Thursday, January 17, 2008

The ARCs are HERE!!

Damien ARCs just arrived. Yummy yum yum! Everyone who won one in my chat last Saturday I am going to try and get them all out to you by wednesday of next week! (That goes for all prizes won from me lately....I know, I am slow...but I was also SWAMPED!)

In other news, I passed my driver's test (20 years between tests and it is STILL just as hard and scary as the first time...and just as thrilling to beat it!) I am now officially licensed in the State of NC. Ahhh.... Now if I could only find the damn title to my car!!!

And further news, Saturday from 9pm to 10pm I am holding a chat at the SMUT SLUTS website. I am giving away what I like to call the TRIFECTA. Signed copies of all three released books. But I am so delighted to have the ARCS I may just...well, we'll see. Hehe. How can you win the trifecta? Well, it won't be easy...and I'll just say one thing: TREASURE HUNT.

'Nuff said.

I was battling the blues today, but managed to make it through without pizza or chocolate. Imagine that! I have hopes that it gets better from here, though. All my deadlines are achieved for the moment and now I can relax and do some free-thinking writing...where I go wherever the mind takes me. You never know what that will bring. The Shadowdwellers came about this way. Once we get into that series you will see a significant change in my writing. I loosen up, heat up and my plots thicken. Kensington frees me to write however I like, heh, and I just may make them regret that! Just the same, as my reading tastes evolve, as I age, everything I write tends to change in a likewise manner. I don't ever want to become predictable or stuck in a rut. I've seen it happen to some of my favorite writers. I don't believe in "If the formula works, use it again...and again...and again!" Obviously some things will never change. I will always have a HEA. (Happily Ever After) and I will always center my stories around the journey my H and H take to get there. It is romance, after all. Paranormal, fantasy, Sci-fi...yes...but romance just the same.

I want to give a shout to all my favorite soldiers who are out there doing a really tough job for a paycheck. They've really taken to the series, and they've been really gracious and kind to me as well.

Also, feel free to write to me and tell me what you thought of Elijah. I can always use the feedback.

Let's have a contest. Heh. For an ARC of Damien. Comment to this blog to enter a chance to telling me which is your favorite Nightwalker race and why. Short answers are frowned on and may be disqualified. Put some thought into I know you have. Epress yourself as if I might write a romance, and a Nightwalker, JUST for you!


Denise said...

Woohooo, are your ARCs very pretty? I can't wait to see it live and in color, both Damien and Elijah!! (Then, I'll be more than happy to give you a comment or three) ;)

I hear you on the swamped thing. I've run myself down with reviewing, writing, my day job, AND am auditioning for a job in the literary world. I need to take a breather, but I figure I can sleep when I'm dead. Heh.

I'm glad to hear you're caught up with deadlines. Take care of yourself and do something good for you!

Wendy said...

Hi, Jacki!

I'm very much looking forward to the SmutSluts chat, I love your last one and can't wait for this one! :)

Glad you pass your driver's test! the first time I took her, I kind of, sort of, might have hit a tree, LOL. But I got it the second time!

Wendy said...

Gah! I can't type today - I meant the first time I took it although the test person was a woman, pretty harsh too! So, I hit a tree? Sheesh, don't freak out. ;)

Tracy said...

Oh I'm bummed I'm going to miss yet another chat! Going away this weekend and won't be able to get online! Ug.

I'll get back on when I have more time and answer the question for the ARC. Need to think for a bit before I answer that question. :)

misty0235 said...

Damn it! I hate when i accidently post something I wasn't finished with grrr


Hi Jacki, Great Job meeting your deadlines and for getting the ARCs yay!!

I enjoyed Elijah a great deal, I thought that his character and attributes stayed true to how he was first introduced to us, and Siena rocks, it's awesome to find a female character that is strong, powerful and unapologetic for it. I did find that Elijah was a little to vulnerable and emotional for me. It seemed like a departure to how he had been previously portrayed. But that is just a personal thing, his warrior strength and violent life I felt would make it more of a challenge to be able to recognize and reach the inner emotions let alone be able to process and accept them. This is the beauty of fiction and romance, it doesn't have to be logical or follow any pattern, it is the openness and fluidity of imagination that is the core of any good read. Which is something I see an abundance of in your work.

