Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Few Loose Ends

As the intro says, I have a few loose ends to tie up.

First, I blogged TWICE yesterday, only I can't notify you twice a day. Only allowed one time each day. So, sorry about that. But just scroll down and you can see what inspired me to blog again.

Second, for those who don't know, Nettles was put to sleep after testing positive for FIV (Feline AIDs). It was so sad, but I am glad he spent the night before protected from 10 degree weather, had a huge satisfying meal of premium cat food, and a soft blanket and chair to curl up in. I hope those who read this and own cats realize how rampant FIV has become among outdoor cats and how easily it is transmitted to other cats. (Not to mention feline Leukemia. Feline Leukemia is VIRAL and can be passed from cat to cat just like any other virus!) It is a horrible way for a cat to die, and I am glad Nettles went in a soft, peaceful way. My aching heart and my tears are worth that kind of peace any day.

Third, on Saturday I held a chat at SmutSluts. What fun! We had a hugely difficult (is there any other kind???) treasure hunt. I didn't announce a winner, but I did pick one earlier today. (The Nettles incident kinda distracted me), ASHLEY...you lucky gal....you won all three of my books, signed.

Fourth, I had SOOOO much fun with the treasure hunt that I decided to do another one. I will do it here on the blog (and my MySpace blog as well) on Thursday and I think the prize will be a Nightwalker Nightshirt! Then I will do it again next week on Thursday (I think we'll call it TREASURE HUNT THURSDAY) with another new prize and so on, all through the month of February. (My birth month hehehe) in celebration of becoming a gloriously ancient 40 years of age. Ahhh. So tune in here (I will still mass mail those on my mailing list) for the contest...and for other drama in my life. LOL. It's always something! (Hey, it's GScout cookie season in Feb. too, think that's a coinkydink?)

Mmmmmm SAMOAS!

And fifth, an amusing little story. Today my two youngest boys, Malcolm and Magellan, were off to the vet to get neutered. And not a moment too soon, I realized. Malcolm loves to snuggle with me as I wake up in the morning. I pet him all over and he sprawls in the crook of my arm and purrs. I don't even open my eyes, but he knows I am waking up and comes right to me. How he knows....I have no idea. So this morning I am petting him as I slowly awaken to the warm and sunny day that awaits me, the comfort of my feather bed and charmeuse satin sheets so delightful, Malcolm's fur so soft in that way only baby kittens have and it felt so--

What the---??

Damn if that little perv didn't have a great big kitty erection! I guess he was really feeling good! And to be fair, he's a guy and he'd just woken up...hehehe. But after squeaving out over that and leaping out of bed fully awake, I was ready to march them into the vet postus hastious.
So I get there and they give me papers to sign about risks and such and then an estimate of the cost--

What the--??

193 dollars ?? For a male neuter?? You must be joking! In NY my vet did them for 35 dollars!!! I calmly but gently turn to the vet tech, say "Oh my fucking god!! Is this per cat or for both??"

"Per cat." she says as if it's not something ridiculously insane.

"Uhh..." I explain the part about about my former vet, as if it will somehow make her alter their price plan.

"Well it would cost that much if you took them to the spay neuter clinic--"

"Give! Number! Now! C-ya!"

So I left, still LOVING that vet btw, but in search of a 35 dollar snip so I can use the other money toward fosters and strays and such instead! We're scheduled. I am leery, though, about tomorrow morning and my wake up ritual with Malcolm.

Maybe I ought to make him buy me dinner tonight, first....


Anna said...

Mmmmmm SAMOAS!

I'm right there with you. LOL!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

I'm going to diet hell lol.

LynTaylor said...

Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear about your cat. My Brother's cat had this. It was just dreadful to watch. Can they be immunised against it at all? If so I'll put my boys on the list to be done.

Geez Louise! $193 to get the chop? It's just as expensive down here in AUS too. Can you imagine what it would cost to get a female cat done? *faints* LOL

Stephanie*magic* said...

Aaaaaahahahahahahaha!!!! LMFAO!!!
Whatta way to wake up!!! *lol*
I jokies....mmmmmmmm, lol!!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Urm.....that didnt come out right last time, lol!! Damn old keyboard.
Now what I ment to say was....
I just ordered some GS cookies,yummmmmm!!! :D

CarolB1977 said...

I am so sorry about Nettles. I'm so glad he was able to have some comfort and happiness and didn't have to suffer. And thanks for the PSA- you can get cats vaccinated against FIV and Feline Leukemia, provided they haven't already been exposed.

Also, your story about Malcolm made me laugh out loud. I had the same thing happen with my boy Riley when he was a older kitten- he did not have the excuse of it being morning- He was lying in my lap getting pet while I talked to my mom on the phone. When I accidently made contact with his "happiness" I shrieked over the phone. And my mom accused me of being a pervert! Needless to say that weekend he went in for his "fixing." And yeah, $193 is horribly high.

CinnamonGirl said...

Well, I'm all over the map with the emotions ova heeah! Sad about Nettles, but also happy that you were there for him; extremely desirous of Samoas (also my absolute faves) with no relief in sight; laughing over Malcolm's story - this blog has it all! LOL!
I don't remember how much it cost to get my cat, Bear, neutered (GiGi - a male - and Lucy were already fixed when I got them), but I sometimes wonder if they got everything they were supposed to! Does anyone else's fixed cat do this? Bear will jump up on my robe when it's lying on my bed and start kneading it, as cats do, but then he looks like he's...well, trying to get jiggywidit. Like he and my robe need to get a room! WTH is that all about?
By the way, Jacki, I know what you mean about the wallet being lighter - although they're definitely worth every penny. I just spent $160 on GiGi's yearly exam/shots, today; and, because he's nearing 9-yrs-old, they need me to bring him back for a $225 teeth-cleaning in 60 days. Ouch! Didn't see that one coming. Plus, I'm looking at another approx. $200per cat for Lucy's & Bear's appts, next week. If only they didn't fall due when my car suddenly needed $750 in work done! Isn't that always the way?

Oh yeah, and what gives with these new "air-delivered" shots? Apparently, they cut back on "vaccine-related tumors," which I never even knew existed. Did anyone? The thing sounds, and looks, like a beebee gun going off in my cat's leg and apparently it hurts and the noise scared the crap out of him! Not cool. But, I guess if it's better for them...kinda like our sucky boosters when we were kids. Still, they ain't getting a shot like that near me in this lifetime!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

WEll, I have to say I have never seen or heard of pneumatic shots for animals before! Hell, I never even had one myself! And I could just see them doing that...as if my cats weren't scared shitless about going to the vet as it is! I am certain you can ask them to do it the old fashioned way. If not, change vets (I know. not so easy) or find a way to have your hands muffling the sound for your animal as much as possible. But honestly I see NO reason why they can't respect your wishes to revert to the quieter and less traumatic method.

And I have heard of reaction to shots, yes...but tumors is a new one on me. Then again, I am not a vet. But you know, Doctors like their toys too! Me, I wait until I see things being widely used and widely successful.


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