Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I am going to be on the radio!!! Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth have invited me to be their guest next Wednesday on their talk show. Woo hoo!! Here's the link for those who want to hear me babble and make a general ass of myself live and in person...PLUS you get to call in live and ask me stuff. Please, PLEASE call in and ask me stuff so I am not hanging in the cold cold wind all alone...

Link to show :

Listener dial-in number during LIVE shows
(646) 595-3998 (New York number, long distance charges apply)



Listen to Raven Happy Hour Radio on internet talk radio

This is going to be fun!! They are even letting me talk about ACN :) Wait'll I tell Laura at ACN about that. She will be so pleased. And I am going to give away a treat, so if you call in you get a shot at it! I won't say what it is precisely, but the name Damien is going to be on it!! But you have to make it on live with me to get it. May the best deviant fan win! Muhahaha!

Hugs and Kitties,

PS: Someone pointed out I forgot to tell what TIME it is. I am pretty sure it is 11AM-12PM Wednesday. I know...I am a dork. What can I say? See, this is why I need YOUR help lol.


Misgif said...

I've marked my calendar and set the number to speed dial - now... will Damian being clothed or unclothed?

I prefer unclothed with maybe an appropriate sized red bow... like a Christmas present?

(Dear Santa, I've been good, unless I was being bad, but I was very good at being bad too)

Denise said...

Wooohooo! Jacki, that's incredibly cool! I can't wait to hear you. I'm sure you'll do fine. Hmmm the givewaway? Is it a blow-up Damien doll with his name stitched on his undies? ;)

Robin Snodgrass said...

Awesome News Jacki!!! I've listened to their program before and it's a wonderful showcase for authors! You'll do fabulous and I know you will not be left out in the cold!


QB said...

WOOT! I didn't know they had a radio show! How cool is that?!

Now Jacki, PLEASE post and remind us first thing that morning, k? Cause, honestly, I can't remember what planet I'm on half the time, so telling me about it this early guarantees that I won't remember it until AFTER it's over! GAK!

Anonymous said...

Gr8 news Jacki! Ada:)

Jacquelyn Frank said...

I will definitely try to remember to remind you lol. But like you, I will be lucky to remember for myself!!

Stephanie*magic* said...

11-12 Eastern time right? If so i'll deff. try to remember to listen!! Ya!!!!!

CinnamonGirl said...

I'm psyched for you, Jacki! Don't be nervous, you'll be great! Now, I just need to figure this a station I can get on my computer? Is that how that works? Or do I go to that blogsite? I'm sorry! I'm bad with all of the new techno stuff. Just tell me how to tune in, and I'm there, bound to not leave you hanging out in the cold! :)

Michelle Pillow said...

Mandy and I make asses out of ourselves all the time, you'll be right at home! Can't wait to have you on the show! :D

Sherri said...


I'm so happy for exciting. I'll try to tune in if my two year old will allow me some time off (LOL).

Good Luck!


Suzanne said...

so excited for you! If I can get in on the darn work server I'll listen...


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