Friday, February 29, 2008


I am postponing the last contest to next Thursday. I am simply swamped with life. Forgive me.

I also want to make a note that I had nearly a dozen people on my mailing list bounce back to me stating people were making complaints against me for the mailings. Please, if you don't want to be mailed, resign from the list. IF you do want the mailings and think you are missing them, make certain you add me to your accepted email list and check your spam and junk mail folders.

The mailing list is something you have to go out of your way to sign up for. Please don't label me spam or junk mail if you change your mind. It can really foul things up for everyone at that domain name who does want the emails.

Thanks for being patient.
hugs and kitties
too busy Jacki

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Quickie

I know I owe you winners. It seems, however, that everyone only wanted prize number two :P or I made prize number one WAY too hard.


But before I get to that, I have to force you to read through the rest of my life. First, I am proud to inform you that on her very first go around, a mere 1.5 hours, and Ms. Sweet Pea--she of the awesome personality--was adopted to a lovely young couple. She is going to be their very first furbaby and with be able to be queen of her entire household all by herself. They were such nice people and I am convinced all will be very happy together.

It was a good thing too because I already have two new foster babies! I can tell ACN is gonna keep me hopping! Baby, a tiny little grey tabby girl, was found outside by someone. She is a little scruffy, has dirty ears, and someone cut her whiskers off...but I swear she is the most affectionate thing I ever saw. She 'makes mittens' (or biscuits or KNEADS--depends where you are from, lol) with every step she takes. SO cute. And Precious is a beautiful calico who, poor thing, lost her mommy-person last week and is clearly grieving. (No grooming and not eating as yet.) So I have my work cut out for me helping her love life again. I will post pictures later.

I am going to be on the radio 10pm EST tonight. Paranormal Talk on Blogtalk radio. And The Raven at 10AM EST tomorrow morning. Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth will guest with me on the first show and will host me on the second :)

Paranormal Talk with Annette Jones

Listen to Paranormal Talk! on internet talk radio

10 PM tonight!!


The Raven with Michelle and Mandy

Listen to Raven Happy Hour Radio on internet talk radio

11 AM tomorrow!

They have call in numbers and live chat and everything so if you catch it live you can ask me questions, both wild and weird. I'll answer pretty much anything. I would dearly appreciate it if you would.

Oh, for those in the know, I submitted the first three chapters of 'The Bid', my first truly erotic romance, to my agent for evaluation. Apparently, her assistant had to throw water on her or something and the steam could be seen for miles. Not bragging...just sayin'...maybe soon we will get to see something other than Nightwalkers from me, eh? I'd rather like that. Not that I don't love the Nightwalkers, cuz you know I do, but I know I am capable of much much more diversity and I just want the chance to show it.

Oh, I think I pissed off most of my RWA group. :P Sorry guys. Didn't mean to. I have a big, opinionated mouth. You'll learn to love me for it.

I hope.

Okay, here goes...

First Place Prize, the winner is...NO ONE. (You don't love me...sniff...I know you don't. You've been leading me on all this time...sniff...)

I will assume I made it too hard and make it top prize for this week again.

Second Place: the one you all answered, and I will say there were a GREAT MANY OF YOU! So you must love me after all! And you were decidedly SPLIT down the middle...half said Leonidas was barefoot and half said shoes. The fact is he was wearing shoes, SANDALS to be more precise. So...the winner of a trifecta is...

Cindy C.

And only one person guessed my fave font right. VERDANA. (the other person was disqualified because she didn't follow the rules and answered two prize questions instead of one) The font the blog was written in, in fact. :P Third place prize goes to...

Kristen K

All winners please send me your full name and address to Our last Treasure Hunt of the month is Thursday. Be there or be square. Or at least as square as that last sentence was. Hehehe.

hugs and kitties

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Fun Fun!!! Treasure Hunt Thursday #5!!

Nope, I didn't forget. Just busy as always.

Okay now, this is going to be an interesting hunt. The prizes are:

Third place: A signed copy of Elijah

Second place: A trifecta....signed copies of all three of my books. (Jacob, Gideon and Elijah)

First place: The right to sit beside me for my entire Friday morning Nightwalker Stud Muffin Breakfast Party at the Pittsburgh Romantic Times Convention. You will get to feel what it's like to face a flood of readers, listen to me crack jokes, make ultra flirty remarks to the boys serving the muffins and generally cause minor mayhem.

