Wednesday, January 2, 2008

About a Boy...

Named Noah.

I wanted to say the obvious for those who might be drifting by in search of clues. On the inside cover of Elijah it lists my available works and my works Coming Soon. Listing NOAH under the Available Now section is nothing more than A MISPRINT. It will be corrected in future editions. Don't drive yourselves crazy looking for something that isn't out there yet! Noah will be released early September for your reading pleasure. I am sorry if this has caused you confusion, distress or drool stains. Alas, I am only now handing in my final revisions on Noah...and besides, we have Damien to get trough first!

Now let's not be impatient. :)

I also want to take time to thank you all for reading me. Without you, I am nothing and I am very aware of that. I work very hard to get better and better at my craft so that I never get lazy, lackadaisical or yawningly formulaic. This will me changes in my style over time, but I think that, in essence, I will forever be unchanged. I will always channel my characters as if they were alive, I will always focus heavily on the relationship between the leads. To me, the lead characters and their relationship is the whole point of a romance novel of any kind. I have been accused of everything from thin plots, to mimicry to purple prose...and while that is all as subjective as beauty is from one person to another, I can say my intentions have never been anything else other than to tell a story.

I am swamped with work. No doubt this will make me appear quiet until mid month or so. Until then, stay well and content and welcome to 2008.


nycitygirl said...

Hi Jacki,
They can accuse you of all they want. You know your fans are out there and I know I'm not the only one who knows you write an awesome story. I am always amazed when I read my books how someone's creative mind can come up with all this and put it on paper, yet. So I am in awe of you and all the other writers whose stories I love. And yet you're so down to earth that I feel I know you personally. So have a great year, and thanks for keeping in touch with your readers. We love ya! Myra

Tracy said...

Like Myra I am always amazed with how creative people can be. I read so much and yet they're all different!

I love your books and know that there are tons of fans out there like me who are blowing your nay-sayers a big fat cherry right now! :)

Love ya!

polheber2 said...

Pssst, Jacki...we love you and stupid people suck...that's all I'm saying!!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Yeah! Who do they think they are??!! lol!! Mimicry??!! Where!? What I love about your books is the creativity and one of a kind story!
You will always be the best to me Jacki! The imagination you have is amazing! For me you were an instant fav with Jacob.
And you have the personality that draws everyone in. You never forget your fans and that means alot!! I'll always be your biggest fan! :D
I hope 2008 brings amazing things for you! You so deserve it!!! Take care!
Love ya!

Lynn said...

Hey Jacki,

Your books are the best and I say to hell with anyone who says otherwise!!!!!

Much love,


Peggy said...

I hope that you are as young as I think you are because I want you healthy and writing your wonderful books for at least another forty years. Thank you for bringing your readers so much pleasure. Peggy

Jacquelyn Frank said...

I wish I was as young as you think I are! LOL!

I am actually celebrating my fortieth birthday this year. UGh.

And honestly, criticism is a part of this job. You have to be prepared for that. I blow it off mostly because it is clear they don't know what they are talking about (IE: the layman's remark on Amazon who said she disliked the "forced seduction" in ELIJAH. I have to go back and read my own damn book, cuz clearly I missed something! LOL!)but there are things to be learned and gleaned from the judgment of others. I try to take away only that which will help make me better.

oh btw, Elijah hit #30 on the NYT :)

Wendy said...

Hi, Jacki!

I can't wait to read Elijah. Unfortunately I haven't been able to go get the book I will soon, I hope!



(Ada)lgisa Lato-Esposito said...

Hi Jacki! All I can say is that there can never b 2 much of dark, dangerous & sinfully delicious men or should I say demons or vampires or...2 keep the reader's mental juices flowing! The 'bright
critics' r probably kicking their b***s 4 not having themselves come
up with such gr8 stories. Thanx Jacki & keep up the gr8 work!

Happy New Yr 2 ALL!


Ren (blndmschf1969) said..., unless you call the seduction happening while Elijah was still a bit under the weather "forced" I have no idea where that came from in your book Jacki! Like he was going to say no!!!

As for "mimicry"...what I love about your books is how different they are from typical paranormals!

And purple prose...well, you do have a fabulous way with descriptive words - so that one isn't a horrible stretch lol!

Not everyone is going to love your books...just like I don't like certain writers that all you ladies on the board love - I just can't get into some of your faves.

There's always someone who just wants to rip things apart. Just remember there are plenty of us who absolutely love the journey you are taking us on in your books!

Love ya, and don't let the nasties get you down!

Happy New Year!

Love and Hugz,

Kathy said...

I also wanted to say how much I have been enjoying The Nightwalker Series! I appreciate your talent and the stories are amazing.

Congrats on turning the Big 4-0 this year!!! You are still a "young-un" compared to me :).

Erma said...

Love your books.... can't wait for the next one... keep them comming

Ronyelle said...

Jacki tell all the haters to kiss your lilly white @#$!!!! Our little book club has been reading your series and telling everyone with ears to read it. You and Nalini Singh have got the strongest paranormal romance out there hands down. Completely original and simply amazing. Keep doing you..the proof is on the pages!

Ronyelle said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
CinnamonGirl said...

Purple prose? Is that, like, something the artist formerly known as Prince would have written if he had added to your novels? WTF? And, mimicry? Yeah...because the whole Lycanthrope Queen & Wind Demon/Captain of the Demon Warriors discovering their soulmates whilst having to battle evil rogue demons, ignorant humans, and hordes of necromancers; fighting alongside their Druid-Hybrid; Fire, Earth, Body, & Mind Demon; Lycanthrope, Minstrel, & Vampire friends has SOOO been done! LOL! Please! Where do these critics come up with this BS?! I'm glad you're taking it with a grain of salt because you have SO many fans who would truly be vaclempt if you were to write any differently than you do now!! Elijah absolutely rocks! :)
Happy New Year, everyone! ~ Ness


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