One of the things I believe is that romance novels are always being underestimated for the impact and influence they have not just on women, but our children and men. We learn a great deal about not just ourselves, who we are and what we want in life, but on a grander scale of how society views women, the stereotypes, stigmas and social expectations imposed on women. Sadly, we still live in a society that oppresses and consequences women for being strong, independent and assertive. They are still labeled as male attributes, that women who are those things are Bitches and have as Freud would say Penis Envy. Women are ostracized and punished for being able to care for ourselves.

I think that in many ways I admire Siena and the Lycan's for their renowned strength and reliance on the feminine. Not only are women honoured for being strong and assertive, it is encouraged and expected.

By no means am I a "feminist" rather I believe I am an "equalist" The ability and capability of female Lycan's is something I would use to teach my daughter that it is ok to be strong and to be true to yourself, eccentricities and all. So thank you for creating Siena and offering a women who is and should be a role model for the rest of us.

Keep up the awesome creativity!

Michelle aka misty

Jacquelyn Frank said...

You know, it's funny you found Elijah to be uncharacteristically emotional. Not to defend myself, because I can almost see your point, but Demons are notoriously an emotional species who thrive on their interconnectivity with one another. Noah and Jacob are powerful examples of how hard it is for them to disconnect themselves from their emotions in order to perform their duties. I think that being able to do that is part of their strength and why we feel so much compassion for them.

Elijah was much more irreverent in the first books, this is true...but we open with a very serious and life threatening event. In the opening scene you see his life literally flashing before his eyes...or at least the current state of his life and all the things he will leave unfinished. It's a powerful, impactive moment. Imagine escaping an event like that. Three centuries of war with the Lycans and he steadied on...but on the verge of peace is when he is going to meet death? On the verge of seeing all his hard work provide for future generations, like Leah, and NOW Destiny decides to take it away?

I think Elijah realizes on some level that time is not something to be toyed with. When it came to Siena, he simply did not have the time to be an ass and goof around anymore. He didn't have the luxury. Plus, he's a Demon. All his life he has heard about the Imprinting, known what it was and craved the reward of it. It's sort of like an ultimate Demon goal in life.

I just didn't see him balking over it. Confusion, yes. Resistance? Not much.

Pamk said...

I loved loved elijah. To me in the first two books he seemed kind of a goof off But i knew that there had to be more to him in order for him to have been the captain of hte guards for so long. Especially during wartime. And since Noah put him in charge and Noah doesn't strike me as a stupid man I just knew that he was deeper than he looked.
As to my favorite nightwalker I like the lycanthropes better so far they which could be because of Sienna she had a great back story and tough life. Her dad sounds like a nut. I am really interested in her sis and can't wait for her story. Very unusual lady with the two for shifting. Demons are great but shifters so far are more interesting and what's up with those monks lol. love the way the backed off her her sister got afer them.
oh and if that doesn't work what kind of bribes do. chocolate, liquor. lol

Anna said...

I've become a bit of an ARC whore. LOL! In the last few months, I've gotten a couple. They are kinda addicting.

Ok, my favorite Nightwalker race... Now normally I would jump and say vampires hands down. But with this series the demons are my favorite. I'm mean hello GIDEON !!!
My why is pretty simple, they are sexy as hell and frankly more interesting then the other races. But I suppose I could feel that way due to the fact we haven't learn much about Damien yet. So, my favorite could change. But I highly doubt it. Gideon & Noah are just way too yummy! :D

Stephanie*magic* said...

Awesome news Jacki!!! *hugs* Cant wait to get my ARC :D Thanks so much again!
Glad to hear your all caught up! Now lets hope things go smoothly! :)
I will for sure try to stop by the chat!

I really dont think I can pick a favorite Nightwalker. They are all so lushious and wonderful. but Damien is gonna be amazing, I feel it. And Noah.....well I always have a thing for the leader, lol!!!

CONGRATS on passing the driving test!!! Such a nerve wracking experience!!!

Happy writing Jacki!
Take care!! *hugs*

misty0235 said...

