Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Greetings kidlets!

This time it is really me. I want to apologize to you and my guest bloggers. My vacation and my blogging schedule got totally FUBARed. But...I am home now and can control everything once more. Despite me being back early, the guests will continue as scheduled. This Friday, August tenth, will be the first day open with no one scheduled. I will contact every author that missed and guide them to post together on the tenth....using the twelfth as an alternate because it too is open. I will also be sending out daily notices about the postings from the mailing list as was supposed to happen originally. Sigh. Let's call it gremlins or an omen that Canada just is not somewhere I ought to be while in the process of buying a house.

Unfortunately, because of illness and situation, I have had to cancel my signing in Nova Scotia. To all those who may have planned to attend, I am deeply apologetic. I will have to call the store today and break the news to them. I am sure they will be very disappointed in me, as I am in myself. I was so careful with my plans to see that something like this would be avoided at all costs, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

I further wish to thank Deidre (Desine) for being such an excellent friend and coming to my rescue. She has a beautiful home and a wonderful family. (And her hubby ought to be on the eye candy thread hehehe...ladies, she has been holding out on us!!) Seriously, Dwight is a charming and funny man and a super sweet Dad. It's nice to see. Even nicer to be around. But Deidre IS going to hell for introducing me to Minaimo Bars. (sp?)

Unfortunately I have come to the understanding that I am a princess. A spoilt American. A big fat baby. I am stuck in the grooves of my routine and though the heart is willing to go out and explore, the body is not capable. I am totally bummed about it. But I do have film of us getting LOST on Prince Edward Island...and it was the highlight of my trip lol! I will post a link on a thread somewhere. Truthfully, when I vacation I want to START at status quo and improve from there. While the trip was breathtakingly beautiful to the eyes, it was too rustic for someone with special needs like I have and I was in medical trouble within days. I will reserve specifics unless someone gives me cause to BE more specific (I.E. not refunding my money as agreed) Then I will get all kinds of specific all over the place, I assure you. Sound like a threat? More like a promise. I have lost thousands of dollars in one week and I won't allow it to happen to others. My needs aside...or as cause..., I was very careful every step of the way in planning this. My flaw was in not realizing that my definition of something clearly differs from other's definitions. Lesson learned....but hopefully not at too great an expense.

I missed you all. The house thing will no doubt have me crazy. You may not see much of me. Enjoy your guest bloggers!



AmyC said...

Aww, Jacki, I'm so sorry to hear your trip didn't go as planned. But at least you and B are home safe and sound and you can focus more on the house thing now! That alone is stressful enough.

Anna said...

Hi Jacki... Sorry to hear you had to cut your trip short, that sucks. Feel better soon. *hugs* We miss you too. :)

Tracy said...

Hey Jacki! I'm sorry that you had to cut your vacation short, but glad that you and yours are home safe and sound. I'm pretty much like you - rustic is cute but it does nothing for me when I'm on vacation! lol!
Can't wait to see pictures! Muah!

Christine d'Abo said...

I'm sorry to hear you won't be making it to my province. But your health is the most important thing. Take care and I can't wait to see the pictures. :)

Susan said...

Hiya Jacki,

I'm sorry your vacation didn't go as planned but I'm glad you and B did have some memorable moments. Being that I just bought my first home, honey I feel for you. I never realized the process was so complicated and stressful. And to top it off..the ex-wife of the man who used to own my house, is now taking ME to civil court because she says there are things in the house that are hers. So it seems I not only bought a house but also someones elses domestic problems. Sheesh! Oh the tales I could tell you..lol. I hope your process is as stressless as possible.

Christine said...

So sorry your vacation got abbreviated. That must be so disappointing.... but it is very wise to respect the limitations of your body and/or health. I wish you lots of luck with the house deal...... you and B will love having your own space! =)

Christine said...

Oh yeah.... and those Nanimo bars.... DEADLY!! ;)

Stephanie*magic* said...

Sorry things didnt go as planed Jacki.
Yeah,doing the rustic thing is not for me,lol!
Glad you and B are doin okay and are home.
Hope your house works out for ya!
Take care and wonderful to have ya back.


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