Monday, October 1, 2007

La Da Dee La Da Da!

Life goes on! I am guest blogging over at Lucy Monroe's site! It's a fun one. Thought you all might like to go check it out. She was sweet to invite me. My floors are being torn up, and don;t you know I just found out that TWD on the calendar from school means Teacher's Work Day. (which means no school).

Well DUH me! How silly of me not to realize immediately what this meant! The meaning of TWD is so abundantly clear! I feel so foolish!

So now I have seven year old child, dangerous implements, workmen and debris all blended up together!

Gotta love life! LOL!

On top of that, B is punished for an indeterminate amount of time. First, she disappeared down the block without asking or telling me where she was. (I had a good guess of course, but it's the principle of the thing) Then I caught her fighting with a boy. Then she lied to me once or twice. Then I found out from ANOTHER MOTHER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD that she was messing with the automatic garage door. Open. Closed. Open. Closed. I hadn't even heard it! So hard to believe! Am I the only one who remembers the old "Wait til your father gets home!" warning, only to lie in bed and suddenly heard the sound of the garage door opening, the sound going through you like ice? Well, I didn't hear it this time! Damn modern insulation...damn Susan for keeping me entertained...damn--err--everything! I was sitting on the phone realizing why the other mom was dreadfully reluctant to let her daughter play over my house! In her eyes I am clearly going to let my kid run with scissors, stab others with pencils, eat paste, use a BB gun indoors and I will, no doubt, keep the pot handles on the stove turned out and my meds lined up and crushed into powdered rows for the taking.

Sigh. Well, I am off to go do laundry...maybe I will give B a ride in the dryer.

hugs and kitties


Stephanie*magic* said...

lmao!! Set the thing on cool and she may have fun,lol!!
Kids can get into trouble in a nano second most Moms know.The crap my kids have done would astound you, lol.Cant watch their every move.
I would hate to have people all up in my house working, lol.Soon i'll have to to.Ugh, :)
Hope its done soon.Try to have a good day :D *hugs*

Tracy said...

Oh Jacki I feel your pain!!! My daughters have disappeared to their friends' house without telling me more than once and as happy as you are to know their safe you just want to throttle them! lol. Oh, and my siblings put me into the dryer when I was a kid and I'm fine! :)

Jen said...

I did the disappearing act one time when I was little and never did it again. I think my Grandmama spanked me, my Granddaddy spanked me, and when my Mama got home from work, she spanked me too. Yeah, I never wandered off again. ; -)

Now when I was in college, the big "entertainment" for some was to get drunk and ride the dryers. The person who could stay in the longest without throwing up, won. I have no clue what they won. Maybe bragging rights for the week. I dunno...

Anonymous said...

I have 2 energetic boyz (7 & 5yrs old)...yup only 2 & sometimes it feel like a house full...(dryer u say...Mmmmmmm) *giggles*...2 bad we can't just tape ourselves & just simply push's the constant repetition that gets 2 me & the "I know, Mom!" Hang in there Jacki, they do say it gets better...I hope! Lol

Susan said...

Give'm an inch and they'll take a Mine tried to re-create the scenerio and argue the point...Just wait a few years Jacki. I think they learn lawyer tactics in school now...LOL. I remind mine (to use a southern saying)"Do I look like I just fell off the turnip truck?"

Any drool-worthy men tearing up the floor? I'm already in lust with Mr Cableguy...LOL


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