I agree with you Jacki about the demons, and i love that aspect. Where I was going and I'm not sure I got there, was that Elijah struck me as far more complex and deeply emotional, while at the same time seemed disassociated from his emotions, which makes sense given his line of work he'd have to distance himself in order to retain his sanity. My perspective was that I would have thought the process would be more complex.

I like Elijah a lot, he appeals to me in ways that the others don't, maybe because in many ways i can identify with his life experience. BTW this isn't a criticism, merely an observation.

I think i perceived him to be more impacted by the violence and death. I think his near death experience in the opening played well to the trauma, which often triggers life altering behaviors. So technically it isn't out of the norm, although in my world I'd be looking for symptoms of PTSD, can demons have PTSD? what about demon therapists? or *grin* social workers...what type of economic structure is there? hehehe I could so go on and on

I appreciate how Elijah evolved actually and how much more tangible he seems.

blackroze37 said...

what if havnt read any, how do we enter?
im just now finding somany new authors, and still finding more

but am very interested in your series

Suzi said...

Do you require footnotes, lol?

My favorite nightwalker race has to be the Druids (do they even count??) I love the idea of seemingly normal humans who walk among us who have latent special abilities that are only unlocked when they find their soulmate. That the idea is just super fantabulously romantic and all around different. I just love a new twist on an old idea. Also, the Druids we’ve met so far add some irreverence to what appears to be a serious and rather tradition race. It gives the story, for lack of a better word, humanity. I think the Druids ground the nightwalkers in the modern world and add texture to the already rich and decadent world you’ve created for us to enjoy. Will we meet more? A sexy male perhaps?


Shoshana said...

I'm *so* glad you passed your driving test! Yippee!


My favorite Nightwalkers... hmmm. You know, I think I'll be totally original and say Demons. Because for one, they aren't at all what you'd expect to see in a book about Demons.

They're all rough n tough, and at the same time they really truly care about other beings. And they aren't afraid to show it. And they are more open to the idea that they might be able to get along with the other Nightwalkers.

What I really like is how each of the Demons has their element, and how it affects their lives and their interactions with others.

I'm really curious about some of the other Nightwalker races that we are just learning about. It's really cool the way the Lycanthropes change, and how their hair is involved.

Damian and the vampires - I can't pick them yet because although I'm curious... I just don't know enough. Yet. (HintHint!)

Anyway, stay safe, have fun and go look for your title.

Maybe in a box with some books?


Wendy said...

I'm gonna pass on the ARC contest (words I never thought I would say to you!) because I haven't read Elijah yet (I know, I know, what am I waiting for??) and if I win, I'm not gonna have much self control to wait to read Elijah before I read Damien, you know? And shouldn't they be read in order??

It's possible I'm giving this too much thought.

MisGif said...

Elijah...the cover is the stuff of fantasies and begins the build up before the first page is even read. Your imagination takes us through the world of the Nightwalkers once again, through the steamy and forbidden romance, through the dangerous enemy they all face and further cement this new and tenuous alliance these once enemies now share. That revisiting of already established characters kept their stories alive for us (I always wonder what happes after the HEA) but I was nearly disappointed by the lack of Damian in the book. Still when he finally made his appearance it was just enough to wet the appetite and get the anticipation growing for your next book.

It was refreshing to see that there was more depth to the Elijah character than just the kick-butt warrior. Seeing him interact with Bella and Magdelegna, despite the serious jealosy streak that runs through their race, showed clearly how trusted and important he was to the others.

His acceptance of his destiny with Siena, getting past his initial horror based on all the reasons it shouldn't be possible, was also a welcome change from the atypical thickheaded hero often found in todays books.

Instead of being turned off by his emotional depth I found it made him more of a MAN (in my eyes) because he was able to accept that she is Queen where he will never be King, that she is strong and smart but no less sexy because of being such a dominate female. His desire to just be a part of her life, even as a consort did not make him less or her more, it just made them perfect together in the circumstances they were dealt.

Doesn't this world need more examples of men accepting and empowering their women to be as strong and smart as they chose to be? Haven't we had enough macho, egotistical men who have to think they are better, stronger and smarter than woman, even if that greatness is in their own imagination?

