Friday, November 6, 2009

Authors After Dark Paranormal Weekend

Well, not to toot my own horn or anything, but I heard people had a really good time!! YAY!! Although, some of you may have heard that a certain author *cough cough* tripped over her own feet and gave herself a concussion. Alas, much to my dismay, I missed the entire last half of my own weekend! I was in a crappy hospital where all the bathrooms smelled like pee and my roommate was a total nosy mouthbreather. I ended up with a headache that lasted a bajillion (okay, so it was sevenish) days. Needless to say that part of the weekend totally sucked...for me anyway. But the parties went on without me and the pictures say everyone had a great time! I admit, though, I feel horrible and so guilty for those who came so far for the signing only to find out I was flat on my face in the hallway getting carried away by some uber hot EMTs. Sucks to be all of you who didn't have their hands all over them! Sucked to be me with the exception of those five minutes of EMT dreaminess.

Anyway, I do have some pictures to share of the event. This first one is of the tables before everyone was let in. Yes, those are green cobwebs on the chairs and tables. Our first party was the pajama party/candy and ice cream party. Those cauldrons are full of candy plus the tables were covered in treats. I gave away brand new sleep shirts for the Gatherers series and the first of the tons of books we were giving away.

These next pics are of the many baskets we raffled off for Pets Alive and the Animal Compassion Network!

There were something like ten tables filled with this stuff. And thank you SO much for the authors and others who donated these excellent gifties and helped us to raise a total of 1,400 dollars to be split between the two charities! I am so delighted!!

Even though I wasn't there, I do have some pictures of the masquarade. They are a little dark! The little red queen is my B!

Anyway, I wish I had more. It wasn't perfect because of the accident and me missing such important parts of the event, but I hope everyone had a fabulous time. I promise to be more careful next year!! Although, Tilly Green's husband said I fell quite gracefully. :) Personally, I felt myself bounce. One of the pleasures of having a nice rack. I come with my own airbags!!

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