Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!

2011 is going to find me sitting cozy with my sister, my nephew and Miss Bianca this year in Connecticut. I made the last minute choice to fly up here so I wouldn't be alone! YAY! Upside, I'm no longer blue and weepy. Downside, I'm not going to make my deadline because it's impossible to work in this situation. Oh and to make it worse my power supply crapped out on me and my backup was at home. Anyway, I have a rare peaceful few hours by myself so I am going to get some work done but I thought I would drop you all a quick note to let you know I'm fine and the world of the Nightwalkers is moving along, albeit a bit slowly. I have so many surprises in store with this new book! My new assistant Natalie is a major fangirl and she's gotten some sneak peeks and she's squealing over the parts she's been shown (but wait until she sees what I haven't told her about yet!!)

Anyway I wanted to check in and let you know I was not alone for Christmas and won't be for New Years and my general mental health is very good...except for being stressed about this deadline. I don't want anyone to get mad at me! I'm working on it! It'll happen! I swear!

Surgery is scheduled for January sixth. That's going to put a crimp in things as well. But on the plus side it will force me to stay in one place long enough to focus on my work. Then after book six of the Nightwalkers it's on to book three of the Three Worlds series. Then...well who knows where I'll go next. ;) But I'll be sure to let you know. :)

But enough about me. Let's talk about you. I hope you are well and happy. I hope you are content and entertained. I hope those you love are equally so. I hope your soldiers come home safe and sound, that your parents' health improves and that the contentious jerks in your life suddenly buy a clue and decide to back off. I hope your children are safe and sound. I hope those they come in contact with are good souls with all the best intentions. I hope your health improves, that your medication is paid for and that you can more easily make ends meet this year. I hope this is the year you can finally take that special vacation or even just put a little something extra away in savings. I hope you get a nice fat, juicy tax return, or maybe even enough to take someone out for a nice fat juicy steak at a really nice place where they treat you with kindness and respect.

Whatever it is that you wish for, that you need or think you need, I truly hope this new year brings it to you.



I hope you buy my books. :P


Hugs and Kitties

Sunday, December 12, 2010

A long overdue update!


LOOK!! New cover!!


Okay I am a naughty author. I've been slacking on my blogs again. Back to back deadlines have a way of doing that to a gal. Let's start with important information.

A. I am NOT hosting the Authors After Dark weekend this year. Stella has gone off on her own and is doing her own thing. I may or may not have something to do with it in the future, but that's all kind of up in the air. I am not on the list of attending authors and right now I am not certain if I am attending that convention. I can tell you this, she has great stuff planned at a tremendous looking venue. I am going to try to attend but I am already slated to attend RomCon in Denver and RT Booklovers Convention in LA. I am really trying to focus on conventions in areas I have never been before so my West Coast and Midwest/Mountain area readers have a chance to meet me and get their books signed by me. So if you are planning to attend the AAD Convention ONLY because of me, you might want to hold off. If I'm only a sliver of your considerations, then by all means, have at it. Stella throws a hell of a party and Larissa Ione is her Master of Ceremonies this year.

B. I am writing book six of the NIGHTWALKERS series as we speak. It IS Jasmine's story. It will be released in November 2011...but that's AFTER a novella in the NIGHTWALKER world is released in the October 2011 release of the anthology SUPERNATURAL with, once again, Larissa Ione. What's it about? Well, let me just say...did you ever wonder what happened that Samhain between Kane and Corrine? Well, your wondering will now be satisfied. :)

If you've never read the NIGHTWALKERS or SHADOWDWELLERS series or are in the middle of them and don't want things given away (and your author hates it when you cheat, btw) everything in part C isn't for you! Skip this part! I promise not to say anything of interest to you!

C. I haven't decided on the title of the Jasmine story yet. I am still torn between titling it JASMINE and titling it after the male lead, keeping in tradition with the series. Those of you who follow me on Facebook know I've been tossing this back and forth with my editor/publisher. I'm sure they are going to want to do what they think SELLS best...or what will make it most readily apparent to my readers that this is 1. a NIGHTWALKER book and 2. Jasmine's story. We know you've been waiting for a long time for this story. And we know Jasmine is only part of what you've been waiting for. *SPOILERS* (I really mean it this time, if you are in the middle of the series, don't read this shit!) What about that bitch RUTH? What about Damien and Syreena, are they gonna be able to have kids?? And what ever happens to our prophesied children? And what about all that bad black magic? What about the unheard of idea of natural born witches being good? What happened when Valera did her magical mystery tour? Or has she even done it yet when this story begins? (Spoiler/sneak peek for those who HAVE read both those series) YES, it has happened already when this story picks up. I know, you're shocked. I NEVER give up information on my stories/universes. But hey, it's the Yuletide season. Consider it my gift to you. :)

