Thursday, August 30, 2007

Yasmine Galenorn: Urban Fantasy, Tattoos, & Caffeine

Yo, hey, and hello.

When Jacquelyn asked me to blog, how could I say no? (After all, she’d just agreed to blog at the Witchy Chicks for me—which she did a couple days ago, so you can find her over there still!). All’s fair in love and hitting that old turnabout’s fair-play button on your friends. ~grins~

So, who the hell am I? (hint, that's me in the picture). I’m Yasmine Galenorn, the USA-Today bestselling author of the Sisters of the Moon Series. Actually, I'm the author of umpteen books. Changeling, the one out in June, was my 18th book on the shelves. Besides Witchling & Changeling, I’ve got 8 nonfiction metaphysical books out, 5 paranormal mysteries in one series, and 3 ‘standard’ mysteries from another series. I’m very proud of all of them, but my heart belongs to fantasy, and I love writing urban fantasy, so am only writing the Sisters of the Moon Series now. Which makes me quite happy, and I’m actually edging a bit closer to sanity in my workaholic-ness. I'm also a caffeine junkie. Big time. Iced triple shot grande rice (or soy) milk peppermint mochas are my drink of choice.

My tagline is: Tattoos and Teacups, because I’m covered with tattoos and love collecting daggers and things like elk antlers and skulls, but I’m really quite a gurly gurl and I always wear dresses (don’t even own a pair of trousers) and also collect teacups and beautiful faerie figurines and crystals.

So, last week I just finished Dragon Dreaming, the fourth book in my Sisters of the Moon Series. It hit my editor’s desk yesterday (yay!) and now I’m waiting for her to approve the synopsis for book five—Panther Rising. Panther Rising is due January 15th, so I’m going to have a busy autumn. But I love my work, I love what I’m writing, I love that my readers are loving it. Urban fantasy with hot guys? So my style. I always wanted to write fantasy, but I wanted to write it on a little more ‘adult’ level and now I’m doing just that! (Just like I always wanted to see an R-rated version of Labyrinth come out…WITH David Bowie…oh yeah…~grins~).

Standard Book Plug:

The Sisters of the Moon Series:

Witchling and Changeling are still rocking the stores, yay! And Darkling is available for pre-order—it will be out in January.

Meet the D’Artigo Sisters—three half human, half-Faerie, wild and sexy members of the OIA—the Otherworld Intelligence Agency. Camille, a witch, Delilah, a werecat, and Menolly, an acrobat extraordinaire turned vampire, are sent Earthside to keep them out of trouble by their superiors, who consider the girls nothing but a bunch of bumbling half-breeds. But the girls soon find themselves smack in the middle of Demon-Central when Shadow Wing, the leader of the Subterranean Realms, decides to attempt a coup on both Earth and Otherworld.

Together with Camille’s uber-hot boyfriends--a magic wielding fox demon, a gorgeous hunk of dragon flesh and a shady but charming Fae--Iris the house sprite, Chase Johnson—a human detective with a penchant for wild women and spicy beef tacos, and Maggie—the girls’ baby calico gargoyle, the three sisters are out to save two worlds, one monster at a time.

And no, I never watched an episode of Charmed and the series is NOT based on it. *grins* (can you tell I get that comment a lot). I was a Buffy girl, through and through (and Spike is my answer to that age old Angel/Spike question).

To answer a few questions:
  • Yes, the books are first person.
  • Yes, they rotate through the different sisters’ POV. I love writing first person—it lets me get into the character’s head in an intimate way. Witchling is from Camille’s POV, Changeling from Delilah’s, Darkling will be from Menolly’s POV, Dragon Dreaming—Camille again, and now with Panther Rising I’m back to writing through Delilah’s eyes. It’s been a challenge and one I feel that I’ve done a great job with—each sister comes through me in such a distinct voice.
  • Yes, there are more books than the first three--it's a series, not a trilogy.
  • Yes, there are relationships and some explicit sex, but the main focus is saving the world, so they aren't really romances--not in the standard way of thinking. And the girls can get a little bit kinky a times, after all--they're half-Fae, half-human.
  • And yes, I have the most marvelous cover artist in the world—Tony Mauro--and I consider myself very lucky (we authors don’t get a say in that, generally). He’s done an excellent job.

