Thursday, February 25, 2016

TRUSTED has arrived!

Well clearly its been a while since I've posted here! That is very bad of me. But I've come to talk about my first self-published book. It is releasing exclusively on Amazon (for the first 90 days)and on Nook after that (if I can figure out how to do that!!) It should be pretty easy to figure out. I'll find a way! I'm also hoping to hit Kobo as well...for all my Canadian fans. I'm having trouble posting a working link, but just go to Amazon and type in Jacquelyn Frank Trusted and it will take you right to it. First let me post the teaser... Sarea is a simple country girl. She wants to live a peaceful life, maybe get married to a simple man and have a houseful of children. She certainly never thinks to catch the eye their womanizing king. But for the sake of her brother who longs to become one of the Trusted, one of the king's closest confidants and soldiers, she puts herself in the king's path. And while others see King Garrick's sexual attentions as an honor, she does not. She's saving herself for the man who will be her husband. Garrick loves women. And he's used to them loving him in return. But there's something about Sarea's unshakable self-worth that catches his attention and holds it. Before he knows it he’s searching every crowd for her and doing everything in his power to keep her close. And all the while his country hovers on the brink of war with an enemy who hates everything that he and his shapechanging people are. Finding one another in such uncertain times and from such different worlds seems an unlikely business...falling in love and trusting one another seems even more unlikely. But together Garrick and Sarea can overcome anything...if only they can get past their fears and learn to trust. That should whet your appetite a little! I have a few more projects in the works, all e-books. I'm sorry for those who only like print, but my publisher has decided not to put me in print due to a decline in my sales. This of course has me very disappointed...and I know it disappoints you as well. But I'm not discouraged! I will reach you electronically for now and will hope for better days of print ahead. In the works is a deal with LOVESWEPT for a new contemporary paranormal series which I think you are going to love. Also I have another self-pub series that I am planning on putting out this year. It is a magical fantasy series...with lots of magic and lots of scorching sex. ('Cause we know that's our favorite part!) I'm pricing these at a dollar less than my usual pub price, cutting you all a break! It's not much of one, but I'm sure you appreciate it. Also, right now it's FREE for those in the Kindle Unlimited program. My blog seems to not be working up to snuff putting in spaces and html for me so this is kind of squished together. I hope you don't mind. I'm going to leave off with a little bit about my personal life. I'm still living here in North Carolina and am down to a reasonable count of 8 fur babies. Even now I have a cat in my lap as I type. No mean trick that, fitting a kitteh AND a laptop in my lap! The fun part is when two of them think they can fit on here. But believe it or not we make it work. LOL. I kind of haven't been sleeping well lately, having a lot on my mind as I struggle to stay published. And I hope you'll find that even though I am self-publishing the quality of your read remains the same. Please, feel free to email me if you think other wise at I look forward to your comments here as well. Well, its time for me to sign off. Remember, you can follow me on twitter and on Facebook, just use the website to sign up. I'll have TRUSTED posted on the site as soon as I can, with working links! Goodbye!


Zina F said...

I just purchased Trusted and I'm sure I will love it as I have loved everything I've read of yours so far!! I've read most of your books and I would love to see you continue the series that starts with Hunter!!!! Hint hint !!!

Julia Labo said...

Zina is totally right. You should continue Hunter's series! I want to know what happens with Gracelyn, Asher, and Ryce, etc. Please?

Erin Queena said...

I am dying for an update on the original nightwalker characters! Who was the girl at the end of Adam that helped them?? It's making me crazy!!!!


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