Monday, July 30, 2007

Levels of Hauntings

When Jacquelyn said I could come over and play for a day while she’s away, I jumped at the chance. Then, reality set in and I realized just how damn boring I am. After coming to terms with the knowledge, I decided to talk about something that, in the past, has sparked some fabulous conversations. Ghosts/Hauntings

Since I write paranormal romance this seemed like a great topic to discuss, especially here with Jacquelyn’s readers. I’ll first start with a small intro on my part. Hello, my name is Mandy M. Roth (stop laughing, it was necessary to get that out in the open). I currently have eighteen books in print, covering all kinds of paranormal/supernatural. Vampires, werewolves, faeries, demons, angels… the list goes on. I’ve always been into odd things and from an early age expressed an interest in all that goes bump in the night.

Now that we have that pesky intro out of the way, let’s get down to what I want to talk about today—levels of hauntings. I’m interested in hearing your tales. Have you or someone you know ever experienced any of the levels? If so, which ones? What happened?

The following bit was snagged from the web several years back by me and I’m sorry I didn’t keep the link to it but here it is.

Here are the five known levels of Poltergeist/Ghost activity.

Collected From

Gentle Fawn

Level 1. Senses Attack

Cold spots, hearing voices, not able to understand what they are saying, strange noises, odd odors and smells, hearing foot steps, unusual animal activity (like dogs or cats running from rooms, ect.) feelings of being watched.

Level 2. Communication

Presence felt.... No longer mind tricks

Whispers, laughs or giggles, moans or shrieking, moving shadows, breeze in closed areas, visible clouds (base apparitions) strong static, electricity, marks on the floors or walls- not writing.

Level 3. Electrical Control

Lights and other electrical appliances turning off and on, unseen hands grabbing or touching people, writings on the wall or pattern markings, doors open and close or lock and unlock, hearing voices or words clearly, full apparitions or dark figures, showing levels of communication with living people, strange telephone calls.

Level 4. The Trickery Stage

It gains knowledge of what scares you....

Flying objects, moving objects, objects disappearing and reappearing else where, shaking furniture or beds, fire starting, appearing as frightening entities, pushing or shoving people or shaking them, creating visions or illusions, speaking in ordering tones, people feel dizzy, nausea or sick to their stomach, windows, mirrors or other house hold objects breaking for no reason.

Level 5. The Danger Level

Dangerous activity, biting. slapping or punching, rape, animating objects- possession, use of house hold electrical systems to cause harm, fires and burning, blood on the walls-floor or ceilings, attacked by unseen forces, held down, hair pulled, flying knives or other sharp objects, heavy objects falling, treating writings or visual signs.

Poltergeist last for an unknown period of time, but after level 5 it'll lay dormant and then back to level 1 and
it builds up again

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Jacquelyn Frank said...

OMG... I thought I'd never get the font to show. LOL

mandymroth said...

dammit, that was me commenting but not be blog smart enough to know to sign out first...


Jaci Burton said...

Oooh ghost stuff! Yes, I definitely had some experiences. Even had to have a priest come bless my apartment when I was younger because of weird happenings--noises and crashes in the night. Then they went away, so I'm a definite 'believer'.

Renee said...

Well I spent the first 10 years of my life in a really old big house so we would hear all kinds of weird noises and see curtains blowing when no windows/doors were open. Doors opening and closing and nobody there. Hear music when nobody else was around. I always thought it was kind of cool.

mandymroth said...


Did having the blessing stop the strange things?

mandymroth said...


I would have thought that was kind of kewl too but I'm odd. LOL

Cherie J said...

I have heard the stories from others of course but never had the experience personally.

N.J.Walters said...

I lived in a haunted apartment once. It got to the point where the three of us who were living there all had separate experiences, including hearing and seeing things. Not fun.

mandymroth said...


You make a good point. Some of us experience things that are harmless and nonthreatening... others... its not so harmless... its downright scary.

Lori said...

This is a very interesting topic. I have not experienced anything like this, but I am a believer in these kind of happenings. I have heard other's peoples stories and I find it very fascinating.

Michelle Pillow said...

I never get haunted homes... Mandy says I scare the ghosts.

Great topic, Mandy! :)

Amy said...

Hi Mandy! No, I have never had a haunting experience of any kind. But I do believe when I was about 5 or 6 I had an out of body experience.

AmyC said...

Also, for some reason I am not getting email notification for the blog posts! :(

Julie said...

Hi Mandy,

I've had many experiences over the years. Most of the involve different sounds and smells that are related to people I've known who've passed.

Since my dad died 4 years ago, the activity here has gone up. Sometimes I hear him come home from work. I hear his foot steps all the way into the kitchen. Then he pops the top on the can, and kicks back in his recliner. The recliner isn't even in the house anymore but I still hear it.

One night, I was exhausted and as I went to bed I heard movement in the living room. I normally get up and check out the sounds just to be sure there's no one in the house. ;-0 But this night I was just too tired. An hour after I fell asleep, the closet door right outside my bedroom jerked open, and then slammed shut! I jumped straight up in the bed. I got up to check it out nothing was moved. The dogs were asleep where I left them. I looked in on mom she was sound asleep. So as I walked back to bed I said 'thanks for stopping by, but I'm going back to sleep.' There was a bit more movement in the living room and then nothing. I learned not to ignore them. ;-0

Jordan Summers said...

I've experienced numbers 1,2 and 3. Grew up in an old farm house that I now realize was haunted. The ghost used to come sit by me at night. I never saw it, but you could feel the dip in the bed when it sat down and feel it rise when it stood up. It was a little scary, since I was only eleven or twelve years old at the time.

Anna said...

Arrgh I this is the second time I posted, I wonder what's up. Just wanted to stop by and say hi. I'm not gettingthe blog notices anymore either.

mandymroth said...


After my grandfather passed I experienced things similar to you. I like to believe it was him, checking in to be sure I was doing okay.

annalisa said...

Never experienced a haunting and don't believe I want to! Great topic! :)

mandymroth said...

Hi Jordan,

Did you ever learn anything about the house... as far as who it might have been?

I think that would make a neat research side project.

mandymroth said...

HI Anna,

Thanks for stopping past. Sorry you're having trouble posting. I probably broke the blog. I have that kind of "mad blogging skill".


Tracy said...

Hey Mandy! Welcome to the blog! Glad you could join us.
I've never experienced any kind of haunting but they all sound very interesting! :)

Dani Harper said...

Hi Mandy! Our family has experienced a few different levels of ghostly activity. One of my own favorites occurred a couple years after my great gramma passed on. I was in my own house on the other side of the country and wasn't even thinking of her -- but I walked down the hall and was suddenly surrounded by her signature lilac perfume. I had an immediate visual flash of her bright flowered dress and could hear her laughter. (She was Welsh and had a unique full laugh that lit up a room.) It only lasted a few seconds but it was powerful and unmistakable.

Thanks for letting me share that! Great blog!

Dani Harper

Pamk said...

Either I'm not sensitive or just never experienced any of the above. But I've not lived in very many old places either.

mandymroth said...

Congrats Julie you've won a PDF download of your choice from my backlist

email me

with your selection

Thanks for hanging out with me everyone!


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