Thursday, January 31, 2008

Treasure Hunt Thursday #2!!!

OY! Let me tell you this almost didn't happen on time! Someone came in my house, and it wasn't me and it wasn't the cats, and it wasn't the housekeeper (which is what I thought when I heard the noise from my bedroom then rolled over and went back to sleep!!) But the garage door was wide open and I know the difference between the sounds my cats make and whatever the hell that was. A couple of doors were open that normally are kept shut. Yes, my cats DO open doors. I have to tie them shut. Boogers. So I cannot say for sure whether or not I am completely on crack, but I bet the cop who checked the house out thinks I am. Nothing is missing that I can see so far, but it's not like the laptops were hiding, so...I can only wish I'd never seen that freaky ass movie Hider in the House when I was a younger person. Frikken horror movies. Frikken Lifetime. I love frikken Lifetime. LOL.

It was suggested it might be a fan. If that's true...KNOCK IT OFF!!! Ya scarin' me! Frankly, I don't think I'm that important!

So, locks are getting changed, ADT will add a few contacts to the garage, they will fix the USELESS motion detector and all will be well.


Oh! I caught the other stray! She's soooo cuuuuute!!!!!!!! So sweet!! I'm calling her Sweet Pea. I believe she was Nettles GF, so in for tests tomorrow. :( . She might be pregnant so we have to proceed with a little more caution this time. Even if the mom is positive for FIV, it's possible the kittens can be born FIV free. I think. Gotta research that.

I cut that damn collar off her. Oh my....oh when I tell you how furious I am about this...all I can say is if she DOES belong to someone, they best not knock on my door looking for her. FOUR inches. Thats all. Four inches around on a full grown adult female cat about 12 lbs. It wouldn't even fit Mal right now at six months old and 6.5 lbs!! Luckily, I can't see any sores or outer physical damage. But I sense her relief. My gosh, she has been all over me, rubbing, purring. Very vocal. So sweet.

But now it's time for business :)


You have between now and Saturday night at 11:59 PM to find the answers to the following ten treasure hunt questions. You must submit your answers to and you must put TREASURE HUNT #2 in the subject line! In the body of the email number 1 thru 10 and enter the corresponding answers to the presented questions. All of these answers are findable! That doesn't mean it will be easy...hehehe....I mean this is ME after all.

This week's prizes are...

Third Place Prize: A nylon bookcover that says "Curl up with a GOOD Demon" on it. I have colors to match every book cover from the series :P You can choose.

Second Place Prize: Another of the much coveted "I spend my nights with the Nightwalkers" nightshirts!

FIRST PLACE PRIZE: Yes, the one you all want, an ARC of DAMIEN!! Woohoo! All my goofy mistakes included. LOL. But quite readable. You will be the envy of all your friends. Muahahahaha!!

But first you gotta get every one of these right. One single answer wrong disqualifies you. Like last time, I will allow for one oops email. If you send in your answers and OOPS you realize you got one wrong, you can replace it. However, the new email now becomes your entry voiding the previous one EVEN IF THAT ONE TURNS OUT TO BE THE RIGHT ONE!

Yeah, I'm a bitch like that. Heh.

Here goes nothing! Or...everything!

1. In Elijah, what is the page number where he unwittingly removes Siena's collar for the first time?

2. On my website I mention my one male friend. What is his name?

3. What's my favorite brand of ice cream? ( are allowed to interview my friends for that one! I do mention it in a blog or two at least also.)

4. What is the name of my new series, the next installment of the Nightwalker saga, in January of '09?

5. Name 10 authors I am friends with on MySpace.

6. Name three paranormal romance (or erotica) books I have read. (hint: Shelfari, Goodbooks)

7. What's my sign?

8. I just joined the Carolina Romance Writers chapter of the RWA. What is the date of their upcoming meeting? (Hint: It is coinciding with a religious holiday for me)

9. Besides Eddi Reader, name a female vocalist I love.

10. Joey W. Hill wrote my all time favorite erotic romance. The hero's name is Mac. Name the book.

That's it guys! Good luck! (You're gonna need it!)

Hugs and Kitties



Dannyfiredragon said...

Good luck everyone. Can't enter because I can't answer the first one.

Jacki, to number 10. That is also my all-time favorite *grins*

Tracey said...

I stink at treasure hunts so i'll not waste your time ;)

Good luck to everyone who enters though =)

Good on you for getting that collar off of sweet pea and having her checked over. Hopefully she'll test negative for

Wendy said...

OOh! Maybe someone was trying to rob you but something scare him off! Hope not..that's SO creepy.

I hope Sweet Pea doesn't have FIV and if sadly, she does that her kittens can be born FIV free!

Ugh! Jacki, why do you make this treasure hunt questions (except two) so reachable when last one was SO hard and that's the one I wanted to enter! Dammit.

Anita said...

I also can't answer the first question as Elijah isn't out in England yet!!! Gonna have a stroke or at least a tempertantrum.

Good luck to everyone that does enter. Maybe I'll get to join in the next treasure hunt.

As for the break in honey I'm glad you are okay. That would freak me out but then I have a ghost in my house and he freaks me out!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

FRakkin Europe! LOL! Ghosts! Sheesh. But it did cross my mind...

Shut up. Stop it!!

Piercedfreak said...

ohohoh cool!!!!

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

Good luck with Sweet Pea.

Glad to hear you finally freed her.

Good luck everyone!

I have to wait to get home to my copy of Elijah for the first answer...but other than that I only need 3 more answers!

Woo hoo...I want that damn Damien ARC!!!


PS - I go home tomorrow morning. Yay!

Stephanie*magic* said...

OMG Jacki!! So glad your alright and nothing was taken!! Maybe the cats scared them off? lol.*hugs*
Awwwww, so glad you caught the kitty!! I'll never understand people who get pets then let them fend for themselves or torture and neglect them! Bastards!!!! Your such a wonderful person Jacki. She's in good hands with you thats for sure.I really hope all is okay with her!

Good luck ladies with the treasure hunt! I already have Damien ;) lmao!!!


Suzi said...

Oh my peas that's scary.
I do hope the sweet kitty is okay.


Jacquelyn Frank said...

GOOD NEWS!! Sweet PEa is 100 percent healthy!!!! YAY!!!!!

Pamk said...

loving this contest. Think i've got them all except the one about myspace. Jacki would you take pity on me and accept my friend request. It doesn't show your friends lol.

Pamk said...

by garage door you mean the big door right. I wouldn't even think your cats would be able to open that door. Can your alarm service even put an eye on that door. hope so. cauase that would freak me out.

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

yay! glad sweet pea is ok

Tracy said...

So glad you're ok from the incident!

Sent in my answers for the treasure hunt. Crossing fingers! :)


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