Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Winner You Gonna Tell Us Who Won?

Hehehe. Okay, first let me say....boo hiss to you guys for not playing. :P What a lame turnout!

Secondly, some people have some bad ideas of who should be who...and some were okay....if only for a single picture. But that WAS the task. A picture.

Let's start with the worst choices: (AKA- WTF???)


Leonardo DiCaprio??? Are you kidding me?? He's such a....such a...twerp! Elijah would eat this boy child for breakfast! E's pecs would be bigger than his head! I get the golden blonde thing, but he's a freakin midget!!


Ha. Ha. Very funny.

Dude. I mean the snide holier-than-though attitude is so Gideon lol. But...WTF would Legna do with those dopey ears?

Think he's in the hair club for men?


Now here we have the opposite problem. Jacob is many things, but bulging beefcake is not one of them. I always envisioned him as lean and athletic. This is just too built. Poor Bella would be squisheded. (is too a word. Shut up)


No. Way. I just don't see it. Noah is a presence...someone who gives off the sensation of power just walking into a room. Benny Boy is a frikken frat boy.



Is he missing an eyebrow? Singed off? WTF is with the sweater? You just know it's tied in a knot and hanging...



Not a TERRIBLE choice, but this lovely lady with her sophistication and exotic accent and her classic features is far more Legna than Bella.


I am a WILD fan of Summer Glau. She rocks. Period. She kicks ass in action scenes and as a former dancer she moves in such an ethereal manner. But Legna? No. I think of Legna as a statuesque GODDESS. Summer is...too small, too flat chested, (Sorry Summer) and too petite. I could way better see her as Bella. (Looks wise, though she's not curvy enough...SO sorry, Summer! Hey, we could always pad your bra. Hehehe. Maybe some Hershey bars? A cookie?) but youth-wise and ass-kicking wise she is SO Bella. :P

Okay....enough of that. Now for my FAVORITES. Obviously you can't be perfect....but these come damn close to my mind's eye.


Ain't this perfect? Look at those curls! Look at the NY attitude!!! Pale skin...



I gotta admit, people were better at picking Kane and Corrine than anyone else. The second is by far my fave. Uncanny perfect.

Of course...this pic of Ashton works really well too!


Slap on the beard and mustache and this could work :)


Another one I found was easy for people to find good pics for. I have to say, Angelina is perfect. If I was casting, I would use her. She has the height, the carriage, the beauty. And she can actually act...which helps :)


Well...we know it is impossible to cast Gideon, and I wouldn't pick George myself, but this particular picture is the closest anyone came to really capturing my image of him and that, after all, was the assignment :)


This one just hit me right. The hair, figure, attitude...a bit more sophisticated than I figure Bella to be, but whatever :P


This is the only character different people picked the same picture (person) for :P

Apparently, she's easy....err to imagine as Siena that is.



Maybe it's nostaligia or maybe because I loved him SO much, but this is a perfect vision of Elijah.

I know, he is slim and baby faced in his way, but he had a great body, the perfect hair and you can see the impish Elijah in the eyes and smile, can't you?


This was the only one that came remotely close. The earring...blue eyes? That tells you how lousy the other choices were. Yuk yuk.

A friend sent me kitty representations of each character...lol. Dork. I love her. These were great.


And his clan.

Okay, so now to pick a winner. No one was perfect, but the one that came the closest was....



I'd say she had six out of ten really close. The four she missed were REALLY bad though. lol. But it was a really tight race. Thanks to those who played. Tune in Thursday. I have a special surprise! EVERYONE who plays will get personally signed book cover flats of Damien and Elijah. With a good faith effort :).

Oh hey, I am on the radio TWICE next week. Tuesday 10 PM on Paranormal Talk with Annette Jones as host and Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth guesting with me. And then 11 am Wednesday with Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth on The Raven I am going to misbehave in the usual ways :P. So if one is too late for you and one is too early, you all can be happy. Plus, you can download it after. But DURING you can call in or ask questions in chat. I'd love to hear from you :)

Anyway....congrats to my winner. And a special ty for all of you who sent me bday gifties. You didn't have to. (Esp that CARD youknowwhoyouare!) Love you!

Hugs and kitties


polheber2 said...

Do you know how danged hard it is to find a gray haired man who's not George or old? I didn't even see the ears, just the smirk and the hair. LOL.

And should I admit to the others? Seriously....Thanks much!!!!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Hehehe...I know. I was looking forward to seeing what people came up with...but so few played :(

Tracy said...

OMG Jacki!! I don't think I've laughed that hard in a damn long time. Between the pics and your comments I'll be snickering all night long!!

I knew I couldn't do the pictures justice so just bowed out on this one - sorry for being such a chicken shit! lol

Pattie said...

I tried soooooooooooooo HARD!!! You want to give me a little cheese with my whine...lol. Did I at least come in a close second??? Just kidding, it was fun.

Barbara said...

Alright, alright, so I picked badly for Elijah and Noah. Sigh... well, atleast I was dead on with Gideon and Legna.
LMAO, you crack me up with your comments I swear.
It was alot of fun to see who everyone else picked.
Congrats to the winner!! It wasn't as easy as I thought it would be.

Carpathian Queen said...

I didn't have time to look for all of them...

But I went for Brad Pitt in Interview with a vampire... Only he is blond, not silver...

Oh en Jacki, your Noah suits so much better: David Boreanaz... Talking about a presence!!!

Can't wait for the next round

Stephanie*magic* said...

lol, I love your witty humor Jacki! Was lmao :D
Congrats to Serena!
Some great pics!
There were some doozies tho. Who am I to talk tho. I didnt feel I could do it, lol!
Omg, birthday in 2 days! Soooo, anything you want? lol.

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Gerard Butler.

He'd make an awesome Jacob or Noah.


Stephanie*magic* said...

If only I could get him for you.Cause I would for sure! :D
Great, left tomy own devices. Thats never a good thing, lol!
Love ya!

Dannyfiredragon said...

Big congrats Serena.

Jacki, you were looking for someone with gray hairs? Check this link:


Jacquelyn Frank said...

Oh yeah!!! Now that's what I am talking about!!!

Universal Chick said...

its hard to find actor who can play the characters if a movie was to be made but if it was in anime I foud two who could pull off Gideon and Noah

copy and paste ^_^

Noah: http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs18/f/2007/186/d/b/Young_Master_Von_Helson_by_sukinahito.jpg

Gideon: http://fc02.deviantart.com/fs17/f/2007/198/c/5/Zhivago_by_sukinahito.jpg

Lucy Fadel said...

OMG, I loved your comments! It is absolutely impossible to find the characters among actors, Demons are too perfect to be compared to humans, damn it!

Although I must admit that I could ALMOST see Elijah here: http://thaiintelligentnews.files.wordpress.com/2010/08/absolut_hunk.jpg?w=1281&h=1800 (ALMOST).

The only place I saw some guys worth being called Demons (maybe, just maybe) was the Dieux du Stade (the French rugby calendar - LOL). And Mr. Absolut Hunk.

I know it is an old post, but I'm leaving my comments anyway.



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