Saturday, July 28, 2007

Print Release Flood & A Contest

When Jacquelyn asked me over to guest blog while she was away, I was excited to come over and play and talk about my new book. But since then, the new book turned into books. This month I've been flooded with print releases. I'm not complaining, mind you. I love new books. Hey, it means I have a job and that's always a good thing--especially since I love what I do for a living.

But, before I get into all that, I should probably do an introduction--I'm Michelle M. Pillow. I write in almost all genres and sub-genres of romance. I have paranormals, historicals, futuristics, contemporaries, dark fantasy, fantasy and every combination thereof. Some of my works includes the Dragon Lords and Lords of the Var series (NCP), Realm Immortal series (Samhain), Matthew Sisters series (Virgin Books/Random House) , Pleasure Cruise series (EC), Taming Him (Pocket Books). There are many more and you can see my Booklist Page for a complete listing.

This month, I've had five print books release. I didn't necessarily plan my schedule like that, it just kind of happened that way. With delays and early pushes, surprises and re-issues, I find myself trying to tackle the promoting of all titles. A challenge to be sure, especially since I'm still writing to fulfill new contracts. Again, not complaining, I love my work.

One of the surprises was Naughty Cupid, a collection of three connected novellas at NCP. I knew this one would come, but I didn't have an exact date after it was initially delayed. I wrote this series to give people who hated Valentines Day a cupid they could love. Contrary to popular belief, Cupid is not a cute little cherub. And he’ll take revenge on any who say differently.

Also from NCP, just released two days ago, Lords of the Var 5: The Pirate Prince is finally here. I say finally, because this was a delayed release that my readers have been clamoring for. When I first started writing these futuristic series, I did the four Dragon Lords books hoping they'd do all right as I went back to my first love, the straight historical. I never realized how popular they would become. Now I can't keep up with the requests for more. Dragon Lords were four prince brothers who were at war with the Var. After their stories, I jumped to the other side of the planet to tell the Var's side of the story. So the bad guys became the heroes and the five Lords of the Var books were born. After these, more futuristic installments are planned. Space Lords will hopefully begin releasing this year in both ebook and print. Also connected to the series are the Zhang Dynasty books in ebook and print (Seduction of the Phoenix, Temptation of the Butterfly) and the short erotic series, Galaxy Playmates (ebook only).

Stop Dragon My Heart Around a book I co-authored with Mandy M. Roth (who will be guest blogging here next week *waving at Mandy*) We always hoped it would come into print and with Ellora's Cave's new printing press it did just in time to sign for the RWA conference this month. True to EC's reputation, this book is super sexy! The Dracodomus brother have a slight problem. If they don't mate by the end of the year, they'll never have sex again.

Fierce Competition and Opposites Attract are re-issues in mass market from Virgin Books. They're part of the contemporary erotic romance imprint, Cheek. Fierce Competition is about a woman with a dream job, great roommates and a wonderful boyfriend. She has everything--even a social rival who'd like to see her lose it all. Opposites Attract sees socialite Alexis Grant losing everything when her mother is arrested for embezzlement. Needing to get away and desperate for money, she agrees to go cross-country with her best friend, the best friend's boyfriend and a man she'd never met--tattoo artist, Ethan James. Ethan is everything she never wanted in a man, but he might just turn out to be everything she needs.

Book Video Links - for you who like to see the trailers
Stop Dragon my Heart Around Book Video
Opposites Attract Book Video
Fierce Competition Book Video
Other Michelle Pillow Book Videos

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Pamk said...

love all things paranormal, scifi, and suspense but they have to have romance in them. BTW loved stop dragon my heart around.

Michelle Pillow said...

Thanks Pam! Mandy and I love writing that one. :D

mandymroth said...


I was in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop by and say hi!

Hi Michelle!

Lover of Books said...

I love Paranormal and Scifi as well. With a good erotic book now and then. :) I have not had a chance to read your books but I am new to them. :) Oh, well another new author to try. lol (looks for hubby to cringe) He thinks I have way too many books. lol

GLENNA said...

I love to read paranormal and scifi. My all time favorite though is historical. Congrats on all the print book releases. Wow they must really have your head swimming. I loved your book Eternally Bound by the way. It was a really great book.

lrwirum said...

I love to read pretty much anything paranormals, romance, suspense, thrillers to name a few. :-)

judy said...

