Monday, January 21, 2008


Well, we all know I'm an animal lovin', tree huggin', eco-friendly hippie girl, and if you don't...well, you do now. But you don't have to be a hippie or a liberal of anything else to feel everything inside you cringe when you read a story like this: (Click to see it larger!)

Closer to home...

As many of you know I have six cats. And you know I adore them...the little shits. LOL! For a couple of months now, Nino (The Sentry) has been guarding my vulnerable outpost (home) from the evil invasion of outdoor kitties. (A neat trick, especially since he is NEVER allowed outdoors...YAY NINO!) In this endeavor he has hissed at, swatted at and glared menacingly at a two regular tresspessers. One was a chubby black and white tomcat who taunted my poor baby through the glass of the sidelight windows, literally sticking his face up to the glass and meeting Nino eye to eye as if to say: SUCKAAAAHHHHH! Nino's response: "One day, friend, their aint gonna be no glass between us...then, it's time for a little payback."

Well, that day has come my friends. Much to the distress of cats simply living their lives, an alien known a The Human has swooped in to fuck everything up. But all for a good cause, I assure you. Using a sophisticated trapping mechanism utilizing the physics of the natural order of the universe (food) The Human captured the enemy cat (okay so he purred and licked me and all but leapt in my arms....) and imprisoned him in the bowels of her evil fortress (back bedroom)
and forcefed him succulent morsels of...well, no need to go into gory detail.

Our prisoner is long-haired, had a tail full of thickly clumped nettles, no collar, full of fleas, reeking of the musk of an intact tomcat, and an uncounted number of battle scars. (A little taller you could slap a kilt on this guy and I'd have a date. Meeerrrrow!) Now, Nettles (so dubbed) isn't in that back room but an hour before Nino manages to dash under my legs and tear into the room. And people, payback is a bitch. MEEROW!!ROWWW!!!RRRRREEEOOOWWWWWLLL!!!! *fur flying* The warden let's out a girlie shriek and breaks up the yard brawl before one inmate shivs the other.

Night falls on the penitentiary and The Sentry and Nettles tussle, albeit under the door, every so often. Today Nettles goes to the vet for some blood work to see if Death Row awaits. The Warden has hooked up with ACN to adopt him out in the event of successful health tests. From the inmate's perspective? He is being held without rights to counsel, subject to mutilation of his private parts at any time, and could get the needle.

I am so proud of myself for rescuing him!!!


QB said...


My fave part?
"A little taller you could slap a kilt on this guy and I'd have a date. Meeerrrrow"

Wendy said...

I'm still giggling over The warden let's out a girlie shriek and breaks up the yard brawl before one inmate shivs the other.

Hope Nettles doesn't have to go to Death Row!

Shoshana said...

Oh my! You *have* been busy!!!!

I lol at the image of that cat in a kilt - and that thought of the cat turning into a scruffy guy in a kilt!

Hope he passes the health tet and gets adopted out...

And thank you thank you thank you for posting the Safari Joe info!


Stephanie*magic* said...

Awww, I knew you'd take him in!! :D
Lucky kitty!! Love the dialogue Jacki, lol!!
Hope there will be no Death Row involved!! You have such a kind heart.
Those poor animals at Safari Joe's. Breaks my heart. :( Which reminds me I need to post that on myspace!

CinnamonGirl said...

You should be proud of yourself, Jacki! You did a wonderful thing, helping out Nettles, and I pray that he'll be healthy enough to be adopted out. Perhaps you could include him as a character amongst the Lycanthropes? Sounds like he'd make a great little spy in cat form, and a tough Scottish fighter in human form! :)
Also, what a tragic occurrance at Safari Joe's! So many animals lost. That's just heartbreaking. There were many things around my house, & in my garage, that I was just getting ready to give to Good Will, but they were also listed as things needed by Joe's. So, I think I'll mail some of them out there, in stead. Thanks for bringing that story to our attention!
And, again, good luck with Nettles! Man, he sure picked the right house to spy on!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Alas, poor Nettles, we knew him....well, for a little while, anyway. Nettles tested positive for FIV. His last night on earth consisted of a huge, delicious meal, a sparkling clean kitty box, warm and cozy blankets nested together.

I doubt he would have gotten that last night when temps hit ten degrees. My wallet is lighter, my heart a little heavier, but he's chasing butterflies and cute girl kitties in the Summerlands.

And I learned that I CAN do this. I can rescue and let them go. I can be a foster home for ACN rescues. I can be here for countless needy cats for the rest of my life.

Thanks for listening.
Love you guys

Susan said...

Oh Jacki...I hate to here that about Nettles. You have the biggest heart and you've done all you could for him. {{{{{Big hugs}}}}}

QB said...

AWWWW, the poor sweetheart! But at least you could give him one last final good memory.

Jennifer said...

Oh, man, I'd hoped for a better end, but you don't always get a happy ending in real life ... I think that's why I like my romances so much.

Thanks for doing what you could for him. I hope he's in a happier place.

Stephanie*magic* said...

Awwww, poor lil guy!! At least he had alot of TLC before he went. *big hugs*

Jacquelyn Frank said...

I blogged again guys if you'd like to check. I can;t mass mail again til tomorrow :P

Wendy said...

Jacki, I'm so sorry! god, I teared up. :(

I hope Nettles is having lots of fun in Cat Heaven.

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

As always, your humanity, caring and passion has touched another and made a happier life.

Sorry you lost your new friend, but glad to hear that you are settling into your foster mama role well!

Hugs and love,


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