Sunday, July 8, 2007

Contest Winners

I are all waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the Evil and Serene winners.

I SHOULD make you wait. Heh. And not just because of random cruelty! Several of you, and I won't name names yet because it could be my mailer's fault, bounced your email notices back to me like they were rubber against a wall. Please make sure of several things. 1. Your mailing address is not only legitimate but spelled and entered correctly. 2. That you have told your email program to recognize the blog announcements as friendly mail...and not junk mail. 3. If you have a firewall and are a super geek, figure it out. 4. If you have a firewall and aren't a super geek, give up now, it's hopeless, all is lost.

Once you double check all of that info, then I can be certain it isn't you but the mailer that is being cranky. I'll send you an email if you bounce back to me again and again after a few more blogs.

All right. Now that new business is taken care of, let's get back to old business. I want to remind you to keep an eye on the previously posted blog! I have been adding fabulous names to it and it assures you all that you will be highly entertained in my absence. I'd like to say right now that I expect you to pounce on each guest like the voracious little author cannibals I know you are. I encourage you to leave comments and I am hoping each lady will be kind enough to interact with you. I am sure if you shower then with your usual enthusiasm and kindness, they won't ever want to leave.

And...the winner of the EVIL EVIL contest, who will be taking home one gorgeous blond Demon by the name of ELIJAH in ARC form is....


Of course! LOL. I forgot yet again to limit the contest to the USA...or simply didn't have the heart to after meeting so many wonderful foreigners at RT...and I WOULD pick the one entrant who live in the Netherlands! LOL. CONGRATULATIONS JANET!! And congrats to all of you who worked SO hard to find those quotes. I had 43 entries, and every single one of them was absolutely correct.

Hmm...guess I am going to have to be much trickier next time. (echoing evil laugh) *rubs hands together*

And the winner of the Serene Contest and a 25 dollar Gift Certificate to Serene Dreaming is:



Janet, please email me your entire address, just as it should be written on the envelope...cuz i am a dork and will send it accidentally to the Netherlands or something ...oh, wait.... ;)

Rena, Serena from Serene Dreaming will contact you after I give her your email. :)

Congratulations guys. Now, I am off to start plotting my next evil contest!



Deidre said...

Congrats ladies! Enjoy your prizes!!

Amy said...

Congratulations Janet and Rena!!!

Pamk said...

congrats ladies.

Dannyfiredragon said...

Big congrats Janet & Rena!


Jacki, I will keep that in mind that your contest are only US, so that I won't enter again *sniff*

Christine said...

Congratulations Janet and Rena!! Enjoy! :D

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Don't you dare, Danny. I don;t mind sending it out. I can't start excluding now!


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