I enjoy romance of all genres. I would say historicals are my favorite. Here lately I have read alot of paranormals and some erotic. I met you at the convention in Houston when you were giving your arc of Along for the Ride to everyone. I read it and really enjoyed it. I ordered some books from Amazon last week, so I decided to order the first Matthew Sisters book Bit By the Bug. I haven't gotten them yet, but have been shipped!! Congrats on all the new releases. It sounds like you have a full plate in front of you!

Michelle Pillow said...

Lover - too many books?! *sticking fingers in ears and singing* LALALLALALALALALA

Glenna- Thank you. I love the dark fantasy series and the bigger world building. You might like the Realm Immortal series from Samhain. Not as dark, but definately in the same "style"

lrwirum- Jaycee Clark's Deadly series is great for suspense romance, or I just read the straight suspense from Michele Martinez 'The Finishing School'

judy - I'm so glad you enjoyed Along for the Ride ARC! I'm in the middle of writing the third book right now, Recipe for Disaster, which should be out April-ish 2008.

Shelly said...

Congrats on the releases. lol, I love to read so I'm not "genre specific". Checked out your website and enjoyed reading about your books! woohoo, have added several to my "to buy" list. :)

maripj99 said...

Congrats on all your book releases. How grand.
I love anything paranormal. I also like BDSM, sci-fi fantasy/dark fantasy, comedy and mystery/suspense. Anything that has a good story really.

Michelle Pillow said...

Shelly & maripj99 - Thank you, I'm very excited about all of them.

Cherie J said...

Congrats on all the print releases! Fantasy and paranormal are my top favorite genres but I do read and enjoy other genres as well.

annalisa said...

Paranormal romance is my favorite. Also enjoy romantic suspense, sci-fi and historical. Love the Dragon Lords and Lords of the Var books. I have the ebooks but hope to get them all in print someday for my keeper shelf. Also enjoyed Stop Dragon My Heart Around. It was so good. I'd like to get a print copy of that too! :)

Stephanie said...

Hi Michele Congreats on all that ink coming out in your name this month!!!
Do Fierce Competition and Oppisites Attrack come out at e-books also?

As far as my faves, when it comes down to it I'll read just about anything according to my mood as long as it has romance in it!

Stephanie :)

Portia Da Costa said...

Congratulations on all those wonderful releases, Michelle...

Me, I like romance of every kind, mainly erotic romance, and now paranormals! :)



Tehya said...

Hi Michelle & Jacki! Love most genres but have to say paranormal and scifi are may favorites! Enjoyed Sieze The Hunter and Temptation of a Butterfly. Now it looks like I need to catch up with even more of your books!

Michelle Pillow said...

Cherie J - Thanks :)

annalisa - So glad you liked them! I just turned in the MS for Space Lords book one. And I have much more planned for the futuristic worlds

Stephanie - No, none of the Cheek books are in ebook (fierce competition, opposites attract, bit by the bug, along for the ride & recipe for disaster --so far)

Portia Da Costa - *Waving at Portia* You have some awesome books coming out. Object of Desire sounds great!

Tehya - That's awesome that you enjoyed Zhang Dynasty 2. I have a couple more books in that series. I love NCP's Harmony line.

GLENNA said...

Michelle thanks for the info on Realm immortal series. I will definitely have to check them out.

Deidre said...

You books certainly look interesting, I will have to look for the cupod book.

Michelle Pillow said...

Glenna -- your welcome. :)

Michelle Pillow said...

Deidre - Cupid was so much fun. Just don't be mad at me when he doesn't turn out to be a baby cherub LOL

Tracy said...

Hi there! Congrats on all of your books - what a great thing to be able to say...I have 5 books coming out! lol!

I love romance - historical contemporary, paranormal - if it's got romance in it - I love it. My favs are...Jackie Frank (of course), JR Ward, Sherrilyn Kenyon, Sabrina Jeffries, Johanna Lindsay, just to name a few. I can't wait to read some of your titles! :)

Michelle Pillow said...

Hi Tracy!

Between ebooks and print, they keep me pretty busy on titles. :)

I love historical. My book Maiden and the Monster (print, EC) is a straight historical, Medieval, that won the RT Reviewers choice award this year. I'm pretty excited about it.

Michelle Pillow said...

I took everyones name and put it into a drawing.Thank you all for stopping by to comment!

The winner of their choice of one of my ebooks backlist in pdf is:

Congrats! Email me with your choice at michelle_pillow (at)

To see books:

Tracy said...

OOOh Michelle - Maiden and the Monster - what a great title! Thank heavens my hubby's gone for 10 days - I can read even more! :)

Michelle Pillow said...

Thanks Tracy! :D

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