Wednesday, January 30, 2008

All Creatures Great and Small

On December 6th a story broke about a no-kill shelter in Hendersonville NC.

All Creatures Great and Small

I have to warn you that the video that accompanies this article is disturbing to sensitive viewers. I didn't finish watching it. I didn't have the heart. PETA's investigations had a hand in shutting down this vile hoarding ground, but they had been breaking state law and failing inspections for five years prior! Yet nothing was done about it in all that time. And I'd like to say they will be gone for good, but they are simply moving to a new facility in another state. SC. Animal Compassion Network and other animal rescue organizations are hurrying to find placement for as many of these animals as they possibly can before the court mandated deadline (I don't know what deadline means for the lives of the remaining animals...and I don't like where my assumptions are leading me). Resources are going to be overwhelmed. Anything you can do to help will be much appreciated.

Animal Compassion Network
is building a facility of it's own called Pet Harmony. This is such a thrilling development of a goal for them and I hope you take the time to read about it. Of course donations are helpful, but those who are local can consider lending muscle to the project, becoming foster homes for pets between adoptive processes...perhaps just donating blankets, litter, food...

This isn't the same shelter you heard me speak of before. But if the state/county doesn't care to regulate places like ACGS, you can imagine the level of concern aimed at their own facilities.

Yesterday I had the boys neutered at the Humane Alliance Spay and Neuter Clinic for an unbelievably reasonable price. Located in Asheville and staffed with what I felt were warm, concerned and understanding individuals, the incredibly busy clinic may not be the prettiest place on earth, but it serves a beautiful purpose. Cut pet population. Period. They ask very few questions. They make it as easy for you as possible. Hell, its dirt cheap! Go. Do.

The boys are fine and frisky as always, thank you for asking. I am hurrying my way into the ACN foster program. I am hoping to take in some of these animals in need. The boys ought to LOOOOOVE that!

Oh, did I mention the stray? The second one. A girl tabby. Grey like Malcolm. She eats like it's going to disappear, poor thing. At first I thought she was owned because of her collar. Turns out it is a flea collar...and it was put on her so long ago, most likely when she was a kitten...that its choking her. She came up to me. Skittish but sweet, I tried to get a finger under the damn thing and couldn't. She bolted when I touched her like that (I think it hurt her) so I didn't get to cut it off. It may even be embedded. I couldn't see. I keep food and water out and have been waiting for her, but no luck for two days now. I'll catch her next time. But that means the vet...and I am sorry to say I am fairly certain she and Nettles catted around together. There is a chance she's okay of course, but not a very good one.

Okay, thanks for listening to my pet lecture, pet peeves and pet projects. And thanks for anything you do to help. Even if it's just spreading the word.

And be sure to read up on Pet Harmony....esp if you read that article and watch the tape. It will help you balance your emotions and, like me, help you remember that not all people suck.

Hugs and Kitties


Pattie said...

I read and watched the video on "All creatures great and small". Every tear that streams down my face right now can't begin to wash away the heartache I will feel for quite awhile. Working at the Vets office, I see so much good done for animals, you forget how much bad that is done. Thanks for bringing this to everyones attention. I will take this article to work and tell all about the new facility being built. I still hate most people but YOU are a good one! Peace

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

good to hear your boys are doing well.

I am definitely not going to watch the video...I'm emotional enough right now.

Take care! And keep up your pet crusades!


CinnamonGirl said...

What a horrible place, run by cruel, heartless, ignorant people! James Herriot would have been rolling in his grave had he known. Perhaps the good doctor actually did know, & played a hand in helping to shut down that hell hole. He wrote the now-classic book, "All Creatures Great & Small," which was the first novel I ever read about animals. I was convinced, after reading it, and his "All Creatures Bright & Beautiful", that I wanted to be a vet when I grew up. They were such beautiful stories - so opposite the horrors too many of our furry friends are forced to live with everyday. You'd think things would have gotten better by now, but there are still so many laws that need to be made and upheld under threat of harsher penalties.
I'll do what I can to help, Jacki. Thank you for making us all aware of ACN's project. I wish that I could take in an animal down here in Wilmington, but I know that I couldn't right now, due to my mom's increasing asthma problems. However, I will send some supplies to ACN, and I will spread the word about all of those animals needing homes.
What's the deal with PETA's tapes not being recognized by law enforcement? That's what the article said. That pisses me off! I mean, all sorts of criminals wind up in jail because they were caught committing the crime on tape. So, why shouldn't taping count when it comes to criminal negligence & abuse of animals? I'm telling you, if I had been that investigator, it would have taken every ounce of my patience to not go off on those people - especially the girl who seemed proud of herself for beating a harmless, little dog! *Whew!* Okay...taking deep breaths.
I hope that tabby comes back to see you, Jacki. It must be horrible to have on such a tight collar. I hope it's not embedded. It would be wonderful if you could save her, as you did Nettles, from a cold & lonely passing. Good luck getting her to the vet! Have a great night! HUGS ~ Ness

Tracey said...

Wish I could say that the tape/story surprised me, but after having lived in NC for several years, I have to say it's the WORST state ever for animal rights.

I hope more people are made aware of the appalling conditions that a lot of animals are forced to endure, and I hope that they find it within themselves to start making changes.

It's said that a society can be judged on how it treats it's elderly and pets.... gotta think we suck pretty bad at this point.


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