Sunday, August 19, 2007

Hi! I'm J.J. Massa

Wow! Following Anya Bast on Jacquelyn Frank’s Blog. Look at me go! I LOVE Jacquelyn Frank! I love her work and I think she’s an amazing person. And Anya Bast! What a writer—and so pretty.

To tell you the truth, I guess I’m used to following a hot blond everywhere I go. Notice I said blond and not blonde. The blond who leads me around doesn’t write hot stories, or read them either.

My blond is all wavy soft hair, hard muscle and big brown eyes. And he’s a gentleman through and through.

This is me with Cosmo, my best friend, constant companion, and caretaker. He makes sure I never step wrong and nobody ever steps on me.

He’s the inspiration for
Mik Montgomery—the patriarch of the Montgomery-Livingston werewolf pack I write about as well as Kofy—the guide dog in the vampire story Love Like Blood.

He was younger here...

When we’re out walking around he helps me think, keeps me fit, and keeps me out of trouble. When we’re inside and I’m writing, he entertains his cats and keeps me from forgetting to eat. More importantly, he reminds me of the time—6:30, Noon, and 5:00 –mealtimes.

Needless to say, he doesn’t show up in every book—not obviously at least. But he’s there. A lot of my favorite heroes have white-blond hair or brown eyes…funny though, none of them have a pink Labrador nose. Hmmm… Do you think it’s a form of prejudice?

I’ll have to work on that. (along with my picture taking--this came from my phone. Blind people shouldn't take pictures, huh?)

Oh, and here are excerpts from two short stories that came out this summer. (and a blurb from a long one) One is a short story that’s part of a wonderful anthology. It’s the first in a series I’m writing about some longtime friends called Beach House and one story will come out each season in a fantasy anthology from Twilight Fantasies.

Beach House: Old Friends
by J.J. Massa
Evie and Gibb are busy people with high-powered careers. Sometimes it seems like there's no time to rest, relax, calm down.
What could be better than a week at the beach in the company of old friends? If only they could take it with them when the week is up…

Turning to face forward, Evie settled against him. "We're quite a pair, aren't we? Barely exchanging two words when we're with the old crowd, working in the same industry but we don't speak. And look at us now."

Tightening his arms around her, Gibb inhaled a deep breath of her light scent and released it, not knowing what he should say. There was plenty he could tell her, but wouldn't. "Maybe discretion really is the better part of valor," he murmured, petting a hand over her long, satiny hair.

"Maybe," she agreed. Angling her head slightly, she arched a delicate brow at him. "So how valiant are you feeling right this minute?"

Another little shift brought his erection against her lower back, answering the question for both of them. "Shit," he growled, tilting his head against the lounger's cushion.

"Supper out?" she asked sheepishly, scooting away from him on the chaise.


Evie knew that Gibb had risen with her, some kind of choreographed dance. Reaching for him, she wasn't surprised when he pulled her in, fingers threaded as she pressed against him.

He opened his mouth as if to speak, thought better of it and leaned over her. Pushing up against his hands, she stood on tiptoes, face to face with him. His eyes were intense, bolts of blue lightning against the fabric of a summer sky—hot and riveting.

She moved against him as he lowered his head, no teasing now. Masculine lips covered hers, warm, demanding, insistent as his tongue swept her willing mouth.

A new space opened inside her, pulling her in as she savored his unique flavor: red, red wine, wild summer oceans and spicy Gibb—Evie was quickly addicted. She held onto him, tasting, feeling, she was drunk on his heady flavor now and so little had happened yet. Knowing that there was more to come was nearly overwhelming as they made their way up the beach, kissing, stumbling as they went.

Amazing. Blown away. Overwhelmed. And they'd just barely touched. What would happen when they made love? And they would…were going to, were minutes away. The idea of it made Evie's knees weak and she stumbled over the threshold.

"You still with me?" he rumbled, his arm around her back.

They were on the stairs now, she could make it that little bit further. "Fine," she agreed, moving on automatic, eager like she'd never been before.

Reconciling Andrea
Part One

Life has been difficult for Andrea, but she's a survivor. Sometimes surviving is so much harder than letting go.

Tadeo Rice has been looking for his soul mate. He's been hearing her voice in his head for a year and knows she's been suffering. When he finally finds her, will she accept him and all that he longs to do for her?

"I'm telling you, Meredith," Marty Stevens said to Tadeo Rice's secretary, "he told me himself. This is the lady that he's been..."

Both Marty and Meredith watched, agog, as Andrea bolted from their boss's office.

She was only a few feet in front of them when the big guy himself snatched her around the waist.
They could hear her erratic breathing that almost sounded like sobs. They watched the drama unfold with interest.

"Meu Deus, Andrea! I've searched for you too long to let you go!" Tadeo growled, turning her to press her against his body.

"No!" she cried, struggling. "You don't really know me and I CERTAINLY don't know you, MR. Rice!"

Unknowingly, she confirmed what Tadeo had intimated to Marty earlier. He was now convinced that Andrea had known his boss but hadn't realized that he was billionaire, Tadeo Rice, head of

Rice Hotels International. Apparently, she felt hurt and betrayed. Go figure.

"Andrea, you must listen to me! I won't let anyone hurt you ever again!" He tried to calm her but she twisted and turned.

"You intend to do just what Father would do to me! NO! Let me go!"

Tadeo scooped her into his arms and barked, "Hold my calls and cancel everything!"

Clamping his mouth over hers, he whirled around with Andrea in his arms, still kissing her, and carried her into his office, kicking the door shut behind him.

"Oh my gosh!" breathed Meredith. "That was the most romantic thing I've ever seen... EVER!"

