Monday, April 6, 2009

RT Convention Cometh!

Howdy all! How are things by you? Things are pretty awesome over by me. I just got a new car and I've lost a total of 70lbs since my whole weight loss saga began. I had to go shopping for all new clothes. And what's really awesome about that is in a few months I'll probably have to do it all over again!

But enough about that. I have a winner from last month's comment contest. The winner gets an ARC of my new book RAPTURE. This one may be my all time favorite written book and I really hope you guys like it to. Remember it hits shelves June 30th. Okay the lucky winner needs to email me at with their full name and address.

And the winner on the AAD blog is: Kim S. Congrats Kim!
And the winner on my home blog is: Whitney

Now, the Romantic Times Convention is just around the corner! Yay! Anyone who is going has to remember to come to my Sunrise and Shadowdwellers Morning Mixer! You wouldn't think those two things would go together, but I assure you they do. We're going to have lots of fun and I spent a fortune on my goody bags! I want you all to leave very happy :) Also, me and my gf's are all going to be wearing saris in honor of the Shadowdweller women's favored mode of dress. I hear Stella Price's is gorgeous and I know mine is stunning. I only hope I do it justice.

Now I'm feeling generous, so I'm going to give away two more ARCs. Same rules as last time. All you have to do is comment either here or on my home blog site. Or heck, do both if you like! Good luck! And don;t forget to check out the Authors After Dark Event. I know I must have some tri-state area fans out there somewhere!

Hugs and Kitties

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