Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Feeling a bit out of place.....

Amongst all these fabulous authors!

For those of you who don't know me from Jacki's board I'm Amy and I help Jacki make these! Look, it's Damien!! Isn't it pertty!! And if Jacki doesn't mind I could throw that one into my tote of goodies for my contest today!! The first one EVER made for DAMIEN!! How cool is that?!?!

When Jacki was asking authors to guest blog and I had an email in my inbox I thought for sure it was an accident! Nope....she meant to send it!! I thought what could I possibly have to talk about that is interesting. I consider myself a very boring and unimaginative person. Which is one of the reasons I think I read paranormal romance. Hmmm...that’s something to talk about!

Why are you drawn to paranormal romance?

For me, it’s a great way to get away from the mundane happenings of everyday life. To be taken away to a place where Demons, whether they be Jacki’’s good Demons or Stella and Audra’’s dark Demons, Vampires, Werewolves, Weresnakes, Witches, genetically altered humans (who doesn’’t like Lora Leigh’s Breeds?!) walk among us. To be claimed as a mate by merely being in their presence or a simple taste. Yes, that’s what I need in a book. I am a very secluded person. I enjoy being alone, except for my son and husband. My books allow me to step out of my solitude everyday and takes me to places that are so fantastic and amazing. And read about characters with awesome abilities...magic...telepathy...shapechanging...teleporting...and the list could go on and on!

I hope Jacki's readers stop by to read this and maybe even leave some comments!! :)
Because I am also having a contest! I have tons of extra promo that I have collected and thought I would share. I also have some books and a small tote! Now the tote is undecorated but it’’s still a tote! :)) So if you'd like, leave a comment about why you like paranormals or anything else, and I'll enter you into a drawing to win some author goodies.

Thank you Jacki for including me as one of your guest bloggers!

Oh, and don’t forget to stop back by tomorrow! Lila’s gonna turn this blog from PG 13 to X rated!! Who knows what she may have some of you doing!!

Y’all have a great day!


faerydragon said...

Good morning Amy!!!
I LOVE the Damien book mark!
I'm draw to Paranormal romance because my life and carrer is very based in science and fact. I read to escape and to be somewhere else. Paranormal romance draws me into a world that I'm not imaginitive enough to create myself! Have a Great Day!!


CinnamonGirl said...

Hi, Amy! I hope you're having a decent morning so far! I think the reason I'm drawn to paranormal romances is because I've had health problems (depression & fatigue, namely) for a long time which haven't allowed me to experience a lot of sustained romance or fantastical things in my life. So, I like to lose myself in the fantasy that I'm one of those female characters, from the stories, being pursued by a mate who accepts me for all that I am, no matter what. I believe that I will still find that mate; but, for now, a girl can dream, right? :) Have a great day, lady!

Diane M. said...

Morning Amy!
I love paranormal romance becaue it combines my love of science fiction and romance and makes me use my imagination.

Anna said...

Hi Amy,
The Damien book thong looks great. For someone who has been chatting with you for a while and I've talked to you on the phone... you are far from boring hun.

I'm drawn to paranormal romance.... It started with Harry Potter and it grew to paranormal romance. At the time I had just split with a guy I had been with for 5 years. It was a great escape from this boring world of ours. There is nothing better then falling into a world with demons, vampires and werewolves. It really helped met get through the break up and the heartache and I haven't looked back since. It's quite addicting, I wouldn't give it up for anything. LOL! :))

Susan said...

I love paranormals because they feed my boring life with magic, love and fantasies. I love to go mind tripping through the worlds created by my favorite authors. There are no limits to where your desires can go. Ain't it cool!

AmyC said...

Thanks so much for stopping by! It really means alot that you guys did! I love that you even answered my topic!! And what great answers! I am like totally feeling emotional right now! Doesn't help either that I just finished reading a very emotional scene in Devil May Cry! So excuse me for a second while I blow my nose and whipe my eyes!! :)

Tracy said...

