Monday, September 26, 2016

Recent Releases

Hello Readers and Welcome! I just wanted to update you on my most recent releases. The latest release is
This is BOOK 2 in the KISS OF MAGIC series. Both of these books are released in ebook format only but are available in KOBO, NOOK, AMAZON and ITUNES

Ariana Colla is a queen among her people. As one third of a ruling triumvirate she has power and prestige, but she believes she has never let it go to her head. Her power as a politician is matched only by her power to wield fire with her hands and mind. She and her society are refined and sophisticated. Raja Sin is also a ruler of his people, but they are very far from being refined. Arianna considers him and his people barbarians. Savages that have vexed the Saren people with war and bullying. But that’s supposedly all in the past. There is peace now between the Sarens and Sin’s people. But that doesn’t change the hard feelings left behind by war and it doesn’t change Ariana’s opinion of Sin. Sin feels just the opposite. He finds everything about Ariana to be fascinating and exciting. In fact, ever since the conclusion of their peace talks he has been unable to erase her from his thoughts. She is in his mind and in his blood like a fever that won’t break. It drives him mad until he is compelled to take drastic action. Sin and Ariana are two opposite sides of a coin, the same but different. They each want what’s best for their people, and they each have trouble seeing issues from the other’s perspective. Can Raja Sin get Ariana to see things his way? Or are they destined to remain worlds apart? 

Don't forget to pick up BOOK 1: A KISS OF MAGIC as well:

This too is available on AMAZON, NOOK, KOBO, and ITUNES 


Yasra Desro has yet to live up to her expected potential. As the daughter of two powerful Vendii majji and having been born at the right time and under the right circumstances, she should be one of the most powerful majji of her time…according to her parents’ expectations. Instead she has never shown the slightest glimmer of majic. She is, she believes, what her people refer to as a non. A person without majic. And, quite frankly, she’s all right with that. She’s tired of trying to live up to her parents’ preconceived notions of what would make her a worthwhile person. She’s ready to accept her powerless state and move on into her future as a non. Dendri Adiron is the complete opposite of Yasra. He has known from a ridiculously early age that he was bound to be one of the greatest majji of his time…and he did not disappoint. He is a powerful Aspano majji with a fearsome reputation. Exactly the kind of majji Yasra has always preferred to avoid. The two of them are destined to meet, and that moment will change both of their lives forever. Neither has realized it, but there is a huge gaping hole in each of their lives…just waiting for someone special to come along and fill it. The trouble is, will they both recognize that before it’s too late?

I hope you will enjoy both of these ebooks. Also: Keep an eye out for THIRST on January 17th.

It will be available on AMAZON, NOOK, KOBO and iTUNES as well. It is the first book in the ENERGY VAMPIRES series. Here's a summary:

Rafe DaSilva is an energy vampire, soaking up nourishment from the sun—and, only when necessary, drawing sweet sustenance from humans who are pure in body and spirit. As the right-hand man to his queen, Rafe is a key player at a historic peace summit in New York City, which will unite the vampire nations against a common threat: the sycophants, who feed on humanity and kill indiscriminately. But Rafe’s fascination with a beautiful blond police detective may put everything at risk. Detective Renee Holden has never worked a homicide quite like this. The victim has twin puncture wounds on his neck, and the only eyewitness swears she saw a vampire. Now’s definitely not the time to get distracted by a seductive stranger. But the suave, darkly austere, exotically handsome Rafe DaSilva is a hard man to deny, and as Renee falls under his spell, she also falls prey to his enemies. Desperate to protect her, Rafe lifts the veil on a shadow realm she can only visit—a world of intoxicating power, terrifying dangers, and forbidden pleasures.

A little insight into life as I know it:

I've sold my house and recently moved, although I'm still living in the Asheville, NC area :) My foster daughter turned 16 this year (Oh my god she can get a driver's permit!) My current cat count is down to an all time low, which makes me sad. But I love who's left with all my heart. I am busy writing book two in the energy vampires series and am hoping it will be published soon. I just finished writing my first BDSM novel under my JAX name, but I haven't made my plans to get it published yet. I am calling it MINE TO TAKE. Whether the title stays or not will be up to the publisher I suppose! I feel like I want to apologize for publishing in eBook format only. My publishers are not interested in print books from me at this time and the others are self-published.

I hope you enjoy all of these books. As always I've put my heart and soul into my work. All I want is to write the best stories for you in order to keep you happily entertained! I hope it's working!

Thank you and have a wonderful life!
Jacki Frank

Thursday, February 25, 2016

TRUSTED has arrived!