D. My personal life. That's right, I'm about to talk about all that personal, hairy shit that's all about me. I am going to SHOW MY ASS (possibly even literally) so if you have a problem with that, don't read this part either! *eyeroll* I am officially all healed up from my circumferential abdominoplasty. And I look HAWT! I'm sorry, but I can't be humble. I have a flat belly! I weigh 142 lbs! Neither of those things have happened to me since I was 14 years old!! So maybe my tits are a little smaller than I expected (I call them tittles *thanks Peanut!*) but I'll take it! The next surgery, the thighplasty, is going to be in early January. I'd like to say the exact date, but the featherhead in charge of scheduling hasn't gotten back to me about it. I keep calling and she keeps swearing she's looking at my file right that second and waiting for the hospital to get back to her. Apparently everyone wants to schedule surgery before the end of the year because they don't want to pay a new deductible...yes but, I don't care about deductibles I am paying for this myself and I am not trying to get scheduled before the end of the year I want to do this AFTER the first of the year. (I do have a book to write after all) Then she pulls the babies with broken faces card on me. How they are the only surgeons who do emergent surgery on babies with broken faces and that bumps other surgeries. Well yes, that's great and, aww, those poor babies. But how does that affect your ability to schedule a surgery a month from now? A surgery you've been working on scheduling for the past three weeks? And why would you even bring up the babies if you weren't trying to keep me from going postal on you because you are aware that after three weeks of calls and waiting I have every right to go postal? After all, what kind of a bitch would i have to be to get mad now that you told me about the babies?? Well, I was nice because no, I'm not any kind of bitch who can get mad after hearing about the babies. But I mention it because I am very aware she was trying to play me and I chose to be nice in spite of that. Anyway...I'm sure I'll keep you posted.

Christmas is really hard this year. As some of you know, I have a foster daughter named Bianca. She stays with me every summer and every Christmas vacation. As a result of her behaviors this summer, I decided not to have her come this Christmas. I guess it's an effort to teach her a lesson. That she can't use people who love her for money. That the value of our relationship has nothing to do with toys and expensive bullshit. Perhaps it's my own fault. I spoiled her. I wanted to give her everything I never had when I was a she didn't appreciate any of it because it came so easy. Suddenly it was an expectation. It was almost like you could hear her saying, 'Yo bitch, cough it up and get me that.' It fact, 'Get me that.' was said more than once. The 'Yo bitch' was almost implied.

Anyway, she isn't coming. I will send her a few things, but nothing like the lush cornucopia of gifts she is used to. But it sucks.It feels like I've cut off my nose to spite my face. IT really sucks that there's not going to be a kid here to get excited with, to bake cookies with, to wake up to stuffed stockings with, to act goofy drink hot cocoa with. I'm kinda all alone. No, not kinda. Exactly all alone. Money doesn't mean shit. I'd rather be poor with a Charlie Brown tree and a little girl who loves me hugging me around my neck telling me she loves me.

So Christmas sucks this year.

In other news, I hired a fan girl to be my new assistant. Her name is Natalie and she is all about the Jacki Frank universes. LOL. Well...she cheats on me with Stephanie Meyer and Sherrilyn Kenyon, but that's okay. I cheat on me too. Heh.

Hey you know how they say sugar will kill you? Well sugar is going to kill me. I worked hard to get skinny, but I've been sneaking a lot of candy lately. Now, I take some heavy duty meds at night and they make me fall asleep mid sentence or mid-Mafia Wars. The other night I was sneaking from my stash of Good N Plentys and apparently fell asleep mid chew. A couple of hours later I wake up and start coughing my head off. Apparently I aspirated some candy. Yes, I breathed in a Good N Plenty. All day yesterday, through yoga class and cooking dinner, every time I coughed I tasted licorice. My sister and I had this image of me going to the E.R. and trying to explain this...or them taking an X-ray of my lungs and trying to figure out what that capsule shaped thing was in the right housekeeper Donna was not amused by the idea of finding my dead in bed from an act of candy stupidity.

SO I mean it this soon as I eat all the rest f this candy...I'm not buying any more. Well, no more Good N Plenty for a while that's for sure. My therapist says I am a sugar addict. That I need to twelve step it. She's right. I admit it. That's the first step. The next one...isn;t the next one 'Eat all the candy in the house'?


Anyway. Enough of all that. I have to get back to work. Laters all!
Hugs and Kitties

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