Monday, February 4, 2008

And the Winners of TH #2 Are...

Hi guys! I know, I'm late. I am all off schedule. Seems to be the story of my life lately. I go in to spend time with Ms. Pea and end up falling asleep with her on my lap. Heh. She's really very soothing.

I just talked to Bianca's mother. She is going to court tomorrow to dissolve my guardianship. I was not served for this so I have ZERO information. I am going to try and get my lawyer to help me out. We'll see what happens. I will only accept joint custody. I told her that.

Get this, you know what she said to me? That Bianca is feeling a little abandoned by me. BY ME!!! I got upset and said, "Well I'm not the one that moved away without telling me where you were!" Grr. I don't even want to talk about it. I am likely to bite someone.

Anyway, back to business.

The answers to Treasure Hunt #2 are…

1 – Page 116

2 –Marc

3 – Ben and Jerry’s (I asked for a BRAND, not a flavor)

4 – The Shadowdwellers

5 - Kat Micheals, Bianca D'arc, Sylvia Day, Ann Cory, Shelly Monroe, Patrice Michelle, Gena Showalter, Deirdre Knight, Nalini Singh, and Lucy Monroe, and any number of published authors on my MySpace friends list. The keyword was PUBLISHED. And not all of my friends are authors.

6 – Dark Prince, Dark Fire, Dark Gold, Secrets 1 through 15, Lora Leigh’s Breeds 1-3 from Ellora’s Cave…the list goes on. (I must point out, the distinction was WHAT HAVE I READ…Shelfari has a comprehensive list of what the person has read, what they own but have yet to read and a wishlist of what they want to read. You have to look carefully to take note of which is which.)

7 – Pisces (someone said ‘pieces’, but I knew what you meant lol.)

8 – Feb. 2nd. According to the CRW website and according to my Wiccan calendar, the meeting and the holiday of Imbolc were on the 2nd.

9 – Maire Brennan, Sarah McLachlan, Amy Lee, and any number of the women listed under MUSIC on MySpace.

10 – Joey W. Hill wrote NATURAL LAW. I love this book. Sigh.

The winners of Treasure Hunt #2 are….

Third Place is DCJ597! Congrats! You won a nylon bookcover that says "Curl up with a GOOD Demon" on it. I have colors to match every book cover from the series :P You can choose.

Second Place is Renee!! BLNDMSCHF, you won one of the much coveted "I spend my nights with the Nightwalkers" nightshirts!

First Place is Susan M!! Congrats, you won the ARC of Damien!! Now hide, because you are a dead woman! Hah!

Now, I promise this was completely random in nature, but the two top winners are close friends of mine who entered. Still, Renee and Susan both had to hunt for answers just like you did. Renee and I were separated for…oh gosh…17 years?? since we were last best friends and saw each other…before connecting again just before Jacob hit the shelves in 2006. And Susan is a fan who lives local to me and has become a dear friend over the past few months.

They both had to enter like everyone else because I am a stingy bitch who doesn’t give things away even to my best friends easily! But they both got randomly lucky and I have to laugh because it really does look bad. But trust me, I am not this stupid. And if I wanted to I could simply give them both what they want. But it’s much sweeter when you win it. And don’t worry; you have a whole month of chances to win more of my stuff.

I wanted to add the RAW registration is open!! I will have a page for it on my site shortly. Meanwhile, you can go to Lora Leigh's site. RAW is a very personal weekend with some of your favorite and more prominent authors. It is held at the Carter Cave resort in Kentucky. I will be there, of course. I didn't get any JR Ward signatures on my set of her books. I got a ton of Christine Feehan last year and made a total doofus of myself. It was fun!!

Lora and I are trying to put together a signing just outside of Ann Arbor Michigan. No date is set yet, but I will be there this year one way or another, with or without Lora...though I prefer with. She is one cool lady. So, those of you who live in the area, keep an eye out in case you wanna come see me. :P

hugs and kitties,

BTW, GIDEON was nominated for the Fantasm Awards for Best Demonic Romance. Voting is now open. know, if you feel like it....

I think you can like, vote once a day or something. Not sure.


CinnamonGirl said...

Congratulations, you lucky ladies, and enjoy your prizes! :) Jacki, good luck with the court case & with the Fantasm awards, as well. I just went & voted. I had no idea there were so many categories for romance novels, now! Pretty wild. :) Anyways, have a great week, everyone! Toodles ~ Ness

Jacquelyn Frank said...


The details for RAW have been posted on my PRESS PAGE!!!

It looks so purty!!! I have to go now, having dinner with some of my friendly readers!!!


(Ada)lgisa Lato-Esposito said...

Congrats Ladies!

Keep ur head up Jacki...everything will work out fine.

Thanx 4 the update on the voting & good luck w/ ur nomination.


Tracy said...

Congrats to all the winners!! :)

CarolB1977 said...

Okay, I sent my registration for RAW in on Saturday. I hope I get in. I'm jealous of those that live closer to KY. It shouldn't sell out too, soon, right? And I have the perfect costume for the masquerade party!

I just voted for "Gideon" on the Fantasm awards site. Why wasn't it available for Best Overall, huh? I didn't recognize very many of the authors, and I thought I was familiar with the paranormal romance genre. Weird.

Carol (aka WestCoastGirl877)

Suzi said...

Congrats ladies!!!

Jacki good luck with everything!

Wow, RAW sounds Fab, too bad it's all the way in KY.

But if you ever come out to Los Angeles... heheheheheh.


Jacquelyn Frank said...

well, a lot of those authors are e-book and they have a strong online following that knows about these kinds of things more readily than print. Not that they are undeserving. It's a great opportunity in fact for them to show themselves against print authors.

Stephanie*magic* said...

Congrats to the winners!
Sorry to hear about your troubles Jacki. Sending lots of hugs and love.

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

I hope everything goes well with the court case.

Gonna go vote now for the fantasm awards.

Woo hoo! I didn't win the coveted Damien ARC, but cool to win the nightshirt. I was hunting frantically while in the hospital!! (Yay free wi-fi, Stony Brook)!

Congrats DCJ597, and especially Susan M!!

Hugz, Ren


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