Well clearly its been a while since I've posted here! That is very bad of me. But I've come to talk about my first self-published book. It is releasing exclusively on Amazon (for the first 90 days)and on Nook after that (if I can figure out how to do that!!) It should be pretty easy to figure out. I'll find a way! I'm also hoping to hit Kobo as well...for all my Canadian fans. I'm having trouble posting a working link, but just go to Amazon and type in Jacquelyn Frank Trusted and it will take you right to it. First let me post the teaser... Sarea is a simple country girl. She wants to live a peaceful life, maybe get married to a simple man and have a houseful of children. She certainly never thinks to catch the eye their womanizing king. But for the sake of her brother who longs to become one of the Trusted, one of the king's closest confidants and soldiers, she puts herself in the king's path. And while others see King Garrick's sexual attentions as an honor, she does not. She's saving herself for the man who will be her husband. Garrick loves women. And he's used to them loving him in return. But there's something about Sarea's unshakable self-worth that catches his attention and holds it. Before he knows it he’s searching every crowd for her and doing everything in his power to keep her close. And all the while his country hovers on the brink of war with an enemy who hates everything that he and his shapechanging people are. Finding one another in such uncertain times and from such different worlds seems an unlikely business...falling in love and trusting one another seems even more unlikely. But together Garrick and Sarea can overcome anything...if only they can get past their fears and learn to trust. That should whet your appetite a little! I have a few more projects in the works, all e-books. I'm sorry for those who only like print, but my publisher has decided not to put me in print due to a decline in my sales. This of course has me very disappointed...and I know it disappoints you as well. But I'm not discouraged! I will reach you electronically for now and will hope for better days of print ahead. In the works is a deal with LOVESWEPT for a new contemporary paranormal series which I think you are going to love. Also I have another self-pub series that I am planning on putting out this year. It is a magical fantasy series...with lots of magic and lots of scorching sex. ('Cause we know that's our favorite part!) I'm pricing these at a dollar less than my usual pub price, cutting you all a break! It's not much of one, but I'm sure you appreciate it. Also, right now it's FREE for those in the Kindle Unlimited program. My blog seems to not be working up to snuff putting in spaces and html for me so this is kind of squished together. I hope you don't mind. I'm going to leave off with a little bit about my personal life. I'm still living here in North Carolina and am down to a reasonable count of 8 fur babies. Even now I have a cat in my lap as I type. No mean trick that, fitting a kitteh AND a laptop in my lap! The fun part is when two of them think they can fit on here. But believe it or not we make it work. LOL. I kind of haven't been sleeping well lately, having a lot on my mind as I struggle to stay published. And I hope you'll find that even though I am self-publishing the quality of your read remains the same. Please, feel free to email me if you think other wise at I look forward to your comments here as well. Well, its time for me to sign off. Remember, you can follow me on twitter and on Facebook, just use the website to sign up. I'll have TRUSTED posted on the site as soon as I can, with working links! Goodbye!

Sunday, March 29, 2015

It's been a while...

I've been a very naughty blogger. I haven't blogged in ages. Over a year. It is way overdue and answering my fan mail told me I have a lot of things to explain to people.

First of all, I want to introduce you to my latest (and hopefully greatest) series. The IMMORTAL BROTHERS series. The first book in this series is CURSED BY FIRE and it came out last month.
The second book is CURSED BY ICE and it comes out this Tuesday! I hope you all run right out and get it!
The third book in the series is BOUND IN SIN and it releases September 29th 2015.
The fourth book is BOUND IN DARKNESS and I don't know the release date for that off the top of my head but I think it's in October 2015.
In the middle of all of this will be the final NIGHTWALKER book. It will wrap up both series once and for all and will be released in electronic format in AUGUST 2015. I don't have the exact date but I will have a cover and date as it draws closer. Unfortunately as of now this book will not be released in paperback format. I know this is a disappointment to many of you who have a collection on your bookshelves, but again, I am a slave to my publisher and this is the direction we have decided to go in.

I have been asked frequently whatever happened to SEDUCE ME IN SHADOWS. Well, my publisher has put that book on hold indefinitely. It isn't likely we will ever see it.

The same goes for many of the series or books you think should be series. I can only publish what my publishers want so...if you haven't seen a series book by now it isn't likely you ever will. But I promise to let you know if that ever changes.

Now for an update on things in my life. It really isn't much. I have a collection of nine cats. My little fur babies. My sister and her son are living down here now and I couldn't be happier! It's so good to have family close by. Half of my family has relocated to North Carolina! It's beautiful here so I can see why. Plus...I'm here so...that right there is motivation enough. ;) He he he. Kitten season will be starting soon. That means my house will be filling up with the orphan kittens I nurse for the Asheville Humane Society. Hopefully we will have better results this year than last year. These kittens are so fragile and take a lot of work. But I'm happy to do it. There's nothing quite like bottle feeding a kitten as small as your fingers. It makes you feel so big and clumsy.