This week, I get to take a little time off—a rare occurrence. But what do I mean by time off? Does this mean I get to run off and play all day? In the immortal words of Aerosmith, dream on!

What my time off this week includes:
  • Writing up the synopsis for Panther Rising (done).
  • I want to get about 20 pages on a short story I’m writing about Camille and Trillian when they met.
  • I have two guest blogs to write up—this one and one for next week at another blog.
  • Cleaning house and finishing getting the new furniture all in order.
  • Finishing the decorations for autumn (yes, we are headed into autumn here—it will be warm today and tomorrow, but we’re talking mid 70’s warm and that’s about it).
  • Balance checkbook, pay bills (that’s a weekly thang but it still needs to be done).
  • Contact my jeweler and once again ask “Is my ring ready yet?” (I’ve had this ongoing ring crisis for two months because I commissioned him to make a ring that, apparently, is very, very difficult to make and the poor man went through 32 emeralds—as in breaking them—before having to commission it out to someone else to make…I shudder to think how much money he’s losing on it. However, I wouldn’t have let it get quite that far before I would have decided to pass it on to someone who had the skill necessary).
  • Pulling together the rest of my Sisters of the Moon site after my husband does the PHP coding—I do all the pages, graphics, and content, he does the harder coding to make it work on site.
  • Getting my forums in order—I think I finally found a way to prevent spammers from registering. Seriously! I’m just not going to let anyone register automatically. I haven’t been deluged with members so I figure I’ve got a good year or so of adding people in one at a time before I get so swamped I have to think of something else. I want to use them as a venue to answer all the writing questions I’ve been getting asked lately so I don’t have to repeat myself over and over again.
  • Get my tattoo page back up for people who’ve been asking.
  • Answer three months of email that backed up. Or delete and plead ignorance. ~grins~
  • Write up my September newsletter and get it online.
  • Buy two frames for two custom paintings I had done. One is of my office kitty—Tara’s soooo pretty. And here, you can see just what she thinks about helping me with my writing!

So, as you can see, time off is…anything but. On the plus side, I may be able to carve out a little time to play some Sims or Diablo 2 or Dungeon Siege. You see, I figured out long ago how to work and have some semblance of a life. It’s really quite easy:

  • You do your work first, get it done, and don’t let it back up.
  • Prioritize. Unimportant stuff can go in the round file.
  • You spend quality time with your significant other—sex takes precedence over Scrabble, in other words. Or most everything else except eating and bathing.
  • And this is the most important—you don’t sleep. Seriously, sleep is over-rated. Good moisturizer helps the face from getting lined, backrubs take out some of the tension, sex is good for the skin, water keeps the digestion flowing, and as long as you have enough caffeine in your system, well…the world is your playpen.

Thanks for joining me on my rambles today, and I hope you enjoyed the morning jaunt!

~the Painted Panther~
~Yasmine Galenorn~

You can find me at my website, on MySpace, or at the Witchy Chicks. And, of course, your local bookstore.


Annette Blair said...

Yazza, you are so full of energy, as are most of the Witchy Chicks, that it rubs off on me. Sometimes, it even makes me tired. :) I used to miss the energy from the school where I worked, but the Witchy Chicks have replaced the energy of 1,000 students. LOL. Anyway, your series is to die for wonderful. I love it. You're unbelievably talented and anyone who hasn't read the SOTM series is missing a brilliant experience.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Yazza! Tattooes and Tea Cups. LOVE that tagline, girl!


Tracy said...

Hi Yasmine! I've seen your books on the shelves and now that I know a little bit more about them I'm anxious to read them. Loved your blog - and I think I'm giving up sleeping too. Why sleep when I can read all night? These and other

Tak care

Vickie said...

Hey Yazmine,

Wow you go girl! You sound like you have never ending energy! Love the kitty pic. I love tats also I have 3.
Have an Great Relaxing Day!
P.S. is January her yet?!?!?!lol

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Annette--you are such a sweet friend (and so supportive). I'm so glad you joined the Witchy Chicks.

