Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year 2011!

2011 is going to find me sitting cozy with my sister, my nephew and Miss Bianca this year in Connecticut. I made the last minute choice to fly up here so I wouldn't be alone! YAY! Upside, I'm no longer blue and weepy. Downside, I'm not going to make my deadline because it's impossible to work in this situation. Oh and to make it worse my power supply crapped out on me and my backup was at home. Anyway, I have a rare peaceful few hours by myself so I am going to get some work done but I thought I would drop you all a quick note to let you know I'm fine and the world of the Nightwalkers is moving along, albeit a bit slowly. I have so many surprises in store with this new book! My new assistant Natalie is a major fangirl and she's gotten some sneak peeks and she's squealing over the parts she's been shown (but wait until she sees what I haven't told her about yet!!)

Anyway I wanted to check in and let you know I was not alone for Christmas and won't be for New Years and my general mental health is very good...except for being stressed about this deadline. I don't want anyone to get mad at me! I'm working on it! It'll happen! I swear!

Surgery is scheduled for January sixth. That's going to put a crimp in things as well. But on the plus side it will force me to stay in one place long enough to focus on my work. Then after book six of the Nightwalkers it's on to book three of the Three Worlds series. Then...well who knows where I'll go next. ;) But I'll be sure to let you know. :)

But enough about me. Let's talk about you. I hope you are well and happy. I hope you are content and entertained. I hope those you love are equally so. I hope your soldiers come home safe and sound, that your parents' health improves and that the contentious jerks in your life suddenly buy a clue and decide to back off. I hope your children are safe and sound. I hope those they come in contact with are good souls with all the best intentions. I hope your health improves, that your medication is paid for and that you can more easily make ends meet this year. I hope this is the year you can finally take that special vacation or even just put a little something extra away in savings. I hope you get a nice fat, juicy tax return, or maybe even enough to take someone out for a nice fat juicy steak at a really nice place where they treat you with kindness and respect.

Whatever it is that you wish for, that you need or think you need, I truly hope this new year brings it to you.



I hope you buy my books. :P


Hugs and Kitties


Deni said...

Happy New Years. ^_^

Murees Dupé said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Best wishes for 2011.

Rena said...

I'm so glad to read that you were with loved ones this holiday season Jacki! You have my prayers and positve thoughts that your surgury goes well this week!

jlbrown said...

Wow. I have loved your books since I found them. Considering Jacob was the first one and that name means something to me I could not pass it up. I am so glad I didn't. Sorry off track. I actually wanted to thank you for not only being the superb writer that you are but sharing parts of your personal life with your fans. Today was the first day I read your blogs and I am a "friend" on facebook and you surprised me with how much you share. I too am losing weight. I am so proud of you for doing it. I know how so very hard it is. This has also been a lifelong battle for me. Good luck with the surgery today and I am looking forward to the next book for all the series!

cindy said...

when are you going to do tristans story from shadowdwellers. I love the detail and they were hot - plus the story of the fight for their riegn wouldnt be finished without it. I enjoyed everything so far but especially that series. Cindy


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