Well, that's about all the news I have. See? Told you it wasn't much. I lead a very quiet life here. You could say boring even. Which is a good thing for you because it means I write stories to spice my life up! That's how we end up with things like the IMMORTAL BROTHERS series!

I hope you enjoy all the work I have coming out this year.
See you soon!

Hugs and Kitties
Jscki Frank

Monday, November 28, 2011

A Legacy of Words

It is my great pleasure to Introduce the lovely and amazingly witty Jessa Slade! I had the honor of meeting her this last August at RomCon and she is such a blast to be around. Enjoy!

A Legacy of Words

The author of one of my favorite series died last week. Anne McCaffrey wrote the Dragonriders of Pern books about telepathic dragons linked to handsome men and brave women who fought together against dangers threatening their world.
The first book in the Dragonrider series, DRAGONFLIGHT, was the first fiction book written by a woman to win a Hugo award and the first book written by a woman to win any Nebula. The third book in the series was the first science fiction book by a woman on the New York Times bestseller list. What an amazing legacy!

And you know what? I had no idea about any of that when I picked up DRAGONFLIGHT when I was a kid spending my chore money. All I knew was that I was drawn to the book by the dragon on the cover, and then I was pulled into the world by the power of the story. I was flying on dragon’s wings!

Earlier this year, I gave a copy of another book in the series, DRAGONSINGER, to my niece. She loved it -- as I knew she would cuz I am the cool aunt! -- and she went out to find more dragon books. The legacy lives on.

As a writer, I’m compelled by the quest to write a story that dwells as deeply in the reader’s soul as those dragons do in mine. As a reader, I love love love sharing my favorite stories with my favorite people.

Writers and readers have a precious and symbiotic relationship where together we wield the power to build a legacy by sharing great stories, stories that intrigue us, delight us, make us feel. For example, the hostess of this very blog wrote a fabulous book called SEDUCE ME IN DREAMS that is one of those stories. Last summer I was doing a lot of traveling and feeling a little run down. But I had SEDUCE ME in my backpack, and for a few hours out of a frustrating airplane delay, I was somewhere else. Somewhere else with a very hot man ;)
(The story even inspired me to write a science fiction romance of my own that will be coming out after the new year. THAT is the power of a good book!)

When I got home from my travels, I had recommendations for (and a few hard copies of) wonderful books by marvelous authors to give to my friends and family. I was the hero of my tribe, swooping in on glittering wings, returning with brilliant treasure!

Since the gifting season is almost upon us, I will be giving my friends and family true little treasures, since I make jewelry in all my free time (bwa-ha!) but for certain I will also be giving the gift of superpowers, of other worlds and time travel, of passionate undying love, of a thousand other lives. All in stories.

I’m guessing most of you help build the legacy of stories you love. Share some of them with us here! Leave your reading recommendations (and maybe what sort of person the story would most appeal to) in a comment.

You’ll be entered to win the first three books in my Marked Souls series about demonically-possessed -- but still sexy! -- warriors, plus a pair of “Possession in Pearl” earrings, the Marked Souls romance trading cards, and a music download card which includes the “Seduced By Shadows” theme song.

May the stories live forever!

* * *

Book Four of the Marked Souls, DARKNESS UNDONE, comes out in March 2012.

The war between good and evil has raged for millennia,
and as a powerful new enemy ascends, the Marked Souls
are pushed to the ragged edge…

Sidney Westerbrook has always studied darkness and damnation from a sensible distance. Now, to earn his place as a league Bookkeeper, he must discover why Chicago is such a battleground of soul-linked warriors. But the research becomes personal when he finds himself over his head and under attack — and at the mercy of a waif with demon-lit eyes and a deep yearning in her heart.

Alyce Carver has been alone longer than she can remember, battered by the living nightmares that haunt her city. Cornered by yet another gang of demons, she unwittingly joins forces with a handsome scholar who can salvage her past, and she in turn may be the key to his investigations. But she won’t let him go until he shows her everything she’s been missing.

What begins as an experiment in possession becomes a trial by desire so powerful it threatens both their lives, even as it binds their souls.

March 2012 is forever from now! Which leaves you time to get caught up with Book s 1-3 ;)

Seduced by Shadows
After an accident left her near death, Sera Littlejohn is struggling to piece her life together again. But when a violet-eyed stranger reveals a supernatural battle veiled in the shadows, Sera is tempted to the edge of madness by a dangerous desire.

