Friday, December 14, 2007

Tick tock!!

Goes the clock! Four days until...

Oh yes. Oh yes!! Okay now watch me hurl as my nerves take over. BTW Damien just showed up on Amazon for Pre-order!! I haven't checked on B and N yet.

So I am holding an informal sort of contest to see who can send me a picture of Elijah (not an ARC STEPHANIE) on the shelves of their bookstore first :) I will think up a nice prezzie. If you can't post it or an url to it here with a link, just send it to me in email. First one in gets the goodies!

And don't forget that I am signing in Asheville on the 29th. I hope you guys in the area will come make it. I know with the holidays it's tough timing. But try please?

On release day I will be spending the day chatting with fans and friends in Brenda Williamson's yahoo group ALL DAY! I will post Elijah tidbits...and I will be giving away all kinds of gifts! Including an ARC of DAMIEN!! I don't have them yet, but as soon as it comes in, you can have it if you win it! So join me there, won't you?

I am cooking up a very special surprise for January. You'll only understand the value of it if you read Elijah. So...hurry up :P

Yule is fast approaching and I STILL haven't got my altar set up! We just found the box with my main components in it, but the gal heling me around the house...err...isn't. Kinda. So I am interviewing for a new housekeeper again. Those of you who pay attention to my life understand that this is person number 9 or 10 in like four years. I have such a headache!!!! But I just interviewed a nice girl and she seems promising. I am holding a couple of weeks of tryouts to see who works out.

I feel generous today! I just got my author copies of ELIJAH! Who wants an autographed, shiny special new copy? I can't send it until the holidays have passed because I am overwhelmed with work, prep, interviews and more. But you will have it after the 2nd :)

All you have to do is comment here. I want to hear stories. In honor of my obligatory frayed nerves, tell me about a time you were the most nervous EVER and what happened. Best story wins :) Usually I pick from a hat...this time I am going to see who makes me feel less like a dweeb. lol.


MisGif said...

I imagine having a book released is a lot like childbirth. All those months of preparation, then the labor pains of getting published, the inlaws fighting with each other in the waiting room (oh oops that's me!) and finally those excruciating moments during delivery (or four days and counting!).

Then there has to be that same immediate sense of pride, accomplishment and joy, when you see that book on the shelf as you do when you hold that baby for the first time.

Along with that pride has to come that amnesia that makes it seem like fun to do it all over again!
The most nervous I have ever been was in 1990 when my son was born. I was 19, my mother hated my husband and was standing in the hallway of the Maternity Wing screaming her dislike of him and his family to all who would listen. The contractions are coming faster and I'm dilating at an alarming rate but my water hasn't broke so the nurse says they have to pop it with a needle. Envision a tube with a needle on the end inserted..... yep Ok at this point my no good husband leaves to go anywhere but by my side.

And I, the brilliant 19 year old that I was, ask the nurse if she doesn't break my water can we just "reschedule for another time? Because I don't really think I'm ready for this..." She laughed, I hated her.

Finally its time, they wheel me into the hall, put the gurney up against a wall and forget about me. By the time the nurse had returned for me, the desk nurse had called an ER doc (no one else responded) who delivered my baby in the hall with everyone and my mother looking on.

Hope that made you laugh, I certainly do (that amnesia thing is great)!

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

Wow...first time I'm getting to post first on a blog!!! (watch, by the time I hit "publish" someone else will get there first!)

Hmmmm....most nervous.

It would probably have to be on the flight home from NM in December of 1989. I had to tell my parents I was pregnant...and having to tell them was the only thing that even had me consider not having the baby. The whole plane ride home I was just aabout throwing up...hard to tell if it was the morning sickness (which started the morning I got on the plane) or the nerves.

All throught the dinner that first night home, I couldn't even eat. Kept thinking about how I was going to tell them.

After dinner I suggested that my baby sister maybe go up to bed so we could talk. Mom was insistent that she stay up. I asked a second time. Mom was like, "there's no reason". I said, "come on Mom, I'd really like to have an adult conversation with you guys". Mom demands, "what, are you pregnant or something".

Talk about anti-climactic, as I shouted back, "Yes I am! And I really don't think Sondra should be here to discuss this"!

She followed with, "Well, are you going to have an abortion"?

After I pulled my jaw off the ground, I realized it was going to be one hell of a visit home and told her "no, I'm going to raise the baby". Looking back, I realize that once the transition period was done, everything was fine.

But oh, the nerves leading up to it were horrible.

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

See...someone posted just before I did! lol :)

Maura Anderson said...


Scariest moment.....

Probably one of the winners is when I was attending some training at work on a required piece of software. I'd done so because my VP told everyone under him that he REALLY wanted us to attend it.