Hey Amy!!! Loved your blog! Great job.
I started reading romances when I was 13. From then on it was historicals and contemporary's that drew me in - I just really had no clue how good paranormals were! After reading Jacki's books (my first paranormals) and getting on this board it was like a whole other world was opened up to me! I love having all of the romance that I love mixed in with something new and exciting: vampires, werewolves, shapeshifters, etc. - and they're all so dang hot! :)
Have a wonderful day!

robynl said...

HI and welcome Amy; I love reading and I love book thongs. They are the best invention in some time. I love winning so this is great for a chance.
Reading takes me away from the worries in my life for a while; I can escape and experience new places and friends.

Cerridwen2007 said...

Good Afternoon Amy!!
What a sweet bookmark.
The reason why I love and read paranormal romance novels is:
I love to read about beings that is more powerful then any human and when they fall in love its forever, the books I have read has got me through a abusive marriage and has brought my self-esteem back up, because in most of the books the power of good triumphs over true evil. I would like to thank all of the authors who unknowningly brought me in from the dark, and also showing me life is worth living once more from the bottom of my heart Thank You!!!!
I have met a wonderful man from Scotland which I will be marrying in Nov. and will be moving there in the near future and bringing all of my books lol.

Take Care,

Samantha said...

Hi Amy =) pffttt... boring! Great job on the Damien Thong and not to mention the blog! To be honest I only read contemporary romance until my friend hit me over the head with a Susan Sizemore book. I was complaining that I needed more.... I felt that something was missing from the books I was reading. After reading that book I knew what it was, strong alpha male characters who didn't apologize for their behavior, a different set of rules that fueled my imagination and I was hooked ever since. When I read a book I want to be swept away to another world, because the one I live in is enough reality for me =) so I like to escape into the worlds of demons, vampires, shapeshifters and lemme tell you there are really talented wonderful authors that give me that chance everyday and I want to say Thank You for sharing your stories!

Anonymous said...

Hello Amy! Love the Damien book thong. I love paranormals because they offer an escape when reality starts creeping in. Some days you come home from work or where ever and all you want to do is open a book and immerse yourself in a world where men are still men, whether they are a vamp, a were, or some other supernatural being. They are good men, who follow there heart and do what is right. And they love their mates, with all of their being. And their mates are strong women, who know how to take care of themselves, but don't mind stepping back and letting the man do his thing once in a while. They love thier mates, not for what everyone else sees, but for what no one else notices, the little things. Well that's the gist of it for me. Great blog Amy!! Enjoy your day!

AmyC said...

And the book thong looks even better than the picture!!

Hi Marci!

Ness,(((Hugs))) You have a great day too!

Hi Diane!

And Anna, thank you for the kind
words! (((hugs you too))) :)

Hi Susan!

Wow, Joyce! Moving to Scotland! That's freakin awesome! I keep telling the hubby that one of these years we are going. I'm happy that you have happiness in your life now.

HI Tracy! Thank you :)

And Robyn, I am like a huge goodie/contest whore! I love to win!! I am extremely excited to be having my OWN contest!! LOL

AmyC said...

Hi Samantha, I used to only read historicals but I felt the same way, like something was missing!

Hi Rena! you have a great day too!

Kortne said...

Hey amy! I loved your blog!! You did Great..I dont know why i REALLY like paranormal romance other then being attracted to hot guys that can do hot things lol.I think one of the reasons why is that i have this love for things that people find wild and unreal. I think if we are possible then anythings possible and with these books you get a since of what could be.Plus sometimes I think reality just sucks and these books can suck you in, in a much better way!!


Stephanie*magic* said...

Hi Amy!!!
You did good hon :) And ooooo...Damien!!!! :D Your never boring on the phone my dear :)
I love everything paranormal!It takes me away from my boring life.Like Amy i'm a secluded person.I like to stay at home and read.I love my Nightwalker dreams too :) Just had one involving Damien last night ;)If only I were his mate,lol! Paranormal is just so facinating and different.
My life may be boring,but with the great imagination of authors,its not so boring :)
Thank you!

