Thursday, August 2, 2007

The noctural world of Rene Lyons

I never picked what I write. Paranormal romance just sort of picked me. When I was young I wrote sci-fi/horror. I had these extremely high aspirations of being the next Stephen King who, btw, I have a massive crush on). Then one day I read Shanna byKathleen E. Woodiwiss and I was hooked on romance. Historical and westerns were no genre du jour. Johanna Lindsey, Amanda Quick, Julie Garwood, Madeline Baker...those ladies took my heart on emotional journeys and haven't let me off yet.

I continued to write, only suddenly, my stores had a hero and heroine. Subconsciously I began to weave romantic elements into my stories. Finally I gave up trying to write sci-fi, although I held fast to horror. Vampires were my favorite topic to write about. Shocked? I wasn't either considering I'd always had a deep love of them. Of course, now, I was writing about dark and brooding vampires who swept a woman off of her feet and carried her into a world of shadows and secrets. Slowly, I began to morph these characters into alpha male and my women into strong heroines who were able to stand up to these vampires.

I love my genre. I love vampires. I love all those wonderfully sinister things that haunt the night. Ghosts, name it I love writing about them all. I love getting lost in that nocturnal world and thank fate every day for allowing me the chance to write what I love. I only hope is that my love for what I do comes across in every word I write.

Much love to Jacki for allowing me to hijack her blog today!


Melissa said...

Hi Rene :) I can't imagine a romance writer today who hasn't loved at least one of Kathleen's books. My favorite was A Rose in Winter.

Good luck and have a beautiful weekend!

AmyC said...

Hey Rene....and you have some very HOT Vampires!! :)

Samantha said...

I absolutely LOVE the Templar Vampires ! So I second Amy's comment. I am looking forward to Tempting Darkness and your new book out Setheus !! I know *sigh* I am so stuck in the printed book so I am waiting (not patiently)=) Good luck in all you do, I love your stories!

Anna said...

Hey Rene.... I looove your vampires! I can't wait to read the next book. :)

Tracy said...

Hey Rene! I love vamps too - but unlike you I can't write! lol Congrats on some great books!!

Christine said...

One of my favorite things to learn about authors is their journey to becoming a published author, whether it be print or ebook. What or who was their inspiration to write?... What authors did they read?.... Why do they write the genre(s) they do?... and so on. Thanks for sharing some of your journey, Rene!

I've heard so much praise for your Templar Vampires... I'm looking forward to reading them for myself!

Pamk said...

I too loved the templar vamps and can't wait for the next one.


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