It was BAD. Nice theory but nothing that would help you do your daily job.

After it was over, I sent email to the VP (yes, I'm THAT ballsy sometimes) and told him I thought the training sucked and I wanted my four hours back.

In return I got an email asking (sorta) me to write a new training course for both the class I took and the advanced class.

And I was going to start teaching it.

I'd never written a course before. Hell, I'd never written much besides test documents and business docs.

And I had really really bad stage fright.

I ended up being okay with writing the class - I KNEW the subject cold and I knew what you really needed to know.

But the teaching. The very first time I had a class scheduled, I couldn't eat anything first, I felt like I would throw up at any moment. When the first student came into the room, I swore I was going to hyperventilate.

It took just about everything I had not to cut and run. But I did it. After the first ten minutes or so, I calmed down again.

So I'm walking proof of:
1) Never criticize anything you're not willing to take on.
2) You really can't die of stage fright - even when you hope for it.

Denise said...

Oh, holy guacamole. I have so many nervous moments, how DO I choose just one? ;)

Seriously, I'd have to say that this one tops them, interestingly enough.

I was 17 and just told that I was going to meet my absolutely favorite rock band ever. Duran Duran. Oh god, did I 'say' that out loud? I think I just dated myself.

Anyway, my two friends and I took the limo to the airport and pulled into the executive terminal where we were allowed into the gated access area. I knew the airplane tail number, so I strode confidently into the terminal and asked the guy behind the counter when plane such and such were arriving. He said they'd just touched down and would be taxiing momentarily. HA! So I walked right out onto the tarmac. His mouth dropped open at my brazenness but oh *&^%$ well, it was DD and I wasn't about to be left behind. My friends gaped at me and then took off after me onto the tarmac as well.

They deplaned, took a few pics, signed autographs and said that because they were late, they had to dash off, but would they see us later? We had front row tickets, so of course they'd see us later. No, they said, later as in after the concert.


They climb into the limo and we walk back to ours. At that point, the moment was temporarily over, so I was shaking like a leaf, all that adrenalin finally doing its thing.

As I was preparing to get into the limo, I let out a seriously girlie scream. . .then turned and saw them rolling down their windows to talk to us!

~covers my head in incredible embarrassment~

Simon winks, says, 'Sometimes you have to let it out.'

Saved. Sort of.


We did see them at the concert, with them doing funny poses in front of us for our cameras. We did see them after the concert. Utter gentlemen, dammit. But what a blast! (I actually was able to meet them a couple of times after that. But that was the most. . .~coff~ memorable.)

Good luck on Tuesday, Jacki! Do some yoga and push those nerves away!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

These are great stories! And good writing. I feel like I am right there with you. Esp Renee cuz ...well...I knew her parents :P

And Denise, I LOVED Duran Duran!

Denise said...

LOL! Don't you love it when you complain and then you're called on it?! I'm sure you did a great job!

Jacki, So did I. Can you say 'posters on the ceiling' with a straight face? LOL!

Anna said...

Actually i'm kinda in nervous mode right now, have been for the last few weeks. On January 7th I have my social security disability hearing... I'm soo nervous. Just thinking about the situation makes me ill. I just learned that no one can go into the hearing with me besides my lawyer, who I won't meet until an hour before the hearing. :/ I so wish this news hadn't come right at the holidays.

Good luck with the book release! I'm going book shopping on the 20th. I'm gonna be cranky if Border's doesn't have Elijah. LOL!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Denise, that was Don Johnson ;) In Renee's house too!


Listen, you don't find out the decision that day. They make you wait. And quite often they deny you out of hand. I got turned down while I was IN THE HOSPITAL. Of course when they realized that they reversed it so no one would see how red their faces were.

It's a game, kiddo. A sick one at that, especially when you desperately need the relief of the money. On the plus side, it they do agree with you and say you are's retroactive to the day you started the filing process.

Good luck, and do N OT get discouraged if it gets tough...get angry, get determined, and if they turn you down, get a real lawyer. They only take money if you win and it's ten to fifteen percent fees. It isn't the best way to go financially, but it is better than nothing. Especially when you are too sick to function at work.

CinnamonGirl said...

