Thursday, January 24, 2008

Treasure Hunt Thursday #1 !!!

As promised we are going to have a treasure hunt! The rules an conditions are easy (it's just the hunt that will take some time!)

Below I have listed items for you to find one thru ten. In an email with the subject line saying TREASURE HUNT #1, numbering 1-10 in the body of the letter you write the corresponding answers to the questions and email it to . Getting all ten treasure finds right gives you entry into a drawing for the prize. Believe me, this is no easy hunt and your competition won't be very high because all it takes is one wrong answer for me to disqualify (delete) the entering email from the contest.

Only ONE entry per person is allowed. I WILL allow an oops replacement entry if you suddenly realize you made a mistake as long as it is before deadline and with the understanding that your previous entry will be annihilated even if that one ends up being the right one!!

Your DEADLINE for finishing the hunt is 11:59 PM Saturday, January 26th!

Your PRIZE for winning this first hunt is... a signed copy of my latest release ELIJAH

I will draw a second place winner whose prize will be...
a one size fits all black nightshirt that reads in red "I SPEND MY NIGHTS WITH THE NIGHTWALKERS!"

A lucky third place winner will receive...signed book flats for both ELIJAH and DAMIEN. I decided on three prizes so that those who already have one type of prize can still play for another.

So, now everyone can play! Ready? Set?


1. Recently I guested on Michelle Pillow and Mandy Roth’s radio show, The Raven Happy Hour. In the show (podcast), what did Michelle say she wanted for ‘her very own for Christmas.’?

2. In the first Nightwalker book, Jacob, how many stories up was Bella’s apartment?

3. Author Lora Leigh has invited me to her 2008 RAW event. What are the dates for that event?

4. What Romantic Times Award is Gideon nominated for this year?

5. What is the first book cover picture you see at Stella and Audra Price’s website?

6. What is the name of the agency that represents me?

7. What color is my cat Damien?

8. Name my top 5 friends on MySpace

9. Name one of my sisters.

10. Tell me one of my favorite television shows.

All of these answers are findable. Some easily, some not. Between my website, my MySpace and the sites of others mentioned, the solutions are out there. Good luck to you all! And remember, 11:59 Saturday night is when your email has to be marked by! (As per my EST hotmail account!)


Wendy said...

You insist on making our lives miserable! lol. Just kidding, this treasure hunt looks fun! I'll try geting the answers tomorrow when my brain is hopefully not mushy from lack of sleep and too much studying. :)

Jacquelyn Frank said...


All I do is make them up, you're the nuts who run around trying to answer them! LOL!

Dannyfiredragon said...

Good luck everyone and happy hunting! *wink

CinnamonGirl said...

Arrrgh, matey! Me pirate instincts never fail! The booty WILL be mine...

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Well you have a good shot lol. So far I only have one perfect entry.


Pattie said...

Hi Jackie,
It's Pattie from the Saugerties animal hospital and I wanted to inform you that Neuters went up 3 dollars. ha ha! Still best price in town. I am off to buy Elijah today. Can't wait to read it. Glad to see you are doing so well! <:0)

Jacquelyn Frank said...

ROFLMAO!!! Patti!!! You are too freakin funny! Well, I am taking the boys to the Humane Society Tuesday. 35 bux each. And yeah, I never once took for granted that you guys were the best price in town. Say hi to all the docs for me!


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