"I tried to tell you!" Marty couldn't have been prouder if he'd orchestrated the whole thing himself.

"They must love each other so much. I'm gonna cry! I never thought such things were real!"

Marty rubbed her shoulder, grinning to himself as Meredith crowed in romantic ecstasy.

The Edge by J.J. Massa

Detective Paytah has spent his entire life fighting to overcome ignorance and gain acceptance in a world too quick to judge. Always willing to take on any challenge, the tough-as-nails Native American has never shied away from the truth. Until he meets Tyler Baker, that is.

Tyler represents everything that Paytah hates; the blond haired blue-eyed gay detective with a penchant for bending the rules was born with a silver spoon in his mouth and a champagne glass in his hand.

When Paytah is assigned to work with Tyler he anticipates that the partnership will be difficult. After all, working high profile serial murder cases are always challenging. But, as the case of the decade unravels, so does his ability to control his attraction and to deny his own needs.

This book by J.J. Massa has it all—passion, desire, intrigue, and an unforgettable ending that promises to take you to The Edge.

If you'd like a chance to win a download of one of these books, or any of my books email me at with the word CONTEST in the subject line. I will announce the winner in the comment section here on TUESDAY-- AUGUST 21, 2007. :)

I hope Jacquelyn is doing well and that every one of you are having a great summer!

Take Care!

J.J. Join me!
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Caffey said...

Hi JJ!!!! So wonderful to see you on the blog here! I do have Jacquelyn's first book and so look forward to reading it very soon!

Again great to see you here, and wow, I have so much to catch up with you on with your books. Being away alot of the summer due to the heat, I've really behind when I was usually right by your side when your books come out. So with these awesome excerpts I'm making a wishlist! The Beach House anthology sound so good for with the summer soon ending! Will be a perfect read! And too with the other book, love the name Tadeo, and this one sounds so emotional already! Your books have always pulled at my emotions from your characters and stories. Thats what I love about them.

So beautiful to see Cosmo! Obviously he is spoiled in those pictures, but he deserves it! You too!

Cosmo & J.J. said...

Cathie! I'm so happy to hear from you! I'm glad you got away from the heat for a bit. You won't be sorry you got Jackie's book. She's really got a style. You'll love it.

There are 5 other authors in that anthology and their stories are something else! Hope you enjoy them all. I'll give Cosmo a pet from you!

Meljprincess said...

Hi J.J.
I love the picture of Cosmo in the pajama top. Cute! I also love to watch animals sleeping or bathing. Sweet!
The woman on the cover of "Reconciling Andrea" looks like an actress but I can't think of her name. I'm trying to remember where I saw her last....
It's nice to see you here in Jacquelyn's blog! Enjoyed the excerpts.

Nienke Hinton said...

Loved the pics of Cosmo! The short stories sound great! Congrats on selling them!

Tracy said...

Hi JJ! Thanks for blogging today. The pictures you posted are great - Cosmo is adorable and I can see how he would be inspiration for your characters! :)

annalisa said...

Hi JJ!
Great pics & I enjoyed the excerpts, too. Congrats on the release of your new books! :)

Cherie J said...

Hi JJ!

Congrats on all the wonderful releases! Loved the excerpts and your wonderful pictures. Great to have you blogging here.

Debra said...

Great to see you here. Enjoyed reading.

Cosmo & J.J. said...

I'm having fun here. It's so great to "see" everyone.

A tidbit about the Beach House series--these little stories are all based on a group of my closest friends. The only one of them who has read the story is "Gibb" --he's an actor that you have probably seen on TV or at the movies, so I thought it only fair that he get to read it. A lot of the details and personality traits are true--the house is real. I'm not having an affair with him, though. LOL

And that's all I'm going to tell. *grin*

Stephanie*magic* said...

Hi JJ.Thansk for coming by! What a beautiful dog.He sounds like a sweetheart!
Great excerpts!They sound like great books.Congrats and best wishes to you.

Anya Bast said...

Thank you, JJ. :)

Cosmo! What a gorgeous boy.

And excerpts! Too cool. They're making my evening after a long ucky day job day.

Congrats on the new releases!

Suzette said...

Greta excerpts and covers. Your dog is gorgeous but I'm sure he knows that! lol

Cosmo & J.J. said...

Thanks you guys. Cosmo never argues back, loves every bit of food I give him, doesn't need his laundry done, lives for my praise and would die for me without question. He thinks I'm always right.

Best relationship I've ever had with a man I didn't write. *grin*

Thanks for your compliments about the covers were done by TLW at loveyoudivine, CJ England at Twilight Fantasies, and Beverly Maxwell at Linden Bay Romance. very talented people. :)

maripj99 said...

Hello JJ! Love the pics of Cosmo. He's a real life hero.

I love the excerpts, especially the one from Reconciling Andrea. I remember this as a free story from somewhere. Tadeo isn't a name easily forgotten. I bought The Edge as soon as it went up on Fictionwise.

Stella Price said...

JJ i miss you and Cosmo! And Joe misses Cosmo too! we need to hangout!


Cosmo & J.J. said...

Mari, I'm glad you got it. Hope you like it. Fictionwise is great, huh?

Stella!!! We miss you and Joe, too. (Tell Joe Cosmo was asking about him just the other day!)

I really want to make some of those NJ booksignings but that whole blind person driving thing--NJ frowns on that, you know? I though it was just the left turns...

acdaisy95 said...

Hi JJ,

Thanks for letting me know that you write here too. I love your dog, COSMO. He looks so adorable. I also enjoy reading your excerpts.

Cosmo & J.J. said...


Thanks everyone for emailing and commenting.

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