Ferris Archer takes Sera under his wing now that she is talyan, possessed by a repentant demon with hellish powers. Archer and his league of warriors have long risked their demon-shattered souls to stop darker spirits from wreaking havoc. But they’ve never fought beside a female talya before, and never in all his centuries has Archer found a woman who captivates him like Sera.

With the balance shifting between good and evil, passion and possession, Sera and Archer must defy the darkness‹and dare to embrace a love that will mark them forever…
Check out the entire first chapter HERE!

Forged of Shadows

Liam Niall has led the Chicago league of immortal warriors and their repentant demons for longer than he cares to remember. Four months ago, everything he thought he understood about the war against the Darkness was blown apart. Now, with the shocking appearance of a fiery new female talya, the world he’s supposed to save is about to change again. . . .Liam, meet your newest recruit.
To see more about Liam click HERE!

Vowed in Shadows
The war between good and evil has raged for millennia,
with the Marked Souls caught in the middle.
Now two lost souls will tip the precarious balance…

Possession by a demon cost Jonah Walker his faith, his humanity, and his wife. Once a righteous missionary man, he endures immortality with nothing but a body for battle and a bent for retribution. But his last devastating fight left him wounded beyond healing and his only chance to redeem his soul lies with a fallen woman.

Thrust into a wicked underworld of shadows and sin, Nim Hamlin can’t believe her wanton ways as “the Naughty Nymphette” enthralled a demon…and a damned saint. The world she knows doesn’t deserve deliverance. But the touch of this good man’s hand holds an unholy allure–and she’s never been any good at resisting temptation.

As darkness gathers in the sweltering Chicago summer, Jonah and Nim must conquer the demons of their past to face even fiercer monsters in one last assault. But first they must put aside their doubts and disbeliefs and let their passion for each other burn through the shadows to ignite their furious power…

Learn more about the Marked Souls and my upcoming science fiction romance novella at my website

When I’m not writing, I’m probably goofing around online at Facebook or Twitter, Come say hey!

And if you’re the traveling type, come find me in real life at the RT Booklovers Convention in April in Chicago, or the Authors After Dark Romance Convention in New Orleans in August. Maybe I’ll have the next Jacquelyn Frank novel in my backpack for this trip too :)

Thank you for reading! And much thanks to Jacquelyn and Natalie for letting me play here today.

"Remember to leave a comment for your chance to win the first three books in my Marked Souls series, plus a pair of “Possession in Pearl” earrings, the Marked Souls romance trading cards, and a music download card with the “Seduced By Shadows” theme song!"

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You wanna know what we've been up to? Check this out!

Hey Y'all, how's it going? Most of you probably already know me. But for those of you who don't I'm Natalie, Jacki's left hand...aka her assistant :). I came into work this morning just like always and reminded Jacki that it was Wednesday. We always have a new blog on Tuesday's and since there was not a new author scheduled for yesterday and we didn't do one I suggested that she do it. She then smiled at me and said "Why don't you blog today? Tell them all about yourself and what you do here and everything that's been going on lately." I stood there in shock for a second that she actually wanted me to do this and then immediately started to jump up and down with delight. I am so happy to be here talking to y'all today this is freakin awesome!
I have never done this before so be patient with me LOL...

I want to begin by saying that things have been very difficult to bare lately in the Frank house. Jacki has lost three of her boys this year and two others that were not hers, but close to her heart none the less. If you have followed Jacki for any length of time you know that her boys mean everything to her. So that was quite a burden for her to bare. It takes quite a few people to run this household and keep it functioning on a daily basis with so much going on. I am here everyday and so is Jacki's housekeeper Donna. We are a unit...we work together like a well oiled machine. We have our malfunctions every now and then but for the most part everything is smooth sailing. These past few months have been hard on us all with the loss of the boys :(. So it's pretty much one day at a time.
This is Nikki. The oldest of her boys and the true alpha male. He passed away just this past week. You would not think that domestic cats would know the difference in ages and who has been around the longest. But let me assure you, after spending a year in a house with 10 male cats, I can promise you they do. I have actually seen several of the younger boys be in a huddle and break away from each other in order to clear a path for Nikki to pass through when he approached. I would never have believed this if I had not seen it with my own two eyes but If Nikki was lying on the bed and other kitty wanted to lye down too, the younger cat would come over and bump heads with Nikki. Showing him affection and almost like asking him for permission. It was an amazing sight to see, he was a good boy and I will miss him.

Please allow me to let you in a little secret. If you ever wanted to know what an amazing person Jacki truly is then look at it this way...Jacki lost somethings that meant more to her then the heavens and somehow among all the pain and all the sorrow she was enduring still managed to write ADAM! Amazing, what a woman!
Ok, now with that being said let's get this party started shall we??

