Tuesday, July 7, 2009


And salutations!

Well, it has been a wild sort of a week for me. On the one hand I am still under the spell of a new medication that makes me fall asleep, on the other hand, RAPTURE came out last Tuesday!! YAY! The response from readers has been really awesome and I thank you all for that. It's really exciting for me since I feel this is my best work to date. It is a personal favorite of mine.

I am so excited about the release that I am going to give away an ARC of PLEASURE both here and on my home site to anyone who comments on RAPTURE and what they thought of it. You can get picked if you even have less than enthusiastic things to say about it. I prefer the truth to ass kissing, thank you very much. I think it makes me a better writer in the long run.

There's been some confusion as to the release date for PLEASURE. The official date is August 25th, 2009. It is NOT in 2010. That was a misprint in the RAPTURE excerpt. I also wanted to let you know that I am still working on the sixth Nightwalker book so it will be some time before it goes into production and you all get to see it. Starting in January you will see me taking leave of the Nightwalkers altogether in order to introduce the Gatherers, an interdimensional romance series that I think you will like a great deal. After that you will see me doing a sci fi romance series with Ballentine Books. Wild huh? A LOT of exciting stuff, new and interesting to be sure. But you will eventually get to see your favorite Nightwalkers again, never fear.

On a personal note, Bianca is here for the summer! It's a little crazy with a nine year old in the house, and such a change from the boring quiet I am used to. I can't get much of anything done, but I don't mind! It's great to have hugs and stories and such. :) We're headed to the beach in August and I think we'll all enjoy that.

So, anyway, tell me what you thought of RAPTURE if you want some PLEASURE! I'll be happy to mail you out your prize! And don't forget, we are going to have some wild fun at my get together in October and I really hope to see you there. Don't forget to get yourselves registered now because the price goes up after the initial cut off date because of the hotel rules. C'mon, it's worth it just for the DJ and the masquerade!

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