Thursday, December 27, 2007

Oh where oh where has Elijah gone...?

MANY of you have written me to complain you cannot find Elijah in your bookstores. I need a HUGE favor. BE MORE SPECIFIC. Give me the name and exact location of the store telling you the book is not available or out or what have you. Tell me the name of the store you had to harass to force them to bring the book out of the back room. Tell me your story in detail. Leave it here in my comments. If you do me this favor you help me to A. Kick their butts. B. Prove to my publisher that it is not my imagination that you all can't find it. Please, LIST ALL THE STORES you tried and failed in when hunting down E. Address and phone number is very very useful.

Thanks guys. Things like this make and break hard working artists. We have to know where the flaws in the chain are and what's jamming up the works so this doesn't happen to you anymore.

hope you are having a great holiday. Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

E is on sale!! WOOT!

And I do mean E as in ecstasy...E and in Elijah...and E as in EVERYONE run and get it! And Amazon and B and N are open for reviews. Please think of me. No go! Run! Fly!

Don't make me call out the flying monkeys ;)

Monday, December 17, 2007

We're on!

The chatroom is back up for the moment...hoping for the best here people. The instructions are to go to my website at find to window pane that says message board and click...then find the link to the chatroom in the page header that loads up. Type your name in and you are good to join us for the pre-Elijah party!! WOOHOO! I said before...I say again. Giving away gifties and books and all good things. So come on over!

PRE ELIJAH CHAT PARTY 10 to 10 today!

WEll, more like 12 to 10 because I had a minor crisis come up I had to deal with. Sorry I was late. But I am here now and waiting!!

Let's party! I have signed copies of Elijah to give away along with other treats!

Come on...I am waiting!!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Tick tock!!

Goes the clock! Four days until...

Oh yes. Oh yes!! Okay now watch me hurl as my nerves take over. BTW Damien just showed up on Amazon for Pre-order!! I haven't checked on B and N yet.

So I am holding an informal sort of contest to see who can send me a picture of Elijah (not an ARC STEPHANIE) on the shelves of their bookstore first :) I will think up a nice prezzie. If you can't post it or an url to it here with a link, just send it to me in email. First one in gets the goodies!

And don't forget that I am signing in Asheville on the 29th. I hope you guys in the area will come make it. I know with the holidays it's tough timing. But try please?

On release day I will be spending the day chatting with fans and friends in Brenda Williamson's yahoo group ALL DAY! I will post Elijah tidbits...and I will be giving away all kinds of gifts! Including an ARC of DAMIEN!! I don't have them yet, but as soon as it comes in, you can have it if you win it! So join me there, won't you?

I am cooking up a very special surprise for January. You'll only understand the value of it if you read Elijah. So...hurry up :P

Yule is fast approaching and I STILL haven't got my altar set up! We just found the box with my main components in it, but the gal heling me around the house...err...isn't. Kinda. So I am interviewing for a new housekeeper again. Those of you who pay attention to my life understand that this is person number 9 or 10 in like four years. I have such a headache!!!! But I just interviewed a nice girl and she seems promising. I am holding a couple of weeks of tryouts to see who works out.

I feel generous today! I just got my author copies of ELIJAH! Who wants an autographed, shiny special new copy? I can't send it until the holidays have passed because I am overwhelmed with work, prep, interviews and more. But you will have it after the 2nd :)

All you have to do is comment here. I want to hear stories. In honor of my obligatory frayed nerves, tell me about a time you were the most nervous EVER and what happened. Best story wins :) Usually I pick from a hat...this time I am going to see who makes me feel less like a dweeb. lol.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Two to Share.

Elijah: The Nightwalkers, Vol. 3 by Jacquelyn Frank

* Publisher: Kensington Publishing Corporation
* Pub. Date: January 2008
* ISBN-13: 9780821780671
* Sales Rank: 666
* 416pp
* Series: Nightwalkers Ser.

ROFL Demon at 666!! It was too funny not to share!

That's one. This is number 2:

Stella Price did the art for this. Isn't it fanfuckingtastic?!?!?!
She rocks! Give her props people!

