Thursday, February 7, 2008

Treasure Hunt Thursday #3!!!!

Treasure Hunt Thursday #3

Hi gang! Are we having fun yet? I just got the copy edits for Noah. Ugh. I know you like long books, but 550 plus pages of edits is NOT FUN. Anyway, that’s why I am posting so late, but it is still THURSDAY! There is so much going on but I only have time for a quickie update.

I have joined an RWA chapter, CWR- Carolina Romance Writers, went to my fist meeting Saturday and had a blast. It was so nice meeting so many nice ladies. I was having one of those MY BRAIN WON’T SHUT OFF!! days that day, so I thought I was a little on high squeaky speed, but I think I stopped short of annihilating obnoxiousness. Maybe. *shrug* Angela Knight is in my chapter. I am sooooo excited. For those of you who are aspiring to write, we hold online courses every month and I think there are a few you could find very valuable no matter what stage of the publishing process you are in, so go check it out. I am going to be managing the CRW MySpace and the MySpace blog, so I am hoping to conceive of delicious things for you to enjoy as observers, so you might want to friend CRW on MySpace and sign up for the blog notices.

I was approved as a kitty foster home through the ACN!! YAY!! Sweet Pea is doing well. We will be doing her intake soon. I have to call the Asheville shelter and place an ad about her to make sure she is stray per their guidelines, which makes sense. Then we can start to bring her to adoption events.

Now, down to business. The hunt is on! Let’s start with this week’s prizes.

Third Place Prize: Signed copies of Jacob and Gideon

Second Place Prize: Signed copy of Elijah and a matching nylon book cover and bookmark.

First Place Prize: Signed Damien ARC and a Nightwalker nightshirt.

These just get bettah and bettah, don’t they? I dunno HOW I am going to top this one!

Well yes…I do…but I ain’t telling.

Okay, here goes!

1 – What town is my post office box in? (the new one in NC)

2 – How many brothers has Jacob had?

3 – I am attending two major functions this year; one in April and one in September. What are they?

4 – Name five races of Nightwalkers

5 – What does Gideon fear Legna will remember?

6 – Which of these women has NOT been a guest blogger on my blog. Nalini Singh, Christine Feehan, Adrianna Dane, or Maura Anderson

7 – What date did Lucy Monroe guest blog for me? (day, month, year)

8 – Where is Elijah’s house?

9 – How old was I when I started to write?

10 – Give me the name of a Shadowdweller.

As usual you have until 11:59 on Saturday, February 9th 2008 to send your answers to with Treasure Hunt #3 in the subject line and the answers listed 1-10 correspondingly in the body of the letter. Once you hand in that letter you are allowed one and only one OOPS letter, as in, if you realize you made a mistake with the first one you can chase it with a second, but now that first one will no longer be valid and will be destroyed even IF IT HAS ALL THE RIGHT ANSWERS!



Universal Chick said...
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Universal Chick said...

Congrats Jackie I so want to get a kitten but my mum is allergic to them I know for a fact that Sweet Pea is going to be happy with you ^_^ Dammit though I cant believe I miss the 1st two TH and I absolutely love treasure hunting although I do wish we were hunting Noah and the gang instead ^_^

Caffey said...

Hi Jacquelyn!! I too have adopted my cat, Misha, and we've had her maybe 7 years now. We have another cat that my daughter saved and took to vet and all and she's now our second cat, Hunter. I've always had 2 cats with me. I'd not know what to do without them!

Congrats on joining RWA! Cool you met Angela!

Susan said...

Boy, you are really making us work for these. Congrats on the foster approval.

CinnamonGirl said...

That's wonderful Jacki! You are an absolute kitty guardian angel! Good luck with it all, and continued best wishes!
I will definitely check out the CRW MySpace page, as well as their online courses. I'm excited (& nervous, admittedly) about trying to get back into writing. That was always my #1 passion. That, music, and theatre. However, once my depression hit, my creativity & focus sank to alltime lows. I think that's why I began enjoying romance novels more and more. They were usually written vividly & fast-paced enough to help cut through the brain fog and hold my attention.
Perhaps due to a new medicine, I've lately begun to feel much more clearheaded & creative. I just hope it can continue. You, Jacki, and many of the other Loyal Loonies whom I know have been pursuing their dreams of becoming published authors, have truly been inspirational to me! You've made me realize that, "Wow! It can be done!" :)
I also found out - just today - that I might be eligible for a Pell Grant, which would enable me to reattend school & complete my Bachelors. I would be so thrilled if that could happen, I can't even tell you! So, here's hoping...
But enough of my ramblings! There's treasure to be unearthed! And, this time, I can tell it's going to be more difficult. Muhuwahaha...I love a challenge! Thanks, Jacki!

Wendy said...

Congrats on being approved!

Oooh, I'm gonna try this Treasure Hunt! (thank goodness I actually have time!) I've got my eye on that second prize, whoo!

Suzi said...

Wish I had the time to hunt. This one's a good one. But I'm not at home with my books. I just found out my aunt's a fan of your books. You're one of her favorite authors.
Congrats on being a kitty foster mom. I want a cat, but my hubby's alerigh. ~Sigh~
I work next to an animal shelter and when I have a bad day i go and see the kitties.

Carpathian Queen said...

great treasure hunt!!
couldn't find that age question, had some friends over yesterday so I couldn't send it in on time ;-((

Congrats on the kitten and the RWA!!


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