - 7:00 I'm hoping to stuff Bianca D;'Arc in here somewhere. If only she'd answer her MAIL!

7:00 - 8:00 Lila Dubois! Yeah, I nailed down the resident bad girl :) Heh. I won;t even presume to know what she is going to do. She scares me.

8:00 - 9:00 Yasmine Galenorn! Hitting nice numbers on the NYT and the USA Today, not to mention being super sweet. One of my witchy gal pals :)

9:00 - 10:00 Patrice Michelle! Patrice and I have had a love affair for years (So it was one sided....what?? I love her books!)

I will update this blog if anything gets added or changes, but with one day left, who knows! Also, I am putting Queen Siena's collar up on EBAY in time for the chat if my head doesn't explode first.


Will I see you there???
hugs and kitties,

PS: Dear Author Friends I might have missed....

Didn't mean to! Or, I am getting old and forgot....or I am on SUCH a deadline!! They all apply. Come in during the free times and make yourself known! You are all welcome! Or any time for that matter :)

Saturday, January 5, 2008


I just wanted to take a minute to let out a few reminders and announcements.

First of all, I wanted you to remember that on January 12th we are having a marathon day-long chat in the chatroom of my website! There we will talk all about Elijah, the series, where it's going...etc...and I will be online and live the ENTIRE day. (Barring any freak technical difficulties like last time!) But not only will I be there, but I have been inviting my best author friends to stop by and give gifties away! Nalini Singh, Yasmine Galenorn, Deirdre Knight, Stella Price, Bianca D'Arc and many more. Anyone I haven't asked yet who is reading this and is interested, simply email me :) I am going to start assigning times this week. Those who can't give a full hour of their time are welcome at any time to do a drive by appearance :) So, basically, anyone can show up at any time and it might do you some good to have a 'sick' day that day! hehehe. Actually, I purposely made it for a weekend day so as many people as possible could attend. Just make sure you reserve the computer!

And now for an extra very special treat. Starting Monday I am putting up a gorgeous gift on Ebay! You all know my very good friend Serena from Serene Dreaming who has made gorgeous, award-winning jewelry in the past? Well several months ago I commissioned her to do two extraordinary and utterly unique pieces. She has finally finished! Are you ready for this?

She made the Lycanthrope Queen and Princess collars! That's right! Straight out of my vision of the magic collars Siena and Syreena wear in my Nightwalkers series, using real moonstones to boot, she created pieces just for one lucky bidder to own. Well, two. The first to go up next week is Siena's collar:

this is the thicker piece she created with painstaking exacting care. It will be in celebration of ELIJAH's release. Isn't it utterly gorgeous? Truly perfection!

The princess collar:

will be auctioned off in tandem with DAMIEN's release next June. The principle is simple. Highest bidder wins. And there will NEVER be another like it, ever! I will post the EBAY link for the first collar very soon. Certainly by Monday. I will say this much, she did a lovely job...and as always, all profits from this event will be going to charity. I am considering splitting it between ACN and the ASPCA this time, my two favorite charities. The minimum bid will cover cost of materials and the hard labor Serena put into the project. Anything over that amount goes to charity.

SO, what do you think? Is it how you pictured them?

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

About a Boy...

Named Noah.

I wanted to say the obvious for those who might be drifting by in search of clues. On the inside cover of Elijah it lists my available works and my works Coming Soon. Listing NOAH under the Available Now section is nothing more than A MISPRINT. It will be corrected in future editions. Don't drive yourselves crazy looking for something that isn't out there yet! Noah will be released early September for your reading pleasure. I am sorry if this has caused you confusion, distress or drool stains. Alas, I am only now handing in my final revisions on Noah...and besides, we have Damien to get trough first!

Now let's not be impatient. :)

I also want to take time to thank you all for reading me. Without you, I am nothing and I am very aware of that. I work very hard to get better and better at my craft so that I never get lazy, lackadaisical or yawningly formulaic. This will me changes in my style over time, but I think that, in essence, I will forever be unchanged. I will always channel my characters as if they were alive, I will always focus heavily on the relationship between the leads. To me, the lead characters and their relationship is the whole point of a romance novel of any kind. I have been accused of everything from thin plots, to mimicry to purple prose...and while that is all as subjective as beauty is from one person to another, I can say my intentions have never been anything else other than to tell a story.

I am swamped with work. No doubt this will make me appear quiet until mid month or so. Until then, stay well and content and welcome to 2008.

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