Now, I am aware that not all of these prizes appeal to everyone and others simply will not suit you. SO...when you enter this contest you MUST specify which prize you want. You cannot win any other. And let me be clear about the first prize. You gotta be registered and present for the convention all on your own in order to be permitted into this party. I can barely afford rooms, airfare and registration fees myself! I certainly cannot pay them for you. If I had that kind of money, honey, I'd hire Gerard Butler as my personal slave and we'd share a suite, lots of grapes and some body oil...

Well! Since we were dreaming!!

Now, here's the very tricky part. Each prize will have its own challenge!!! After all, they do differ in value and all that. Answer via email, as before, to and put TREASURE HUNT #5 in the subject line. The FIRST LINE in the body of your letter should indicate the prize you desire. IE: FIRST PRIZE. Then you proceed to answer the challenge.

Here we go! Hold onto your panties, kids!!

Third Prize Challenge: Every writer loves a specific program to work in. Mine happens to be the latest version of Word. What is my favorite font to type in?

(Did I mention that these are hard? That some are going to be impossible to know unless you guess or have incredibly awesome deductive abilities?)

Answer via email, as before, to and put TREASURE HUNT #5 in the subject line. The FIRST LINE in the body of your letter should indicate the prize you desire. IE: THIRD PRIZE. Then you proceed to answer the correlating challenge.

Second Prize Challenge: In the movie 300, starring Gerard Butler, Leonidas climbs a challenging precipice in order to speak with a prophet and holy men. Is he wearing shoes during his climb or is he barefooted?

Answer via email, as before, to and put TREASURE HUNT #5 in the subject line. The FIRST LINE in the body of your letter should indicate the prize you desire. IE: SECOND PRIZE. Then you proceed to answer the correlating challenge.

First Prize Challenge: What symbol does Nikki wear for a charm from his collar?

Answer via email, as before, to and put TREASURE HUNT #5 in the subject line. The FIRST LINE in the body of your letter should indicate the prize you desire. IE: FIRST PRIZE. Then you proceed to answer the correlating challenge.

They last two were just so easy I had to make this one a bit tougher. Since I am posting so late and since these are very tough questions, I am allowing you until Sunday at 11:59 PM to deliver your entry. The 'Oops' rules still apply. If you send an email off with an entry and then OOPS! realize you were wrong and want to change it you get one chance to do so. However, any second entry nullifies and destroys the first even if it was the right answer!!

Now, everyone can play, even previous winners. And stay tuned for the last Treasure Hunt next Thursday. Especially if you are a closet writer.

Well, have at it!! Good LUCK!!!

Hugs and Kitties,

PS: ONE ENTRY PER PERSON...only one shot at only one prize! Got it??

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Winner You Gonna Tell Us Who Won?

Hehehe. Okay, first let me hiss to you guys for not playing. :P What a lame turnout!

Secondly, some people have some bad ideas of who should be who...and some were okay....if only for a single picture. But that WAS the task. A picture.

Let's start with the worst choices: (AKA- WTF???)


Leonardo DiCaprio??? Are you kidding me?? He's such a....such a...twerp! Elijah would eat this boy child for breakfast! E's pecs would be bigger than his head! I get the golden blonde thing, but he's a freakin midget!!


Ha. Ha. Very funny.

Dude. I mean the snide holier-than-though attitude is so Gideon lol. But...WTF would Legna do with those dopey ears?

Think he's in the hair club for men?


Now here we have the opposite problem. Jacob is many things, but bulging beefcake is not one of them. I always envisioned him as lean and athletic. This is just too built. Poor Bella would be squisheded. (is too a word. Shut up)


No. Way. I just don't see it. Noah is a presence...someone who gives off the sensation of power just walking into a room. Benny Boy is a frikken frat boy.


Is he missing an eyebrow? Singed off? WTF is with the sweater? You just know it's tied in a knot and hanging...



Not a TERRIBLE choice, but this lovely lady with her sophistication and exotic accent and her classic features is far more Legna than Bella.


