Friday, February 6, 2009

I'm Back!!

Yes, I know it's been a whole month since I said I was on my way into surgery, but it's kind of taken this long for me to recover enough from the whole ordeal to focus on writing two words together.

For those not in the know, I went in for gastric bypass surgery. Well, let's just say it wasn't as routine as we would have liked. Sometime after surgery I threw a clot that went into a bad place. Of course we didn't know this until my blood pressure bottomed out and my insides ruptured. Even so, they couldn't figure out what was going on so they rushed me into surgery to seek out the problem and...luckily for me my surgeon is a flippin' genius. So he fixed me up and after a blood transfusion and almost a week in the ICU I was finally able to come home.

But wait. Don't think the gal my surgeon has nicknamed 'Trouble' is done. No. About 10 days after my release I wake up with screaming pain in my back and I can't draw breath for my life. The verdict? You got it...pneumonia/pleurisy. Can I just say it FREAKIN HURTS! Anyway I could barely move until about two days ago. Now I am finally able to breathe and move around and basically feel normal. That's why I am late doing my blog here. It's going to take another week or so before I am healed up so I ask you all to bear with me if you've written me email. I will get around to it eventually, I promise! Just give me time :) For those of you who sent me well wishes, I thank you. As you can see, I really needed it!!

Hugs and kitties
Jacki Frank

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