Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Five minutes later....

No sooner to I hit send on here than I am sitting hanging out with Bianca's mom when she offhandedly mentions to me that her nephew Wayne saw Bianca, my little girl of my heart for whom I am guardian legally, at a carnival with 'a bunch of teenagers'. Now I knew B was going with her little GF and her little GF's mom to the carnival. I thought it was wonderful she was going to get to go out. I even gave them the money to go. Not a spry and healthy young chick like this woman is, I cannot take B to a carnival and walk around for hours. I was so damn grateful, on this occasion and others, to let this woman I trusted to take B there, to the beach to go swimming...and more. She is young so I could see why Wayne thought she was a teen. Her friends are likewise young. Of course I hadn't realized other adults were going...but a couple of GFs taking the kids out was no big deal.

But then the description expanded to include "guys". I instantly turned to B and asked, "Was Tony there that night?" (Tony being this woman's ex) "No," she said, "It was Keith. But I wasn't exactly supposed to tell you that cuz you'd be mad," she says.

Mad? Why...why would I be mad? Hmm. Let's examine this. Could it be because Keith is a drunk? Could it be the last I heard, when Keith was drunk he nearly broke this woman's arm, knocked her around and kicked a hole in her wall? Keith the ex-con who went away for beating an ex gf? OR maybe it was simply because a woman I thought was a loyal and trusted friend, a mother who could be counted on, told MY child to LIE to me?!? TO conceal a truth of such dangerous proportions?

Guess I don't need to explain to you this is the same friend as referenced in my last blog.

I'm looking forward to the end of her shift tonight. And I have never been more delighted to be moving out of this place than I am right this very instant.


Deidre said...

I am so sorry that you are having heartache from your platypus friend. ((((Jacki)))) I hope the conversation gos alright and that you get the pain off your chest with her.

Dmmorrigan said...

Ouchie. Ive been there. So now for the platitudes. Keep your chin up! okay now that its said, learn what you can from this but dont let it harden your heart against others.
I would talk to my child about trust between the two of you. Mayhap since you have been lied to, she has as well. Make sure all is square with her.
Realize that your friends lack of integrity is not your fault. It was her choices that have led you to this point.
I really am sorry though. I think its worse when friends do the betraying than family some how.
Dont berate yourself with this.
The stars are shining, all is well.

Amy said...

oh jacki, where, oh where, have all the good people gone?

jennybrat said...

Hugs, Jacki, I'm so sorry you had to experience this.


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