I am a WILD fan of Summer Glau. She rocks. Period. She kicks ass in action scenes and as a former dancer she moves in such an ethereal manner. But Legna? No. I think of Legna as a statuesque GODDESS. Summer is...too small, too flat chested, (Sorry Summer) and too petite. I could way better see her as Bella. (Looks wise, though she's not curvy enough...SO sorry, Summer! Hey, we could always pad your bra. Hehehe. Maybe some Hershey bars? A cookie?) but youth-wise and ass-kicking wise she is SO Bella. :P

Okay....enough of that. Now for my FAVORITES. Obviously you can't be perfect....but these come damn close to my mind's eye.


Ain't this perfect? Look at those curls! Look at the NY attitude!!! Pale skin...



I gotta admit, people were better at picking Kane and Corrine than anyone else. The second is by far my fave. Uncanny perfect.

Of course...this pic of Ashton works really well too!


Slap on the beard and mustache and this could work :)


Another one I found was easy for people to find good pics for. I have to say, Angelina is perfect. If I was casting, I would use her. She has the height, the carriage, the beauty. And she can actually act...which helps :)


Well...we know it is impossible to cast Gideon, and I wouldn't pick George myself, but this particular picture is the closest anyone came to really capturing my image of him and that, after all, was the assignment :)


This one just hit me right. The hair, figure, attitude...a bit more sophisticated than I figure Bella to be, but whatever :P


This is the only character different people picked the same picture (person) for :P

Apparently, she's easy....err to imagine as Siena that is.



Maybe it's nostaligia or maybe because I loved him SO much, but this is a perfect vision of Elijah.

I know, he is slim and baby faced in his way, but he had a great body, the perfect hair and you can see the impish Elijah in the eyes and smile, can't you?


This was the only one that came remotely close. The eyes? That tells you how lousy the other choices were. Yuk yuk.

A friend sent me kitty representations of each Dork. I love her. These were great.


And his clan.

Okay, so now to pick a winner. No one was perfect, but the one that came the closest was....



I'd say she had six out of ten really close. The four she missed were REALLY bad though. lol. But it was a really tight race. Thanks to those who played. Tune in Thursday. I have a special surprise! EVERYONE who plays will get personally signed book cover flats of Damien and Elijah. With a good faith effort :).

Oh hey, I am on the radio TWICE next week. Tuesday 10 PM on Paranormal Talk with Annette Jones as host and Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth guesting with me. And then 11 am Wednesday with Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth on The Raven I am going to misbehave in the usual ways :P. So if one is too late for you and one is too early, you all can be happy. Plus, you can download it after. But DURING you can call in or ask questions in chat. I'd love to hear from you :)

Anyway....congrats to my winner. And a special ty for all of you who sent me bday gifties. You didn't have to. (Esp that CARD youknowwhoyouare!) Love you!

Hugs and kitties

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Treasure Hunt Thursday #4!!!!

This one is gonna be easy!!!

No, seriously, I mean it!!!

There's only one question.

But, of course, there's only one PRIZE also.

An ARC of Damien. Period. End of story. (okay, maybe some book covers or something too.)

Ready for it?

Find me and send me pictures of what you think these characters ought to look like:

1. Noah

2. Damien

3. Bella

4. Elijah

5. Legna

6. Kane

7. Corrine

8. Jacob

9. Siena

10. Gideon

Rules: You may not use the book covers. That is cheating. You have to send them to me in an email, labeled so I know who is who, to with the title TREASURE HUNT 4 in the subject line. You have until 11:59 PM Saturday Feb 16th. You will be judged on things like hair and eye color. DO NOT send me a brunette for Corrine and expect to win! The winner won;t be random this time. It will be whoever I feel comes closest to expressing my characters pictorially. So put some thought into it!!

There are only two treasure hunts after this, so if you are going to play, now is the time!!!

hugs and kitties


PS: See...told you it was easy. hehehehe.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I know I know!!! Winners! Okay, here ya go...

I coulda been a bitch because I was looking for a more specific answer for the Elijah question, but I wasn't.


