Thursday, December 24, 2009

Happy Holidays!

I just wanted to wish everyone a happy holiday, whatever you may celebrate! I have my beautiful daughter with me for the holiday and I am so thrilled. I hope all of you are curled up warm and cozy with someone you love, drinking egg nog or hot cocoa, wishing for snow and Santa to come.

I wanted to take this opportunity to update you on the goings on in my world. My new Gatherers series debuts December 29th with the arrival of HUNTING JULIAN. It's pictured here below with it's lovely revised cover. I think it's beautiful.

This new series travels to worlds you won't expect and for reasons you have to read to believe. It's a departure from my Nightwalkers and Shadowdwellers, but I hope you enjoy it equally.

Then, this spring will be the follow up story, book 2, STEALING KATHRYN. I have the cover art for that as well and it is equally beautiful. :)

So, my dears, I wish you a prosperous New Year, a Christmas full of riches, a festive Yule or Kwanzaa. Whatever way you celebrate, whatever it is that gives you family comfort and and that warm special spirit of the season, know that I am wishing it for you in spades.

Hugs and Kitties
Jacquelyn Frank

Friday, November 6, 2009

Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend

Well, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I heard people had a really good time!! YAY!! Although, some of you may have heard that a certain author *cough cough* tripped over her own feet and gave herself a concussion. Alas, much to my dismay, I missed the entire last half of my own weekend! I was in a crappy hospital where all the bathrooms smelled like pee and my roommate was a total nosy mouthbreather. I ended up with a headache that lasted a bajillion (okay, so it was sevenish) days. Needless to say that part of the weekend totally sucked...for me anyway. But the parties went on without me and the pictures say everyone had a great time! I admit, though, I feel horrible and so guilty for those who came so far for the signing only to find out I was flat on my face in the hallway getting carried away by some uber hot EMTs. Sucks to be all of you who didn't have their hands all over them! Sucked to be me with the exception of those five minutes of EMT dreaminess.

Anyway, I do have some pictures to share of the event. This first one is of the tables before everyone was let in. Yes, those are green cobwebs on the chairs and tables. Our first party was the pajama party/candy and ice cream party. Those cauldrons are full of candy plus the tables were covered in treats. I gave away brand new sleep shirts for the Gatherers series and the first of the tons of books we were giving away.

These next pics are of the many baskets we raffled off for Pets Alive and the Animal Compassion Network!

There were something like ten tables filled with this stuff. And thank you SO much for the authors and others who donated these excellent gifties and helped us to raise a total of 1,400 dollars to be split between the two charities! I am so delighted!!

Even though I wasn't there, I do have some pictures of the masquarade. They are a little dark! The little red queen is my B!

Anyway, I wish I had more. It wasn't perfect because of the accident and me missing such important parts of the event, but I hope everyone had a fabulous time. I promise to be more careful next year!! Although, Tilly Green's husband said I fell quite gracefully. :) Personally, I felt myself bounce. One of the pleasures of having a nice rack. I come with my own airbags!!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Kate Duffy

Kate Duffy died today. I hope with all of my heart that she knows how much she meant to me. If not for her not a single word I write would be seen by another living soul. She was more than just an editor at Kensington to me. She was the roof over my head, the bed I sleep in, and all these other comforts I now enjoy just because she saw something in three little pages of sample work from me and thought I was worth a closer look. I can't help but feel an era has just passed by and I didn't get to enjoy it nearly as much as I could or should have.

I will miss you so much, Kate. I know you're up there having a smoke with the goddess and kicking back with a good book.

All my love,

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


As you know, PLEASURE is releasing this coming Tuesday August 23rd. What some of you may not know is that this is two stories in one. First will be Sagan's story then will come Malaya's story. You will finally get to see what happens between Malaya and Guin. I know a lot of you have been anticipating that. After PLEASURE releases we're going to revamp the entire website in anticipation of my new series, The Gatherers, the first book of which will release January of the coming new year. Keep in mind that I am in the process of writing the sixth Nightwalkers book which will be Jasmine's story.