OMG! Did y'all know that ADAM made the New York Times and the USA Today Best Selling Lists? Woot Woot! Oh yes my lovelies, ADAM not only made the list but he came in at...are you ready for this?

Hell yes! For those of you who are unaware, the Times list goes to 150! So 18 is simply rocking! And thank you all so much in helping to make that possible. Your purchases the week of Adam's release helped to secure his spot on the Times list and you have no idea how grateful we are for your dedication to the Nightwalkers series and your support for Adam. {{Cyber Hugs}}

Before I started this job with Jacquelyn I was just like most of you. I loved my novels, my novels were my life, my escape from reality that I needed to make it from day to day. We all have to have an outlet right? Well, I saw JACOB in a used bookstore in my hometown and the quote at the top of the back cover caught my attention "For 700 years he has resisted temptation, but not tonight." So he came home with me. I began his story right away and I was consumed after only the first sentence..."How ridiculously simple it would be to cause them harm." Wow! I mean who starts a book out that way? My kind of author that's who! Omg I was in love...I went out the next day bought Gideon through Noah, got some bread and milk and didn't leave the house for the next 4 days hahahaha! When I closed Noah and layed him down on the table I set in search for Jacki. I found her...asked her to lunch...became her friend...and the rest is history LOL. Just in case you were curious :)

We travel a great deal in order to promote her work and interact with her readers and we just recently attended Lora Leigh's R.A.W (Readers appreciation weekend) in Baltimore, Maryland. Let me just say that I hate flying! And when I say I hate flying, I mean I really really hate to fly. If the PTB intended for us to fly then they would have given us wings is all I can say. Anyway, It was an amazing event. I got to be in the company of so many spank hot authors like Angela Knight, Sylvia Day, Lora Leigh, Bianca D'Arc, Amanda Mcintyre, Lori Foster, Mary Wine...the list goes on and on. But the incredible part is the interaction with the readers and seeing the love of the art first hand. Men and women from all over the country so excited over the endless sea of books laid out before them just waiting to be consumed...*sigh* that's when I'm happiest. If you have never attended this type of event then you owe it to yourself to do so at least once in your life. They take place all over the country and the chances of one being held close to you sometime in near future are very good. Here is what we did at R.A.W! Book Signings during the day and Parties at night...what more could you ask for LMAO!
This is Lori Foster, Jacki and Cheyenne McCray during registration.

Author Introduction

Jacki doing what Jacki does best. Signing books and talking to readers! It's a thing of beauty to watch her in action. It really is.

So once all of the work was done it was party time and that is not putting it lightly. When I say party that is exactly what takes place LOL. Here are some pictures of the Masquerade All Hallow's Eve Ball on Friday night. It was lots of fun.

Here I am dressed as the kick ass now and take names later Charley Davidson. Private Investigator/ Grim Reaper! I love this character so much, she one of my all time favorites. First Grave on the Right is the first in an amazing series written by my friend the lovely Mrs. Darynda Jones. If you have not read this series then I defiantly recommend that you do, you will not be disappointed. Go meet Charley on her character page on Facebook! Stop in and say Hi while your reading.

This is Jacki and I with a fan that approached and wanted a photo. We all had a blast and can not wait till next year! So make sure you make a note to attend Lora Leigh's Readers Appreciation Weekend or RAW 2012!

One more thing before I let you go...Have you been to Jacquelyn Frank's Nightwalker World yet? What is this, do you ask? Well, Nightwalker World is the officially sanctioned (by Jacki herself) Role Play page where you get to see, meet and greet with all of your favorite Nightwalker characters. Have you ever wanted to introduce yourself to Noah? Or ask Gideon how it feels to be the oldest living Demon? Well now you can. Come interact with the characters and read about how life is going now that Ruth has been dealt with and Adam has returned. See how the Nightwalkers actually live everyday and how they spend there time, it's loads of fun. The President of the Nightwalker World page is my Best Friend and Soul Sister Melena Valerian. She operates it and interacts with the fans on a daily basis and does a fantastic job. She does Marvelous Mondays, Ticked Off Tuesdays, Hump Day Hunks...endless chances to win books and prizes, the list goes on and on. So be sure to stop by, "LIKE" the page and say Hi, and let her know how much we appreciate her. I hope to see everyone there!

I want to end all of my blogs with a quote if that's alright. I am a sucker for all types of quotes and you never know what I might come up with LOL, I hope no one minds<3

If you want to leave a question or comment, please feel free to do so.

So peeps, that's it for today. Until next time...



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