Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Books Books and More books... and a contest or 2

Well Im here today to chat with you lucky people, lol. Yeppers August 1st is my day and i get to tell you cats everything i want? well usually I would hem and haw about something shitty happening in the writing community, or call out some issue or another that affects authors, but today, Im just going to chill and not be the usual lunatic I normally am.

So Hey, Im Stella Price. Im a award winning author and cover artist and with my sister i pen stories in the Eververse. Now while I'm not as prolific as our recent guest predecessors, we are getting there and this year alone is going to be a big on for us! So what do we write? we write Urban Dark Fantasy Erotic Paranormal Romance. whats that mean? it means we write cross-genre a lot of the time. Dont let the name scare you, its just what we write cant be lumped into any one category. So Shall i give you guys a taste of our work? thought you would say that....

The Eververse Series is the first novel series we have in print.This series has 9 books. The first of the books Sugar and Sin is out now and the second Silk and Steel will be in print by September. For this series, our main focus is demons, and no not the demons our sweet jacki writes, I got a thing for the bad guys, so thats what we predominately write. Hitmen, hookers, pimps, jewel theives, fences, arms dealers, strippers, madame's, spell dealers... This series is the darker side of the street, that place normal society refuses to go, and we just love it. its darker, primal and unique.

The Dragon Elementals Series is our foray into the wonderful genre of dragon shifters. Ours, again are unique, as we have a series taking place in the Eververse but its a contemporary dragon series,that happens here and now, not some fantasy world. Fire in His Eyes, book one is out now and will be in print In September, and Deep Water, Book two will be in print this October. Critics love this series, it think you will too. Im thinking 4 books might be a little short.

The Duvall Series (also called the Djinn series) is our third series taking place in the Eververse. Its about a Djinn named Nicodemus Marsh and a assassin leader named Janey Duvall. Our next book in this Series, Gifts, will be out later this september with Phaze. Wishes, and Glamour, the first two stories, will be in a print books this October called Wishbound. i cant wait to get that one in my hands!Also this coming winter, you will have the short story of our naughty vampire, Malcolm Frost, in his book London for the Holidays. Ladies seem to love Marsh... maybe you will too.

The Knossos West Weresnakes is our answer to the overdone Werewolf shifter stories that have been flooding the market. soon to be re released, this series focuses on Snake shifters, or Ophidians, and shows you why scales are the new fur. Beyond the Vision of Dreams and Surrender in Moonlight are the first two out and these are more Paranormal erotic romance, but the third in the series, This is Forever, is much longer and has a different plot line. Well see what you guys think of it.

Our Keepers of Twilight Series starts this October with Siren Publishing. the first in that series, The Soft Edge of Midnight, is a tale about Unicorns, devils and fallen angels, all in a contemporary setting. I think people will enjoy this series, as we touch on some important things with it, and give you some insite into some very hot forbidden relationships. Check out Siren in October for that, and be on the look out for the second book, A Bitter Kiss of Chaos early 2008. the other 3 will be out by the end of 2009

Finally, we have out American Satyr series. a set of four novella's, these will be out with Phaze starting this winter. the first of the series, Of Crimson and Collars, introduces you to the world of the modern satyr, what they do, who they are and how they treat the women in their lives, their source of life. this series focuses on four clans, Tempest, Toloose, Rummer and Arcane, and the 4 satyr princes that run them. I think youll like this one too, its hot, and the sex is insane. heh

then we have some shorts out and about... Lady Luck, out right now with Phaze is about a Jenai, or female Genie and her lover Jake, a shadow Demon. Its short and sweet and ladies love Jake...
And in November, we will have the first in our Deva's series out called Hot Rio Nights. This book is about a Shadow Princess named Starla Gibson who ends up in Rio one night and in the arms of a mysterious stranger she cant seem to say no to. Add in a potion and a little bet and you have heat climbing up the walls lol.

So thats a little about us... but i forgot to mention that Audra and I are always writing so you never know what will be coming out and when. We also have a snail mail list where we send out goodies monthly. if your interested, send me your address to and ill send you goodies! LOL.

So anyway, As you can see, we write things that normally arent considered romance, but thats fine with us. the readers seem to like it and we keep writing so its a win win situation. I should mention to you that ALL OF OUR BOOKS INTERACT. yep. you will see characters floating in and out of the books all the time especially one in particular, whether its in deeds, name or he just happens to show up, and that is our sexy and whit hot Conglacio demon prince Cassiel.

So now thats thats all been said... Shall we have a contest? Well lets see if you were paying attention... How many books are in each series and how many books in total are mentioned here by name? Answers can be sent to me on Email at and Ill pick a winner by friday. Winner will recieve a very cool Eververse pack with a bottle of Sugar cookie spray, a notepad, pen, magnets and some signed bookflats... and possible something else cool.. heh

Now I have another contest. comment here about what looks interesting to you, your favorite characters if you have read the books or something perhaps you have as a question, and I will pick two winners from the comments list and give them Eververse goodies!

thanks Everyone for coming to hangout with me today... and incase your wondering.. heres where you can find us:

Enjoy the bloggers!
Stella Price


AmyC said...

Hey Stella!
Oh, I cant wait for Gifts! Marsh and Janey are great!! And Malcolm is gonna get a short too!

Tracy said...

Hey Stella - I love hearing about all of the different books that everyone has out. It's soooo hard to go and choose something without the recommendations! Ok...I think you talked about a total of 23 books that have been/will be written and mentioned titles of 19 of them. I don't know for sure though - I haven't hall enough coffee yet! lol. Congrats on all of the books! :)

Tracy said...

I can't type either!! lol That's HAD enough coffee yet!

Anna said...

Hey Stella...
I love all the cover art work, it's really brilliant. I just bought Sugar and Sin the other day. I looking forward to reading it. :)

Suzette said...

I admit to reading everything but one you have out so far but i am looking forward to the Keepers series alot! Also looking forward to Mals short.

Cherie J said...

Hi Stella,

Thanks for being here and guestblogging. I am really looking forward to your Dragon Elementals Series. It sounds awesome!

Michelle Pillow said...

Hi Stella, beautiful covers, I almost licked my screen :D

Christine said...

Hi Stella! I love the idea that all of your series take place in the Eververse and that characters may cross paths. Your Keeper of the Twilight Series sounds very intriguing.... and I love the title A Bitter Kiss of Chaos. It sounds like a deathly delicious chocolate. ...that's a compliment. ;)


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