Robin Snodgrass said...

Hi Amy,
After reading your blog and all the wonderful responses, I don't know that I could actually come up with anything original to add.
The reason I love paranormals is because they are a terrific way to escape the day to day life that I lead. Don't get me wrong - I love my husband and my life, but sometimes, it's just so nice to escape to a world filled with action, adventure, imaginative situations and people, and hot, sexy men/vampires/were/aliens, etc.
When I was younger, I loved horror books and thrillers, especially those with otherwordly creatures... Then I grew up and discovered the world or romance and erotica. My life and my reading habits have never been the same!
Love the Damien book thong! I admire your creativity in making it and your willingness to part with it. That would be the hardest part for me. *G*

blackroze37 said...

the thoughts we could actaully live forever, or have super strong strength, mind reading ,
we can love forever , we can fly

that is so cool!

QB said...

Hi Amy!

80% of what I read is Paranormal Romance and/or Urban Fantasy. Followed by Historicals. I read VERY few straight contemporaries and even fewer sci-fi (almost never, in fact). And no YA. EVER.

I read to escape and give myself a little vacation from real life. But I think I also have to read in a world I can relate to and visualize. So Paranormal, Urban Fantasy and Historical fit both criteria. I can't relate to or visualize most Sci-fi. And I have a house full of teens so YA most definitely would NOT provide escape!

Anonymous said...

Hey Amy...absolutely beautiful bookmark! I must confess, I was never much into reading until I was introduced to paranormal romance...I am hooked:) How can any reader resist the storytelling of spicy adventures, page-melting sex and lots of danger with such mysterious DELICIOUS men or should I say Demons or Vampires or Werewolves or ... need I say more!
Have a great day!

AmyC said...

Thank you Kortne and Stphanie! I'm so glad you think I'm not boring! :) I guess I figure I am because I enjoy being home!

Hi Robin, you are so right...everyone has given some great responses!!

And blackroze....to live forever with those alpha hunky guys...whew...and to fly...good one!! :)

Hi qb, I don't read YA either...well...except for Harry Potter! But that series is in a class of it's own as far as I'm concerned! Like Anna, that is the series that made me want to read. After I reread the first 3 books twice waiting for the 4th book I decided it was time I ventured to the bookstore and find something different to read and I found fantasy! Then historical romance and now paranmorals!

Sue A. said...

Hi Amy! I've always loved the name DAMIEN, even after the Omen came out. Speaking of which, it just gave me a thought about why I love Paranormal books so much. It's because that genre deals so much with man's eternal struggle with good and evil. And of course there's the element of love and hate that goes hand in hand with that. All of which makes for a great story.

Christine said...

Hi Amy!

The DAMIEN book thong looks fantastic! I LOVE the colors you used.... it will look great tucked into his book! :D

I love reading paranormal romance more than any other genre because it is the one genre that satisfies two things I love the most in a literature: ROMANCE and the ULTIMATE ESCAPE. There are enough real life stresses and world problems for me to worry about for REAL. I crave moments to put all of out of my mind and be taken to a place where I be thrilled by something dark, dangerous, and other worldly. Danger that I know will eventually dissipate by the last page. Danger in a plot that includes plenty of genuine romance and sensuality. To me, that's the greatest escape. ;)

Serena said...

Hi Amy!

Yeah, you definitely didn't do boring *grin* Great discussion topic and yummy thong (that just sounded wrong)

Why do I dig paranormal romances? Hmmm, I guess it's a lot of things to be honest. There's the otherness of the parafolk in the books, the sheer strength of them being laid low by an emotion and becoming stronger by embracing it...the escape from the dishes in the sink, the 'Mom, she's bugging me' or 'I'm bored', and the ever present pile of laundry. Imagining yourself away from the mundane and into the extraordinary is probably my biggest reason for reading paranormal. Now I have to help my daughter...see, need a book.

Anonymous said...

