Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm in Hell.

A lot has gone on since the last time I blogged. The main focus of my life at the moment is food...or rather a lack thereof. And I don't think it's a situation that's going to change any time soon. I am currently on a liquid diet in preparation for my bariatric surgery. Today is day three and believe me, be very glad you don't live with me because boy howdy I am a bitch! Cranky as the day is long drinking these diet shakes and going postal if something so much as blinks at me the wrong way. I feel bad for my cats because they are the only critters around here at bitch central.

On the business end of things, ECSTASY is slated to hit the shelves December 30th. It's book one in my new series and I think you are going to enjoy it. And I am going to announce something here and now just to all of you all. I decided to wrap up things a little better in the Nightwalker series and am 1/3 of the way through book six. I wanted to stop at book five and deal with Ruth much later down the line, but the feedback from you all, my adoring readers, made me change my mind. Besides, I got this great idea! And, of course, we needed to give one last person a romance...just to teach her smart ass a lesson. Can you guess who it is?

I am in negotiations for a new contract, I am selling a series that has nothing to do with the Nightwalker world and a couple of novellas to boot. You won't see any of these for a year yet, but I thought you might want to know.

Back on the home front, one of my kitties had a seizure. It was awful. I have never seen anything like it. I was a total wreck! I've seen adults have seizures, and to me it was no big thing because I know it's temporary and it's not hurting them and all that other medical logic, but the minute it was one of my babies I was utterly hysterical. His blood work was basically normal when I took him to the vet the next day and now I have to bring him to a specialist just to check and make sure there's nothing else going on. Needless to say, I am a very overprotective mommy these days. Plus, I'm finding it hard to kick him off when he's up in my face and being a mooch for attention, even if I am working.

I am not getting much work done. I've discovered the World of Warcraft. Which is good, believe me. I need something to distract me from the hell of starving to death. And it's only going to get worse after the surgery! At least I get one sensible meal right now. After surgery its nothing but clear liquids for at least three weeks. You may ask why I am doing this to myself...the answer is simple. I want to live. In every sense of the word. Longevity wise and quality of life as well. I can barely walk across a store the way I am now and it's only getting worse. My joints have had it. Goddess only knows what I am doing to my heart. But even though I have my mind and heart and body set on this course, it doesn't preclude me being grumpy about it. But I'll hang in there. Just you wait and see.

Meanwhile, how are you all doing? Leave me a little feedback. I am expecting ARCs of RAPTURE, book 2 in the Shadowdwellers series, in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll give something away to a commentor!

Hugs and kitties

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