Faye: yeah, it really does seem contradictory but hey, I drink herbal tea out of bone china cups while admiring the snake on one arm and the bears on the other (and all other assorted tattoes). *grins*

Tracy: Hi there! I hope you like the series--and yeah, I thought that I might as well give a rundown of them to let people know what they are--and what they aren't (the books that is). :)

Vickie--Nah, chronic insomnia and a never ending drive to do more, do more! And Tara's a pretty girl, she's 19 years old, you know. (And I'm counting the months till Darkling comes out!).


Lisa Croll Di Dio said...

Hey, Yazza. ~waving madly~

I just love your "time off" plans. Heh. You definitely put the capital A in Type A, lady. But that's one of the many, many things I love about you!

And, FYI, gentle readers, the sisters ROCK! Seriously. If you love edge paranormal and you haven't read them yet, get thee to a bookstore!

(One of the Witchy Chicks and damned proud of it!)

Bianca D'Arc said...

Yasmine - I just want to apologize again for stepping on your day yesterday. Jacki had me so nervous that I was going to forget, I jumped the gun and got it in my head I was supposed to be on yesterday. Please forgive me.

I wish Blogger had a way to schedule these things ahead or I wouldn't have been so nervous about forgetting. I hope you'll forgive me. *hanging head in shame*

- Bianca

Shelli Stevens said...

Wow you are a busy bee! I LOVE your tagline. It makes me smile.

Can't wait to pick up more of your books!


Yasmine Galenorn said...

Bianca, don't sweat it--since I'm currently on a few days off, it doesn't matter! You just surprised me, is all! LOL...

Lisa, hon, thanks for the plug. My Sisters do, rock, that's why I love writing about them. :)

Shelli--hey girl, how are you?


Rose Marie Wolf, Author said...

Hi Yasmine. Wow, you sound like you are very busy. I'm in the same boat. I love your tagline. Very interesting. I don't have any tattoos yet, but I'm planning on getting my first sometime next month, to commemorate the publishing of my first print book.

Keep writing. Your books are awesome.

Much Love Always,
Rose Marie Wolf

Maura Anderson said...

LOL - great post, Yazza!!

I love your tattoos and, of course, have my own collection.

If folks haven't read the Sisters stories, you have to - they are terrific. The Witchy Chicks are all SO talented and I'm honored to be one of them - albeit the baby :)

AmyC said...

Hi Yasmine! I had emailed you on myspace yesterday. I was going to get Witchling if they had it and of course they didn't! They had Changeling...grrr!! So I am just going to have to order it!! Which I will do real soon!

I just had a two month wait on a custom ring as well. I finally got to pick it up today! Mine only took so long because the stone was on back order. But it turned out beautiful! It has my Mother in laws diamonds from her 30th anniversary earings set on either side of a moonstone. She passed away back in January and I dont wear earings so my hubby thought he would have them set in a ring for me.

Thanks for stopping by!
Have a great day :)

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Rose Marie: Yeah, I'm always busy but I prefer it that way. I'd get bored stiff otherwise!

Maura: love ya babe, even if you are the "baby" *grins*...

AmyC: I finally managed to message you back there, I think. LOL, I've been swamped with computer stuff the past couple days. Yeah, tell them they need to get more Witchling in--it's still selling like hotcakes! ;) And I bet your ring is gorgeous.

When Witchling hit the bestseller list, I bought a channel-set diamonds in white gold ring--for Camille.

Changeling hit the bestseller list and for that, I've ordered emeralds in a channel set yellow gold ring--for Delilah.

(I wear yellow gold on that hand, white gold on the left).

KNOCKING WOOD FOR DARKLING!!! *grins* (I'd get white gold/diamonds & garnets interspersed).


AmyC said...

Me again! I just ordered Witchling! Just thought I'd share! :)

Oh and yes I did get your message!

Shar said...

I started with Hex of a Wedding. I finally went and got Witchling and Changeling. I love the idea of them. I just started with WITCHLING and enjoying it. I adore the covers. The painter is part of the reason why I was willing to try it as it caught my eye out of all those urban fantasy books on the shelf. The back blurb was the next nail in my bank account. (It yells a lot when I go into bookstores, but I need my books) I give up sleep to read those books as lately I haven't had time during the day to get to them. Agh! Not good.

