Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Adrianna Dane Saying Hi - Risking the Comfort Zone

Thanks, Jacquelyn, for inviting me to come and visit today while you're away. This is probably one of those "outside the comfort" zone moments in my life. Listening in to my characters and then translating their words is one thing, but traveling outside my little cave, on my own, quite another, and something I don't often push myself to do. What's your comfort zone and do you get out much?

First, let me tell you a bit about me. My name is Adrianna Dane and I write sensual and erotic romance. Currently, I'm published with four publishers--Amber Quill Press, Loose Id, Phaze, and Lady Aibell Press.

Tempt Me Not is my latest release from Amber Heat, the erotic imprint of Amber Quill Press. It's an erotic dark fantasy romance about a tempting demon and a bit of time travel.

I tend to be an introvert and quite enjoy sitting in my cave and writing my stories, sort of oblivious to the rest of the world. But as I...mature...I find myself willing to take more risks--both in my fantasy worlds and in the real world.

I did "break out" so to speak just a few weeks ago as I attended a festival all on my own, without my husband of thirty-four years. It was something I needed to do. And something I wanted to do. And the experience was different than it would have been had my husband accompanied me. We have learned over the years that just because we're married and enjoy each other's company, we are not attached at the hip. Although I must admit I've been less adventurous over the years than he has been. He's much more outgoing than I am.

Without someone there to latch onto, a sort of captive conversationalist, I found myself more in tune with what was going on around me and to other people. Take the fact that I arrived a day early, gathered up my courage and trekked over to the grounds to make sure I knew where I was going and ended up being allowed in to witness some of the pre-festival activity. Thank goodness I brought my trusty camera with me, although I hadn't expected to be allowed inside. Would I have gone that extra day early if my husband had been with me? Probably not. But "Ms. Wrong-Way Adrianna" felt a definite need to check out the way of the land first. And I wouldn't have met Juliet and her family, whom I discovered came from the state where I grew up, all the way across the country. We had a lovely chat and I discovered Juliet's father lived for a time in a small town (even smaller than my own) right next door to where I grew up in central New York. Now I have to say, nobody knows about that tiny place except my mom, who grew up there. :-) That was fun.

So that was just the beginning, and it was a good start. I met others throughout the weekend--Thomas, who was traveling across the country on his own had another interesting story. Then there were the authors I had the chance to meet, the mostly Celtic music played by the bands, that I was able to enjoy, and the atmosphere I was simply able to immerse myself into. And the raptors from the raptor sanctuary I could just enjoy sitting and watching as others visited with them as well. It was wonderful to just experience and soak up the creativity and whimsical nature of the festival.

If you'd like to see some pictures from the festival, you can find them here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/adriannadane/sets/72157600967432792/ I took so many pictures. Everyone was decked out so beautifully, I just couldn't resist. Thank goodness for digital cameras.

We often move in packs and I think we miss some of the experience by doing that. Is it fear? Protection? A little of both maybe that make us skittish about venturing out alone? And into unknown lands? Probably a little of all those things, who knows for certain?

What do you think?

Thanks for inviting me come visit at your place, Jacquelyn.

"Passionate stories with adventurous heart


Tracy said...

Hi Adrianna! So glad you took the risk and joined the blog! :) I loved the pictures you took - I think my favs were the owls and those one of the huge tree - wonderful. Thank you so much for sharing those with us!

Crystal Adkins said...

I love the two book covers posted!

AmyC said...

Hi Adrianna...I am also very much an introvert! I enjoy sitting at home in my "little cave" and read my books or clean or just sit and enjoy my little space in this big world.
Thanks for stopping by! :)

Adrianna Dane (Tess Maynard) said...

Hi Amy, yes, it sounds like you understand exactly. :-)


Adrianna Dane (Tess Maynard) said...

Hi Crystal, thanks much. The cover artists have given me some yummy covers. Trace Edward Zaber designed the Amber Quill covers and Scott Carpenter did the one for Loose Id. I've been very pleased. :-)


Michelle Pillow said...

Hi Adrianna, Did you get the telepathic thoughts I've been sending? *running to check mail for Carnal Carnivale* Darn it, and I was so sure I had psychic powers! LOL

Looks great!

Christine said...

Hi Adrianna! I loved your pictures of the FaerieWorld Festival... my favorite was the Butterflies in Field. Beautiful....

I have learned to truly relish time out alone like that in recent years. I look at it this way.... I am the ONLY person I HAVE to live with for my entire life. I had better be comfortable spending time by myself doing things that make me happy. I hope you learn to revel in doing more things on your own in the future, too! I think it is a wonderful thing! :


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