Saturday, August 18, 2007

Bestseller - Impassioned Sea

Kelsey Baker has always believed that dreams are the magic of life and those dreams are about to come true for her.

While walking in the surf on a crowded beach, she finds a breathtaking pendant inlaid with gemstones of every color in the rainbow, washing in with the tide. But, for some unexplainable reason, when she asks the people sunbathing on the beach, they do not see the beauty of the pendant, only a piece of junk worthy of a trashcan. What is going on here?

In the magical underwater kingdom of Ametheysea, the mighty mer-shifter, King Seadale, in a fit of anger, casts out the one object that will lead and bind him to his mate, the Amulet To Ametheysea. Little does he know that someone has found it and this god’s life is about to change and shift like the deep blue ocean he rules.

Have you ever wondered how the creatures of the sea mate? Now you will find out in explicitly revealing details that will leave you craving the lapping licks of the sea for yourselves...
All the mysteries and legends that surround the magical kingdoms Ametheysea and the Bermuda Triangle will be revealed, in this the final chapter of the brothers of Ametheysea.


Valerie said...

I love those underwater stories and this was beautiful!!!


Cherie J said...

Wow! This sounds great

Y said...

oh boy! this looks like something i would like...glad you are bloggin here today! hope you have a great weekend.

Debra said...

This sounds like such a beautiful story. The sea is so magical and the story fits it.

Anna said...

I love stories like this. The cover is pretty amazing too.

Stephanie said...

LS did a Swimingly Beautiful Job with this cover and since its a Mer story its an automatic buy for me! Just wish I knew about it sooner!!

Stephanie @}%-

Stephanie*magic* said...

What a beautiful cover!!
Sounds like an amazing story!
I love these kinds of books.I'm looking into getting it now!
Thanks for hangin out and blogging here today.Been fun!

Pamk said...

omg that cover rocks. I am adding this one to my tbb list. love this concept.

Ann said...

Your blurb for Impassioned Sea sounded intriguing, so I went browsing at LSB. I compare books to cocktails, it takes more self-control than I possess to limit myself to just one. So, naturally, I found a few things to buy. I loved this book. Is Sindale's story available anywhere? Thank you for posting on Jacki's blog. I don't know when I would have discovered you or the other authors whose works I purchased at LSB otherwise.
Happy reading!


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