I love the Damien bookmark and all those other goodies are great! I just won the other contest but I still wanted to comment! I love paranormals b/c it lets me escape reality into a world of lusty vampires and naked men LOL! Hey, Im a stay at home mom and Paranormal romances give me jolt of life :)

AmyC said...

Hi Christine!! Nothing like having an escape from reality!!

Hi Serene *chuckle* about thong and thank you!!

Hi Crystal and congratulations on winning!! I'm thinking I may have to buy me one of Serena's bookmarks. They're awesome! I'm a stay at home mom too and not just naked guys...naked guys with powers!! :)

Cherie J said...

Hi Amy!

That Damien book thong is so cool! I am drawn to paranormal romance as an escape. I am a stay at home with two little ones, a boy aged 4 and a baby girl age 10 months so I need my evening escape. After dinner, I take some time and relax in my recliner and escape into a good parnaormal romance that has nothing to do with my everyday life. I escape to other worlds or get caught up in the lives of unusual characters. It is such an exciting genre and I am so happy with the variety of plots that are offered out there. There is something for everyone.

Suzette said...

I happen to love paranormal for the same reason others here are, to escape. I love the fantasy, the magic, the demons, vamps, and weres. When I want to escape, I go all out, I want something that is going to be etraordinary with amazingly sexy men with alpha tendencies....real life, well me and an alpha male might not get along but in a book, ALPHA males rule. Paranormal romances for me are an escape from life as we know it.

DreamWeaver said...

Hi Amy! You did a gret job with your blog. :)

So why do I read paranormal romance? I read my first romance book at age 14 and I've never stopped. It wasn't until about 2 1/2 years ago when I read my first Dark-Hunter book that I fell in love with paranormal romances. My daytime job is very rigid and stuffy so when I get home I really need an escape to another world. I enjoy it when the hero and heroine have special powers or magic. To me that just makes things more interesting.

Kat said...

Hi Amy!!!!

Finally got on here - wonderful post :)

One of the many reasons I love paras is that they have an intensity about them that most other genres don't have. Heightened emotions, more action, more danger, and less predictability. They frequently operate on two levels - the grand scope of the para's world and the smaller scope of the main couple. This leaves so much more room for expansion. Plus, with paras authors tend to revisit past characters and develop future characters more. We didn't have to leave Jacob & Bella behind and throw them into a cameo in Gideon. They were there - their story continued to develop and it was wonderful.

And on a shallow note, you get the hot alpha males. The neck biting thing is a huge turn-on too. And you so often get in paras the true scarred warrior. One who's so da** tough on the outside, but in what most would think of as a contrast but really isn't, he's really loving to those he loves. It makes him belong to the heroine in a way you don't generally see. Gives a certainty to relationships, like soul mates, that you can't find in real life.

It's a dream, worlds I'd love to be a part of. And they make for fantastic reads with no boundaries or proscribed limits :)


AmyC said...

Hi Kat, that is such a good point!! Of course, the worlds they create how can you stop with just one. That's just the beginning! You gotta have more books!

And Cherie, there are so many different worlds that have been created and they never get boring. Each series has it's own originality!

I just would like to say agian...Thank you all for stopping by today. All your reasons for being drawn to paranormals are mine as well. It was awesome reading your posts. And geez, to think I was worried no one would post!! LOL!!

Jeanette J said...

I like paranormals too. They take me to a place that mere mortal males can't

Maura Anderson said...

HI AMY!!!!

Waves madly. I can't wait to see you again!

Hmmmm - paranormals.....

I love to read and write them because I can expand beyond the world we know and create a sense of wonder. In a way it's like returning to a bit of the way it was as a child where the world seemed boundless and rules didn't matter as much....

AmyC said...

I think Jacki changed the password so I can't post another blog with the winner!! But that's OK!! I know how to find you!! :)

My son had the honor of drawing a name this morning and the winner is......cinnamongirl...NESS!!! Congratulations!! You are the proud owner of the first ever made Damien book thong and a tons of promo!! :)


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