1 – Skyland

2 – 2

3 – RT and RAW

4 – Demon, Lycanthrope, Vampire, Mistrals,
Shadowdwellers or Druids

5 – That he couldn't save her mother
(or that he was covered in blood leaning over her body,
or remembering the sight of it)

6 – Christine Feehan

7 – September 24, 2007

8 – North America (USA) --
I was looking for KANSAS but since no one said it...
I went with the general.

9 – 13

10 – Tristan or Malaya (Gideon. They are discussing if they should
confront the Shadowdwellers about the attack on Bella and
Damien mentions Tristan's name.)

3rd Place: Pam K

2nd Shellene W.

and 1st is Judy Y!

Please send me your addresses at and please put the name of your prize in the subject line!! TY!!!

Back to my MONSTROUS Noah edits!!


We're talking HUGE people!!


hugs and Kitties,
your Italian mother,

This post was amended in the comments section.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Treasure Hunt Thursday #3!!!!

Treasure Hunt Thursday #3

Hi gang! Are we having fun yet? I just got the copy edits for Noah. Ugh. I know you like long books, but 550 plus pages of edits is NOT FUN. Anyway, that’s why I am posting so late, but it is still THURSDAY! There is so much going on but I only have time for a quickie update.

I have joined an RWA chapter, CWR- Carolina Romance Writers, went to my fist meeting Saturday and had a blast. It was so nice meeting so many nice ladies. I was having one of those MY BRAIN WON’T SHUT OFF!! days that day, so I thought I was a little on high squeaky speed, but I think I stopped short of annihilating obnoxiousness. Maybe. *shrug* Angela Knight is in my chapter. I am sooooo excited. For those of you who are aspiring to write, we hold online courses every month and I think there are a few you could find very valuable no matter what stage of the publishing process you are in, so go check it out. I am going to be managing the CRW MySpace and the MySpace blog, so I am hoping to conceive of delicious things for you to enjoy as observers, so you might want to friend CRW on MySpace and sign up for the blog notices.

I was approved as a kitty foster home through the ACN!! YAY!! Sweet Pea is doing well. We will be doing her intake soon. I have to call the Asheville shelter and place an ad about her to make sure she is stray per their guidelines, which makes sense. Then we can start to bring her to adoption events.

Now, down to business. The hunt is on! Let’s start with this week’s prizes.

Third Place Prize: Signed copies of Jacob and Gideon

Second Place Prize: Signed copy of Elijah and a matching nylon book cover and bookmark.

First Place Prize: Signed Damien ARC and a Nightwalker nightshirt.

These just get bettah and bettah, don’t they? I dunno HOW I am going to top this one!

Well yes…I do…but I ain’t telling.

Okay, here goes!

1 – What town is my post office box in? (the new one in NC)

2 – How many brothers has Jacob had?

3 – I am attending two major functions this year; one in April and one in September. What are they?

4 – Name five races of Nightwalkers

5 – What does Gideon fear Legna will remember?

6 – Which of these women has NOT been a guest blogger on my blog. Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan, Adrianna Dane, or Maura Anderson

7 – What date did Lucy Monroe guest blog for me? (day, month, year)

8 – Where is Elijah’s house?

9 – How old was I when I started to write?

10 – Give me the name of a Shadowdweller.

As usual you have until 11:59 on Saturday, February 9th 2008 to send your answers to with Treasure Hunt #3 in the subject line and the answers listed 1-10 correspondingly in the body of the letter. Once you hand in that letter you are allowed one and only one OOPS letter, as in, if you realize you made a mistake with the first one you can chase it with a second, but now that first one will no longer be valid and will be destroyed even IF IT HAS ALL THE RIGHT ANSWERS!


Monday, February 4, 2008

And the Winners of TH #2 Are...

Hi guys! I know, I'm late. I am all off schedule. Seems to be the story of my life lately. I go in to spend time with Ms. Pea and end up falling asleep with her on my lap. Heh. She's really very soothing.

I just talked to Bianca's mother. She is going to court tomorrow to dissolve my guardianship. I was not served for this so I have ZERO information. I am going to try and get my lawyer to help me out. We'll see what happens. I will only accept joint custody. I told her that.

Get this, you know what she said to me? That Bianca is feeling a little abandoned by me. BY ME!!! I got upset and said, "Well I'm not the one that moved away without telling me where you were!" Grr. I don't even want to talk about it. I am likely to bite someone.