Aww, Anna, I'm sorry you're having to deal with that! I know from experience that having to rely on the government for help with anything (as w/disability) can be a very nerve-wracking process. Don't let it spoil your holiday, girl. You'll be in my prayers!
Jacki, I'm anxiously awaiting my order of "Elijah" from Amazon. I can't wait!
As for a nervous moment in my life? I think driving an 18-wheeler on the New Jersey Turnpike & along the streets of Queens put YEARS on my life & many a gray hair on my head! LOL! I still have nightmares about it. Somehow, I was convinced by a guy friend of mine that we should both attend Schneider Trucking Co.'s free training school in Carlisle, PA. There's a LOT of good money to be made by team drivers. So, I went, & I was the only woman there. I'm under 5'4" tall & I weighed about 125lbs. at the time - so, when I sat behind the wheel of one of their trucks, for the first time, I laughed & said, "Well, it's been nice!" I couldn't even see over the hood, much less compress the heavy clutch pedal! But, Scheneider was so desperate for team drivers (who make them a lot more $) that they adjusted the seat & loosened the clutch pedal to accomodate me. I couldn't believe that I was actually driving this monster...and I was shocked when I passed the road test to receive my CDL, Class A, driver's license! It was like the equivalent of bungee jumping, to me. I, next, had to pair with a more experienced driver for a couple of weeks, and that's when my nerves started to give out. The guy with whom I was paired was kind of a jerk & his truck was not like the one I drove in training. It had a bunch of problems. I got stuck trying to shift gears a couple of times in Queens, and had people honking & yelling at me. It was awful. Meanwhile, I also had a partially-torn rotator cuff from an earlier training procudure (which I thought had just been a sore muscle, at first), so that, every time I had to put the truck into a particular gear, pain would shoot up my arm. When I found out that it was my rotator cuff, I saw it as a sign, like God was saying, "Okay, girl. You proved to yourself that you could do this but it's time to stop. This is not what you were meant to be doing." If I hadn't had that injury, I probably would have tried to continue driving, out of stubbornness & pride, and I would have had a nervous breakdown at some point. I look at most truck drivers with more respect, now. I never would have imagined that it can be such a grueling & taxing job!

kore eileithyia said...

Hey Jacki

I think that you are in need of a huge hug. I am very proud of you for everything you are accomplishing. You are not alone in this even if you cant see us there walking with you. I hope you know that we are the ones that are lucky to know you and that we are taking in the special aura of seeing your star rise...

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie...can't wait 2 get my hands on 'Elijah'. Should b receiving a call soon from our local bookstore as I pre-ordered ur book. As 4 nervous moment...last April my Gyno had called 2 advise me that I needed 2 go 2 the Colonoscopy Dept. ASAP. Somehow he had found some unexplainable abnormal cells. Once there, after the biopsy was done all the Dr. said was, "I don't want 2 lie 2 u but from what I have seen 2day, u will be returning back 2 see me. I just want 2 get a more detailed analyses of ur biopsy." Believe me 2 weeks of waiting was absolute TORTURE. I wasn't much into paranormal reading but needed 2 find something 2 keep my mind occupied. Thanx 2 may authors...during my 2 weeks wait I was taken away 2 wonderful fascinating places w/ captivating characters. Each fantastic book I read was filled w/ beautifully written storytelling...let's not 4get page-melting sex w/ dark & dangerous men or should I say demons, shape-shifters, vampires! *giggles* Had my 6 mouths follow up not 2 long ago & everything is OK!

Anna said...

Thanks Jacki, that means alot. *Hugs* I'm calmer now then when i first got the news. LOL!

I've been doing this for a few years now with Binder and Binder as my lawyers. It'll be nice to see it all come to an end what ever the outcome is.

Jacquelyn Frank said...


I know the feeling though. When they found that lump in my breast...waiting was out of the question. "Out! I want it out now!"

I panicked. I can't imagine keeping my cool for that long!

Lynn said...

Hey guys,

The most nervous I have ever been was when I was fifteen years old and pregnant. I had to tell my parents because the father didn't want a darn thing to do with me or his child. I was swinging between passing out and puking from nervousness. My parents, bless their hearts, took it like troopers. My mom said we had to start making plans, and my dad said sh*t happens.

I will have to say that having my son was one of the best decisions I ever made. I was heading down the wrong path in life. Tell you what, there is nothing like a heavy dose of reality to make you realize just how far off the right path you are going. I still graduated on time, which I was the first in my high school to do, considering the circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Thanx Jackie...I'm w/ u girl...waiting is awful! Hope everything is OK w/ u 2!

Denise said...

Wow, lots of childbirths around here!

I only have furry children. LOL

And uh, Jacki? Can I just say one thing here? EWWWWWW

I never thought Don was hot. That's like. . .I don't know, Brad Pitt? GACK! But then, I don't usually go for the blonds, to the utter horror of my oh-so-blond brother. LOL

Wendy said...

I can't think of a time where I was really nervous right now, what I can imagine is how nrevous I'll be when I start my clinicals (I'm nursing student) and I actually have to care for patients. OMYGOD, I"M TERRIFIED I'm GOING TO KILL SOMEONE.

