Monday, December 3, 2007

Phew! Are you people tired or is it just me?!?!

Christmas, Kwanzaa, Yule or Hanukkah, call it whatever you will, it means a heck of a lot of shopping and even doing it all online is still exhausting! I don't know how you "out there" shoppers can bear it! Especially the pregnant ones afoot on this board. There ought to be a law!

Now that I got the majority of the bitching out of the way....SECRET SANTA!!! We're doing a Secret Santa! A great way to celebrate all our respective holidays and come together as a family of our own here at Here, at least, we know is a group of fabulous humans who all have one thing in common with us. A love of Nightwalkers! So here's the deal. You pony up 20 bux to buy a gift. Simple right? And here's the secret part. We all give Stephanie our addresses in Private Message...because I trust her implicitly with this valuable information and I believe you all agree with me on that...and then she scrambles them all up and secretly hands each of us our respective targets to be gifted. Now, I recommend jumping onto the Secret Santa thread and speculating about several things you might like in the 20 dollar range to help your Secret Santa out. (This is to keep those who need the help from panicking. By no means does it suggest you gotta pick what they request, Santas.) Then everyone sends their surprise gift to their target recipient and voila! We can oohhh and ahh in the Secret Santa thread and on here too if you like.

I went, with Susan, to the Animal Compassion Network (ACN) wine tasting. I hate wine (so does Susan) but I was into the yummies and I even met the GM of the local BAM and we're going to rig up a signing for Elijah's release! So if you are in the Asheville area...I am coming to the new home town and want to see you there!!!

We handed over our juicy raffle check and the women of the ACN were in raptures. 750 bux is nothing to sneeze at. They were appreciative and delighted. I have pics. I will say this though...I won;t be going next year unless they remember key things like trash cans and, most importantly, CHAIRS for the DISABLED folk! There was one chair in the whole place not being used by the band (lovely wonderful awesome music btw) and I swear there were old men and women eyeing those young fellas and considering yanking those chairs out from under them and yelling : It's JAZZ! You can stand when you play jazz!---or maybe that was just me. :)

So anyway, I took pictures :) Here they all promised.

This is me:

And our lovely Susan M.

Our Lovely basket up for auction thanks to Amy!

And a lovely Gingerbread masterpiece from the Biltmore House...the tree as well!

Time to part with the golden ticket!

And that was that. Good deeds done, my dears. I am so pleased. You all did such a wonderful job! I hope Selena liked her goodies!

MWah! Don;t forget...Secret Santa! Oh and even more important....15 Days til ELIJAH!!!!!!


Tracy said...

ooooh Secret Santa! Sounds like a lot of fun!

So glad you had a good time at the event and I'm so glad they appreciated all of the work you did to get the 750 bux! :) Great job Jacki!

Anna said...

Secret Santa does sound like a lot of fun. My question is which Stephanie? Do you mean Stephanie *Magic* or another Stephenie all together? :D

Pamk said...

sounds like fun. would love to participate. To whom do we give the info and where is the secret santa thread on your board i think but where lol.

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

Under the Loony Bin is a "Secret Santa" Announcement.

You can find Stephanie there. Just click on the PM on one of her messages.

Jacquelyn Frank said...

well shoot...of course I mean Stephanie/Magic :) And thanks Ren for pointing in the right direction. Go to Secret Santa thread in Loony Bin and we have been sharing the things we like in "What I really like..." (or I think that's the name...its late, I am cold, and the bastards shut my water off lol! So what if I forgot to pay??? I am a very busy woman! I cannot be expected to remember everything!!

Sigh....and I hafta pee. lollololololololol

Susan said...

We did actually have one glass of wine. We had to ask for the sweetest wine they had. It was called 'Pink Trunk'. LOL. It wasn't TOO bad, but it's still not my kind of drink. :)

CinnamonGirl said...

LOL! Yeah, Susan, I can only drink really sweet wine, too! :) And, Jacki, great Secret Santa idea! Sounds like a lot of fun. I'll go visit the message board. Glad everything went swimmingly (albeit chairlessly!) at the wine-tasting! HUGS ~ Ness

Anna said...

Thanks Ren & Jacki! I was pretty sure you meant Stephanie/Magic, but just wanted to make sure. :D

I'm freezing too, it's been snowing all day. You think mother nature would want to take a break. But oh no. Hehe!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Cant wait to scrammble the names and pick who gets who!!! :) Remember ladies, I need to know who's participating by Friday please. Thanks!!
Great pics Jacki!!! Thanks for sharing. What wonderful people you all are!! Yeah, I stay away from the wine myself now, lmao!!
*groans thinking of Christmas shopping* I havent even started!!
Aaaaaa, lol!! Always last minute this time of year :)
And I promise i'm very trust worthy :D Jacki, Amy and Tracy all have my addy, so you can hunt me down if something goes wrong, lmao!! JJ.
What fun!!!!
And if anyone is having a hard time finding the thread, heres my Email-
Try to stay warm Jacki! Maybe a few of the cats came give you a tounge bath, lmao!! ;)

Suzanne said...

What fantabulous pics Jacki! Great job!


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