Tuesday, February 26, 2008

A Quickie

I know I owe you winners. It seems, however, that everyone only wanted prize number two :P or I made prize number one WAY too hard.


But before I get to that, I have to force you to read through the rest of my life. First, I am proud to inform you that on her very first go around, a mere 1.5 hours, and Ms. Sweet Pea--she of the awesome personality--was adopted to a lovely young couple. She is going to be their very first furbaby and with be able to be queen of her entire household all by herself. They were such nice people and I am convinced all will be very happy together.

It was a good thing too because I already have two new foster babies! I can tell ACN is gonna keep me hopping! Baby, a tiny little grey tabby girl, was found outside by someone. She is a little scruffy, has dirty ears, and someone cut her whiskers off...but I swear she is the most affectionate thing I ever saw. She 'makes mittens' (or biscuits or KNEADS--depends where you are from, lol) with every step she takes. SO cute. And Precious is a beautiful calico who, poor thing, lost her mommy-person last week and is clearly grieving. (No grooming and not eating as yet.) So I have my work cut out for me helping her love life again. I will post pictures later.

I am going to be on the radio 10pm EST tonight. Paranormal Talk on Blogtalk radio. And The Raven at 10AM EST tomorrow morning. Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth will guest with me on the first show and will host me on the second :)

Paranormal Talk with Annette Jones

Listen to Paranormal Talk! on internet talk radio

10 PM tonight!!


The Raven with Michelle and Mandy

Listen to Raven Happy Hour Radio on internet talk radio

11 AM tomorrow!

They have call in numbers and live chat and everything so if you catch it live you can ask me questions, both wild and weird. I'll answer pretty much anything. I would dearly appreciate it if you would.

Oh, for those in the know, I submitted the first three chapters of 'The Bid', my first truly erotic romance, to my agent for evaluation. Apparently, her assistant had to throw water on her or something and the steam could be seen for miles. Not bragging...just sayin'...maybe soon we will get to see something other than Nightwalkers from me, eh? I'd rather like that. Not that I don't love the Nightwalkers, cuz you know I do, but I know I am capable of much much more diversity and I just want the chance to show it.

Oh, I think I pissed off most of my RWA group. :P Sorry guys. Didn't mean to. I have a big, opinionated mouth. You'll learn to love me for it.

I hope.

Okay, here goes...

First Place Prize, the winner is...NO ONE. (You don't love me...sniff...I know you don't. You've been leading me on all this time...sniff...)

I will assume I made it too hard and make it top prize for this week again.

Second Place: the one you all answered, and I will say there were a GREAT MANY OF YOU! So you must love me after all! And you were decidedly SPLIT down the middle...half said Leonidas was barefoot and half said shoes. The fact is he was wearing shoes, SANDALS to be more precise. So...the winner of a trifecta is...

Cindy C.

And only one person guessed my fave font right. VERDANA. (the other person was disqualified because she didn't follow the rules and answered two prize questions instead of one) The font the blog was written in, in fact. :P Third place prize goes to...

Kristen K

All winners please send me your full name and address to jacquelynfrank@hotmail.com. Our last Treasure Hunt of the month is Thursday. Be there or be square. Or at least as square as that last sentence was. Hehehe.

hugs and kitties


(Ada)lgisa Lato-Esposito said...

Congrats 2 the winners!

Jacki can u tell us more about this erotic romance of urs. Inquiring minds would like 2 no! *LOL* Ada:)

Mariana said...

I'll read anything you do :) Just keep them coming. I could have sworn it was Trebuchet :(

Jacquelyn Frank said...

no it's a Triquetra....and a trebuchet is like a really big slingshot they used to break down castle walls in a seige. LOL.

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Oh btw....we have a bad wind storm here tonight. The electricity is already flickering. WE may not make it to the radio show. Will try!!!

Wendy said...

I'm glad Sweet Pea found a home, and I'm so mad over the fact that someone cut Baby's whiskers off, that's just so horrible.

Maura Anderson said...

ooooh - dying to see the erotic romance!

Congrats on Sweet Pea for finding some humans to own. And congrats on the new freeloaders.

BTW - the baby girl's whiskers may have been nipped off by her mother. If a kitten is prone to wandering, mama cats will often nip off their whiskers to try to keep them from straying too far. Strange but true.

Stephanie*magic* said...



Jacquelyn Frank said...

I made a boo boo....the show tomorrow morning is 11AM EST

Suzi said...

Congrats to the winners.

Jacki, is the erotic romance the space opera?

so tempted to play hookie from tomorrow's board meeting for a few minuets to call in to the show...


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