I start in three weeks and I'm so not ready! Eeek!

Stephanie*magic* said...

I just wanna send lots of hugs and love to you ladies suffering.
I think I have it bad, when really, I read these post and realize that i'm really very lucky!
Blessing to you all!!!
Your such strong women!!!!!

piglet said...

Nerves of steel? Well that's Superman but definitely not me. My most nervous moment was the first day of student teaching. I was going for my teaching credential and Master's degree in education and my first assignment was the third grade. Well I was so nervous I didn't sleep the whole night before and in the morning I threw up the meager contents of my breakfast. Classroom practice and theory was easy because your pretend students are your peers but this was the real deal, with real children, teachers and principals evaluating you. The first day wasn't so bad because I just observed but the second day I found out that my master teacher was on family leave for 2 weeks because her father had suddenly died and I was now in charge of teaching the class the whole day instead of the usual 2-3 hours! It was nerve wracking planning lessons that were interactive and relevant. I ended up having a severe stress related rash on my hands that I kept scratching. So the night before I was in urgent care getting antibiotic cream on my hands and having bandages on them. My hands looked like Mickey Mouse gloves! Luckily I still had the use of my fingers so I was able to still teach and my students thought it was really funny and called me Miss. Minnie Mouse! In the end I had a great time student teaching, and when my master teacher returned she said I had done such a good job I could continue teaching the whole day for the rest of the 6 weeks!

Anna said...

Hey Ness... Thanks that means a lot. The situation is nerve racking. But I don't pretty good as not too let it ruin the holidays. :)

Wow which is just next week. This month sure has gone by fast.

Suzanne said...

I'm a competitive dancer and I took a five year absence for grad school, marriage and a child. Finally I went back to class and about nine months ago went back to competing, however, went back into my old category, the "Over 15's" which means I literally get my butt kicked my 16 year olds at the competitions.
My class is also full of teens and I've become unofficial "team mom." when I said I was going to an out of state competition several girls asked if they could come too. I told them sure if there parents bought their plane tickets and pitched in for the hotel. I had no idea their parents would say yes...
So there I am in Tucson, Arizona, with two teenagers. I had a migraine and felt terrible. They were having the time of their life. They had come for fun. I had come to win. After all, it was a small out of state comp, and I was older then these girls. I was going to take all the comps and finally move up into a level where I could dance againce girls who’ve at least graduated from high school.
We started dancing and I really wasn’t feeling good. During the line up for the Slip Jig I started to feel dizzy, and couldn’t catch my breath. At first I thought it was just me -- my stamina is not what it used to me. I was in a warm ball room in a thirty pound costume, in full makeup and curly wig.
We were on stage for the Slip Jig and we started going out two at a time, i had a place near the end of the line, but now things we going black and my heart was beating fast. Finally I couldn’t take it anymore – I felt too terrible and though I would faint right their on stage. But it was my turn to dance, so I went there, started dancing and then it was just too much, my stomach lurched and my head spun -- I sprinted off the stage, right in the middle of my dance, to the bathroom where I preceded to puke, expensive costume and all, through the next two competitions. It was my teens that were checking up on me to make sure I was ok -- not the other way around.
The Irish Dance community is small and I am now known as "the girl who puked during the slip jig" It was mortifying. At least I wasn't "the girl who lost her wig during the hornpipe," lol!

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

Those were some amazing stories!

Lynn, I really sympathize...I was 20 when I had to give my parents the news...15 would have been hell!

Lynn said...


It was hard. In the beginning I felt like a huge failure. Not to many parents would want to have their fifteen year old baby having a baby. I missed out on my teenage years. When my friends were partying, I was changing diapers.

You know what? I wouldn't change it for the world. My child was born healthy and helped his mother straigthen herself out.

I don't regret my decision at all.

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

Nope, I regrets. Children are a blessing.

Anyone who is a mother (foster, adoptive, single, married, whatever) will agree with you - no matter what hardships, they are worth every second of grief and love that they cost you!

It was the best thing I ever did as well. Kudos on having the maturity (and the support) to accomplish it at such a young age!
:) Ren

Lynn said...

Thank you, Ren.

I agree with you. Children are indeed a blessing.

Hard to believe but my baby is a senior in high school and hopefully graduating this year.

I was fortunate to have wonderful parents. I was also fortunate to have found a man who took my then eight year old son and become the dad he never had.

audra said...

I just noticed that Noah is going to be the last book and I'm already sad. DANG! Everytime I find a series to ends.

TeriC said...

Hi Jacquelyn, I wanted to know why is Noah listed as being available on Elijah's cover? I was very confused...? Thank you.


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