Friday, December 7, 2007

Secret Santa Deadline!!

Our secret Santa draft is coming to a close! You have until 11 PM tonight, PST, to send your name and address in to Stephanie at or private message her on the message board to join up. Tomorrow she will announce who you get to buy your 20 dollar gift for. It is SO much fun to know you are getting someone a gift they spend so much time wondering who it will be from! Well, okay....that's how *I* feel. But I am on painkillers today :P


C'mon! No Scrooges! Sign up!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I am going to be on the radio!!! Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth have invited me to be their guest next Wednesday on their talk show. Woo hoo!! Here's the link for those who want to hear me babble and make a general ass of myself live and in person...PLUS you get to call in live and ask me stuff. Please, PLEASE call in and ask me stuff so I am not hanging in the cold cold wind all alone...

Link to show :

Listener dial-in number during LIVE shows
(646) 595-3998 (New York number, long distance charges apply)



Listen to Raven Happy Hour Radio on internet talk radio

This is going to be fun!! They are even letting me talk about ACN :) Wait'll I tell Laura at ACN about that. She will be so pleased. And I am going to give away a treat, so if you call in you get a shot at it! I won't say what it is precisely, but the name Damien is going to be on it!! But you have to make it on live with me to get it. May the best deviant fan win! Muhahaha!

Hugs and Kitties,

PS: Someone pointed out I forgot to tell what TIME it is. I am pretty sure it is 11AM-12PM Wednesday. I know...I am a dork. What can I say? See, this is why I need YOUR help lol.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Phew! Are you people tired or is it just me?!?!

Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule or Hanukkah, call it whatever you will, it means a heck of a lot of shopping and even doing it all online is still exhausting! I don't know how you "out there" shoppers can bear it! Especially the pregnant ones afoot on this board. There ought to be a law!

Now that I got the majority of the bitching out of the way....SECRET SANTA!!! We're doing a Secret Santa! A great way to celebrate all our respective holidays and come together as a family of our own here at Here, at least, we know is a group of fabulous humans who all have one thing in common with us. A love of Nightwalkers! So here's the deal. You pony up 20 bux to buy a gift. Simple right? And here's the secret part. We all give Stephanie our addresses in Private Message...because I trust her implicitly with this valuable information and I believe you all agree with me on that...and then she scrambles them all up and secretly hands each of us our respective targets to be gifted. Now, I recommend jumping onto the Secret Santa thread and speculating about several things you might like in the 20 dollar range to help your Secret Santa out. (This is to keep those who need the help from panicking. By no means does it suggest you gotta pick what they request, Santas.) Then everyone sends their surprise gift to their target recipient and voila! We can oohhh and ahh in the Secret Santa thread and on here too if you like.

I went, with Susan, to the Animal Compassion Network (ACN) wine tasting. I hate wine (so does Susan) but I was into the yummies and I even met the GM of the local BAM and we're going to rig up a signing for Elijah's release! So if you are in the Asheville area...I am coming to the new home town and want to see you there!!!

We handed over our juicy raffle check and the women of the ACN were in raptures. 750 bux is nothing to sneeze at. They were appreciative and delighted. I have pics. I will say this though...I won;t be going next year unless they remember key things like trash cans and, most importantly, CHAIRS for the DISABLED folk! There was one chair in the whole place not being used by the band (lovely wonderful awesome music btw) and I swear there were old men and women eyeing those young fellas and considering yanking those chairs out from under them and yelling : It's JAZZ! You can stand when you play jazz!---or maybe that was just me. :)

So anyway, I took pictures :) Here they all promised.

This is me:

And our lovely Susan M.

Our Lovely basket up for auction thanks to Amy!

And a lovely Gingerbread masterpiece from the Biltmore House...the tree as well!

Time to part with the golden ticket!

And that was that. Good deeds done, my dears. I am so pleased. You all did such a wonderful job! I hope Selena liked her goodies!

MWah! Don;t forget...Secret Santa! Oh and even more important....15 Days til ELIJAH!!!!!!


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