I am also a follower of your various blogs and find them quite entertaining and enlightening. Please keep up the good work as they help an overworked woman get some relaxation. :)

Christine said...

Hi Yasmine! I'm so thrilled you are the guest blogger here today. I have been seeing your Sisters of the Moon books all over and kept wanting to learn more.... and here you are! :)) I have to tell you that I absolutely love the covers of these books.... they are sexy, powerful, intriguing and completely feminine at the same time. I agree with you that your cover artist, Tony Mauro, has done an excellent job. And from your standard book plug, I sure I'm going to absolutely love what is inisde as well. I am definintely picking up Witchling and Changeling the next time I hit the bookstore!

Anna said...

Hey Yasmine... I just want to say I'm enjoying the sisters so far. I really love Camille. The short about her and Trillian....oooh, can't wait to read that. The cover art is amazing as you well know. I love Menolly's hair.

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Shar: I hope you like Witchling all the way through--still has mystery, just ramped up and warped out. *grins* And it makes me feel good to know I can make people miss sleep with my books, because *I* love it when I find books that do that to me!

Christine: I'm all about being able to be sexy and feminine and STRONG and kick-ass...I love makeup and dresses, but nobody messes with me! LOL I sure hope you like the books. :)

Anna: Yeah, I love Camille too--she's my fave, though I love each sister very much in a different way. Camille's most like me, only thinner, clumsier (in a way), and her boyfriends don't necessarily object to her other boyfriends--LOL, don't think my husband would go for that! ~grins~


Shari C said...

I am thoroughly enjoying the Sister of the Moon series; am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the Darkling...December seems a long way off.

Congratulations on a great series.

Melissa said...

Cat Macro! Another reason to love you :D I'm addicted to the things. Psst...if you want, you can borrow my excuse when I accidentally on purpose delete 1,400 emails - just say you forgot what you did with them all. Oh, and my son said if you like Diablo, to keep an eye out for Hellgate: London. I'm more a puzzle game girl so, I've no idea what he's talking about.

I love your books and am happily (and patiently) waiting for more! But Smoky...eeee! Gotta have his book. Soon. Yeah, so much for

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Shari: January 2nd--ah well, there are some good books coming out this autumn. Jeaniene Frost has one coming out called Halfway To The Grave that I gave a cover quote for--it's really good. The time will pass. *grins*

Melissa: I'll look that game up, I've been looking for something new. And yeah, four kitties, there's always somebody on the desk, the chair, the sofa, my face when I wake up *grins*


Kortne said...

HEY!!I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE your books!!! I can barely sleep waiting for Menollys!!I think shes my favorite!!!!I think that the way you do there first person is AWESOME! Some people dont like first person but i dont care your books rock!! I LOVE THE COVERS TO!! I added you to myspace and entered your contest!! WEll just wanted to tell you hey and how much i love ur books lol!! so HEY!!


Amy, you will enjoy the books i bought witchling one day and was out the next hunting up changeling

Pam said...

Hi Yasmine, I've been enjoying the sisters, and another one who'd love to read Smokey's story.

Yasmine Galenorn said...

*blushes in the face of Kortne's compliments* Awww...hey, seriously, I'm so glad you love the books--it sure makes an author feel great to hear that! And believe me, I LOVE writing them too!

Pam...oh, in Dragon Dreaming you will get a REAL eyeful of Smoky ~wicked grin~...I sure enjoyed writing the book...oh yeah. ;)


Jacquie said...

Ah, Yazza, you know I'm waiting for Smoky. Whoo-wee, baby! He was intriguing right from the get-go.

Both my daughters and my sister are all hooked on your stories. I totally love the world you created. Thanks for writing these books!


Suzette said...

Ive also seen your books on shelves and to be honest the covers were what caught my eyes. so you are indeed blessed with a great cover artist. I will have to check the books out now. Thanks for posting.

Yasmine Galenorn said...

Jacqui (R): LOL...yeah, I know, I're first in line for Smoky. *grins* After me. I think Maura would fight you for that spot too. *snickers*

Suzette: I am really blessed with my cover artist--trust me, I know. Have had a few bad covers in my day and man, I was not a happy camper. People do notice the covers first, it's just natural.



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