Right now I am on vacation at Topsail Island, NC, enjoying the ocean (for the most part....a close encounter with an angry jellyfish has left me quite wounded) and hoping for new inspirations. Who knows what's going to come out of that jellyfish experience!I am going to be making an appearance in September at the RAW party and, of course, we have my party in October! It's going to be so much fun and I already have my costume picked out for the masquerade.

Well, back to the beach for me. See you all soon!
Hugs and Kitties
Jacki Frank

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


And salutations!

Well, it has been a wild sort of a week for me. On the one hand I am still under the spell of a new medication that makes me fall asleep, on the other hand, RAPTURE came out last Tuesday!! YAY! The response from readers has been really awesome and I thank you all for that. It's really exciting for me since I feel this is my best work to date. It is a personal favorite of mine.

I am so excited about the release that I am going to give away an ARC of PLEASURE both here and on my home site to anyone who comments on RAPTURE and what they thought of it. You can get picked if you even have less than enthusiastic things to say about it. I prefer the truth to ass kissing, thank you very much. I think it makes me a better writer in the long run.

There's been some confusion as to the release date for PLEASURE. The official date is August 25th, 2009. It is NOT in 2010. That was a misprint in the RAPTURE excerpt. I also wanted to let you know that I am still working on the sixth Nightwalker book so it will be some time before it goes into production and you all get to see it. Starting in January you will see me taking leave of the Nightwalkers altogether in order to introduce the Gatherers, an interdimensional romance series that I think you will like a great deal. After that you will see me doing a sci fi romance series with Ballentine Books. Wild huh? A LOT of exciting stuff, new and interesting to be sure. But you will eventually get to see your favorite Nightwalkers again, never fear.

On a personal note, Bianca is here for the summer! It's a little crazy with a nine year old in the house, and such a change from the boring quiet I am used to. I can't get much of anything done, but I don't mind! It's great to have hugs and stories and such. :) We're headed to the beach in August and I think we'll all enjoy that.

So, anyway, tell me what you thought of RAPTURE if you want some PLEASURE! I'll be happy to mail you out your prize! And don't forget, we are going to have some wild fun at my get together in October and I really hope to see you there. Don't forget to get yourselves registered now because the price goes up after the initial cut off date because of the hotel rules. C'mon, it's worth it just for the DJ and the masquerade!

Monday, April 6, 2009

RT Convention Cometh!

Howdy all! How are things by you? Things are pretty awesome over by me. I just got a new car and I've lost a total of 70lbs since my whole weight loss saga began. I had to go shopping for all new clothes. And what's really awesome about that is in a few months I'll probably have to do it all over again!

But enough about that. I have a winner from last month's comment contest. The winner gets an ARC of my new book RAPTURE. This one may be my all time favorite written book and I really hope you guys like it to. Remember it hits shelves June 30th. Okay the lucky winner needs to email me at with their full name and address.

And the winner on the AAD blog is: Kim S. Congrats Kim!
And the winner on my home blog is: Whitney

Now, the Romantic Times Convention is just around the corner! Yay! Anyone who is going has to remember to come to my Sunrise and Shadowdwellers Morning Mixer! You wouldn't think those two things would go together, but I assure you they do. We're going to have lots of fun and I spent a fortune on my goody bags! I want you all to leave very happy :) Also, me and my gf's are all going to be wearing saris in honor of the Shadowdweller women's favored mode of dress. I hear Stella Price's is gorgeous and I know mine is stunning. I only hope I do it justice.

Now I'm feeling generous, so I'm going to give away two more ARCs. Same rules as last time. All you have to do is comment either here or on my home blog site. Or heck, do both if you like! Good luck! And don;t forget to check out the Authors After Dark Event. I know I must have some tri-state area fans out there somewhere!

Hugs and Kitties

Monday, March 9, 2009

Come One! Come All!

Howdy! I have soooo much to tell you! I am having a party! Allow me to officially introduce to you the Authors After Dark Event! This will be a fabulous private party with you, the readers, and us, your favorite paranormal writers! That's what makes this weekend so's all paranormal and it all going to be great fun! We're going to have a Candy Shop Pajama party the first night, and a dinner and a masquerade the next! We'll be blowing out both nights with a DJ and dancing and you will be rubbing elbows with all your favorite authors the whole time!