What better example then the ultra macho warrior mating with the ultra strong warrior queen?

As the mother of boys I hope I'm teaching them that emotional depth, that ability to find their own strengths AND accept the strengths of the women in their lives. To be equals.

I love this series, in case you hadn't noticed, but I am very much looking forward to reading more about Damian and the Vampires. You've given us these tasty little glimpses into him, and that preview at the end of Elijah was evil in the way you teased us.

Not sure if I could pick just one race to love. In fact that way you are building this story, intertwining the species is making it even harder. Each has their own strength but they are proving to be even stronger together.

-Waiting for Damian in NYC

(Ada)lgisa Lato-Esposito said...

Hi Jacki, CONGRATS on passing ur divers test. WAY 2 GO! Glad 2 hear that ur all caught up on ur deadlines & that ur chat the other day was a gr8 success. Congrats 2 all winners! I’m a little bummed out that I will b missing AGAIN ur chat...unfortunately 4 the next few mths weekends r spent up north w/ skiing lessons 4 my 2 boyz, Devin Daniel (7) & Dario Damiano (5). Wishing u a wonderful upcoming chat!

Elijah was breath-taking! It was truly a perfect story for this ‘Demon’. It is amazing 2 read how these powerful creatures can become so vulnerable when it comes 2 their women but mostly it is extremely sexy 2 read how they would do anything 2 protect them. I luved that u portrayed Siena The lycanthropes Queen as a strong willed character but still keeping her feminine side. She was ‘Elegantly Dangerous.’ *LOL*

Re fav nightwalkers, I would have 2 say vampires. I just luv characters that r dark, dangerous, emotionally wounded but must b those DAME delicious FANGS that make me weak in the knees. *LOL* Can’t wait 4 Damien story!

Excited 2 read that u have a new series The Shadowdwellers. Can u tells us more about it?

Have a gr8 weekend!

Jennifer said...

So far I've loved the demons, but shapeshifters also intrigue me.

The great thing about demons is their variety of powers, plus I've got the hots for Noah *pun intended*. ;)

The whole idea of one true love that's meant to be and that makes you whole is very compelling. There would be no straying in THAT relationship.

Of course, I'm very intrigued to see what happens with Siena's sister and Damien. Will her unique heritage and powers make her bonding any different from other shapeshifters?

I'd say, for now, I'd favor a match with a demon. But ... as the series progresses and we learn more about the other nightwalker races, I reserve the right to change my mind.

Jennifer K. *fickle*

Amanda said...

Hello Jackie,

Congrats on Elijah and on getting the ARCS for Damien, CAN'T WAIT TO READ IT!!!!

My favorite nightwalker race is the Demons. The reasoning is because they are unlike any other paranomal race I've read...there are hundreds of novels about vampires, werewolves, witches, etc. But only you have the demons with the fascinating super-powers of fire and earth. I also really like how you incorporated the elements into the stories, into the characters. Earth, wind, fire, water, and so forth are a refreshing take on paranormal talents.

Thanks for giving us your stories! For having the courage to do so!!! I can't imagine how difficult it must be to put something from your heart and soul out there for the world to see and experience, so thanks!

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

Well, at the moment your Demons are my favorite Nightwalker race... Although Damien has my attention piqued. And outside of my favorite vamp Mick St. John on Moonlight, it takes a lot for a vamp to catch my attention.

But Damien is intriguing, and classy, and mysterious, and sexy...all from the brief meetings we've had with him.

But your Demons are amazing. They are sophistcated, multi faceted and strong...without being overpowering. Your men are strong, but your women often stronger without castrating the guys.

Nothing sexier than a man that's a man who lets his woman be as strong as she needs. I find the powers you've given the lead demon men and their personalities to be wonderful.

All your demon men have a wonderful sensitive side - and yet be assertive.

Elijah is my favorite Demon male so far - Elijah is one of my absolute favorite romances of all time. Jacob was great, I liked Gideon, but Elijah is my perfect balance of masculinity and sensitivity...and very well balanced for his mate.

And your demon females are very strong as well...but definitely in tune with their feminine side. (Excluding the bitch Ruth of course, but there is always an exception to every rule)!