Anyway, back to business.

The answers to Treasure Hunt #2 are…

1 – Page 116

2 –Marc

3 – Ben and Jerry’s (I asked for a BRAND, not a flavor)

4 – The Shadowdwellers

5 - Kat Micheals, Bianca D'arc, Sylvia Day, Ann Cory, Shelly Monroe, Patrice Michelle, Gena Showalter, Deirdre Knight, Nalini Singh, and Lucy Monroe, and any number of published authors on my MySpace friends list. The keyword was PUBLISHED. And not all of my friends are authors.

6 – Dark Prince, Dark Fire, Dark Gold, Secrets 1 through 15, Lora Leigh’s Breeds 1-3 from Ellora’s Cave…the list goes on. (I must point out, the distinction was WHAT HAVE I READ…Shelfari has a comprehensive list of what the person has read, what they own but have yet to read and a wishlist of what they want to read. You have to look carefully to take note of which is which.)

7 – Pisces (someone said ‘pieces’, but I knew what you meant lol.)

8 – Feb. 2nd. According to the CRW website and according to my Wiccan calendar, the meeting and the holiday of Imbolc were on the 2nd.

9 – Maire Brennan, Sarah McLachlan, Amy Lee, and any number of the women listed under MUSIC on MySpace.

10 – Joey W. Hill wrote NATURAL LAW. I love this book. Sigh.

The winners of Treasure Hunt #2 are….

Third Place is DCJ597! Congrats! You won a nylon bookcover that says "Curl up with a GOOD Demon" on it. I have colors to match every book cover from the series :P You can choose.

Second Place is Renee!! BLNDMSCHF, you won one of the much coveted "I spend my nights with the Nightwalkers" nightshirts!

First Place is Susan M!! Congrats, you won the ARC of Damien!! Now hide, because you are a dead woman! Hah!

Now, I promise this was completely random in nature, but the two top winners are close friends of mine who entered. Still, Renee and Susan both had to hunt for answers just like you did. Renee and I were separated for…oh gosh…17 years?? since we were last best friends and saw each other…before connecting again just before Jacob hit the shelves in 2006. And Susan is a fan who lives local to me and has become a dear friend over the past few months.

They both had to enter like everyone else because I am a stingy bitch who doesn’t give things away even to my best friends easily! But they both got randomly lucky and I have to laugh because it really does look bad. But trust me, I am not this stupid. And if I wanted to I could simply give them both what they want. But it’s much sweeter when you win it. And don’t worry; you have a whole month of chances to win more of my stuff.

I wanted to add the RAW registration is open!! I will have a page for it on my site shortly. Meanwhile, you can go to Lora Leigh's site. RAW is a very personal weekend with some of your favorite and more prominent authors. It is held at the Carter Cave resort in Kentucky. I will be there, of course. I didn't get any JR Ward signatures on my set of her books. I got a ton of Christine Feehan last year and made a total doofus of myself. It was fun!!

Lora and I are trying to put together a signing just outside of Ann Arbor Michigan. No date is set yet, but I will be there this year one way or another, with or without Lora...though I prefer with. She is one cool lady. So, those of you who live in the area, keep an eye out in case you wanna come see me. :P

hugs and kitties,

BTW, GIDEON was nominated for the Fantasm Awards for Best Demonic Romance. Voting is now open. know, if you feel like it....

I think you can like, vote once a day or something. Not sure.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Sweet Pea Prevails!!

Sweet Pea tested completely clean of all nasty viruses! Yay! I am so pleased! She is turning out to be the sweetest lap cat I ever saw. She talks, chitters, kinda like she's telling me off for leaving her locked up in that room. LOL. But then she curls up and drops immediately into my lap. She doesn't like to be alone, but I am still going to quarantine her to make sure she doesnt have a cold or anything. She is a little over a year old, so I think she was tossed out very young (hence the collar thing). I will register her with ACN in two weeks, get her chipped and fixed, and voila! Ready to go to some lucky person. I am already jealous. Can't I keep them ALL???

Wednesday I get a foster inspection. We'll see if I get approved to foster kitties.

I thought to take some pictures. she is!!

This is me trying to embed video. *cross fingers*


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