I know there are a lot of events out there these days, and I know the economy is making things rough, but if you want to spend a fun weekend with us we promise you won't regret it. And besides, we're having an author signing event you won;t want to miss where you can get your books signed by favorite authors like Sunny, Rosemary Laurey, and, of course, me! The registration is as fair as we could make it and we got a real cheap room rate for hotel rooms considering it is going to be during the fall in beautiful upstate NY.

All of the information is on the site when you follow the link. So is the paypal button you can use for quick and convenient registration. If you don't like paypal, no worries! We have instructions for that as well! :)

I really hope to see you there. I love nothing more than meeting my readers, and I am certain the same is true for the other authors. And hey, maybe you'll be introduced to some you didn't realize were out there!

Now for new business. Or rather, old business! I realized recently that I promised a copy of Ecstacy, signed, to one of my commentors on the blog before my surgery. Well, you can imagine why I forgot about it, but it's still no excuse. I wanted to let you know that I have chosen a winner! Marni, I know you are a Kindle gal, but would you like a paperback book signed from me? Send your name and address to me at

As for the rest of you, I just got in a BIG box of RAPTURE ARCs!! I am going to give away two of them. One to one of the commentors on the AAD blog, and one to one of the commentors on my home blog. Best let me hear you all! What do you think of my party? Whose coming? Anything you want to say!

See you soon!
Hugs and Kitties

Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Back!!

Yes, I know it's been a whole month since I said I was on my way into surgery, but it's kind of taken this long for me to recover enough from the whole ordeal to focus on writing two words together.

For those not in the know, I went in for gastric bypass surgery. Well, let's just say it wasn't as routine as we would have liked. Sometime after surgery I threw a clot that went into a bad place. Of course we didn't know this until my blood pressure bottomed out and my insides ruptured. Even so, they couldn't figure out what was going on so they rushed me into surgery to seek out the problem and...luckily for me my surgeon is a flippin' genius. So he fixed me up and after a blood transfusion and almost a week in the ICU I was finally able to come home.

But wait. Don't think the gal my surgeon has nicknamed 'Trouble' is done. No. About 10 days after my release I wake up with screaming pain in my back and I can't draw breath for my life. The verdict? You got it...pneumonia/pleurisy. Can I just say it FREAKIN HURTS! Anyway I could barely move until about two days ago. Now I am finally able to breathe and move around and basically feel normal. That's why I am late doing my blog here. It's going to take another week or so before I am healed up so I ask you all to bear with me if you've written me email. I will get around to it eventually, I promise! Just give me time :) For those of you who sent me well wishes, I thank you. As you can see, I really needed it!!

Hugs and kitties
Jacki Frank

Monday, January 5, 2009


Well, the day has come. Surgery (for those not in the know, I am having Gastric Bypass Surgery) looms tomorrow morning at 11 am. I can tell you one thing, I am more nervous and excited than I have been about anything since Christmas morning when I was a kidlet. Time has started to crawl, so I figure that's the excitement. If it was nerves it would start flying by...or at least that's how I see it. I'll be in the hospital for two days, if all goes well, and my assistant Ryanne and my good friend Susan will be with me. I don't exactly have the kind of family where you'd expect them to show up and all that, though to be fair my sister is in Connecticut and she would be there if she could. I will try to log on as soon as I get home and will let you all know how things went.

I haven't heard anything about how Ecsatsy is doing out there in the wide world. Not that I am paying much attention. I have other things on my mind as you see. I have gotten some feedback from some of you all and I want you to know how much I truly appreciate that. After all, you are the ones that matter and you are the ones I want to hear from. So maybe you'll be kind to me and leave me some comments about Ecstasy. I only got 4 stars from Romantic Times Magazine this time. I guess that is still good, but I want to know what cost me that half a star. Am I just being too hard on myself? Maybe that's the nerves. Who knows! Anyway, I'll give away a signed copy of Ecsatsy to one lucky person who comments on this blog in any way about anything. I could use the entertaqinment while time tick tocks away. only took me five minutes to write this. Now what will I do??

Hugs and kitties,

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