I can't wait to see where you take the shadowdwellers when you start on them.

Thanks for creating an incredible and unique race in your tales - your demons are unlike any other race I've encountered...and I will be sad when the first installment ends - even as I'm excited to see where your world goes next.


CarolB1977 said...

Hi Jacki!

I'm glad you passed the test, one less thing to stress about. Good luck finding the car title- I never got mine back from a trip to the DMV so when I needed to register in a new state, it was a mess getting a new one issued.

My favorite Nightwalkers are absolutely the Demons. I love that you've taken what is traditionally a very evil mythological character and turned what we all know about demons on its head. (They aren't evil- they become that way as a result of being summoned.) I was so excited about how you chose to portray them. There are so many paranormal romance series out there right now, finding a unique perspective, such as yours, is so important, and rare. I have lost count of the number of people I have recommended your books to!

Generally my favorites paranormal characters are vampires (so sexy- and I can't wait to see more of your take on them with "Damien") but your Demons are beyond amazing, while still sharing some of the more exotic characteristics- night creatures, cooler body temperature, extremely long-lived, hard to kill.

And they have what amount to superpowers! Like Wolverine! (Favorite comic book character ever and Hugh Jackman did such a yummy job in the movies).

My favorite part of your mythology, though, is the imprinting, which so far has been reserved only for the Demons and their mates. I love the idea of being able to find your perfect soul mate because I'm still single and hoping to find him, and could sure use Corrine's help. I love the details you've included that part of the proof of imprinting is the manifestation of physical changes (eye color or hair color changes to match the mate). I thought it was so hot that Elijah's hair changed to match Siena's.

Can't wait to hear more about the Shadowdwellers- a whole new paranormal species!

Thanks for writing such wonderful books and being so acessible!

Carol (aka WestCoastGirl877)

CinnamonGirl said...

Congrats on getting your driver's license, Jacki & on getting your ARCS!
I LOVED, loved, loved the shapeshifters of different species! Fox? Dolphin/Falcon? They were so vibrantly depicted. I just loved them & look forward to reading more about them.
I would also love for their to be a pixies-who-kick-ass race. Or, perhaps, only one who thinks she is the only one of her race that is left. She's delicate-looking, luminous, can fly, shoots arrows like nobody's business, and...hmmmm...maybe her hair can become a it can become alive when it thinks she's threatened and turn steel-like, so that it can impale or behead enemies while she's fighting off other enemies? Just some thougts! Good luck with everything! I look forward to Damien!

Jacquelyn Frank said... all sure have your opinions! (Cinnamon, you have a very twisted mind...I love it!) Oh hey, want to hear a little bitty secret? Corrine's name wasn;t always Corrine. My editor made me change it for the series. Heh.

Her original name?


Little bit of trivia just for my peeps!

CinnamonGirl said...

Haha! That's awesome, Jacki! I didn't read your last post until now. Are we supposed to get e-mail alerts when there's been new comments posted to your blog? If not, I'll have to get in the habit of checking back between your new blogs.
Thanks for the "twisted mind" compliment, by the way! I'd take credit for it, but it's probably just my meds! :P

CinnamonGirl said...

Oh...nevermind on that e-mail question. I just NOW (after how many postings?) realized that there's a little box to check if you want to be notified of "follow up comments" posted. *sigh* Not very observant, am I?

Jennifer said...

I'm so glad you finally got your NC license! Woohoo! I agree with Shana, it's prolly in some box of books somewhere LOL

I think of all of the Nightwalker races, the one I'm even more intrigued about are the Mistrals. They are notoriously nonaggressive and from Windsong we know they do not speak if they can help it since their voices are so hypnotic. We know they can weave certain spells, but at what cost?

Gypsy said...

oooooo i would love a arc of yours!
thats is so a cool sweet contest

acdaisy95 said...

The covers of your books looks great. I came by the chat on Smut Sluts, but I had to leave early. :( Great job on passing your driver's test. I haven't read any of your books, and I would love to win a copy. From the excerpts I read for Jacob and Gideon, they sound great. I have to add them on my TBR list.

Have a great weekend!


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