Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Happy Yowloween!

Well, at least that is what it is in my house! With six cats, two of whom are new kittens, there's a whole lotta bitchin' going on.

It's funny because I got kittens for two reasons. One, I saw how my big bully, Damien, ended up harrassing the adult cat I adopted last year because he never saw him as anything but annoying competition. They still have fights even a year later. Not good. But when Leo came to live with us, as a kitten, he and Leo became buds quickly.

Well it worked like a charm again. Damien has once again shown his softer side and completely does a 'proud papa' with the new boys. Of course...strictly on his own terms and until he gets annoyed and decides to push them off, but still he is the only cat in the house that has warmed up to them, lets them sleep against him, and even bathes them.

The second reason was so that the very kittenish Leo would have playmates. As the former youngest of the group, he wants to leap and pounce and play...and he often wants to do it on bully-boy's back. It has led to yowling cat fights because though they are buds, Damien has no desire to play. Hissing and spitting ensues. Fur flies. So I thought youthful kitties for Leo to play with would be just the thing.

Instead, my formerly passive and sweet Leo yowls, growls, hisses and snaps out to bite the poor boogers on their heads. This is not good. Not good at all. Leo knows he was the delta of the group, and he is determined to set these two spunky kittens below him. Unfortunately, scolding him every time he bites them hasn't helped things...but for once I am at a total loss as to how to manage them! I made peaceful transitions between four cats. What is different this time??

Well, part of the problem was that Magellan, the black kitten, hurt himself on Friday so badly he couldn't bear weight on his left front paw and he was squealing incessantly in pain. Although nothing was broken, the vet thought it wise to support the paw with a cast.



The Bully and the Baby with the BOOBOO:

This resulted in some MAJOR coddling all weekend long...especially cuz the splint was freakin' as big as he was! He couldn't move at first. And then I had to drug him for the pain so he spent a lot of time stoned out on my chest. Thus...Leo's fave place was usurped and he did NOT take kindly to it.


But after seeing such a pathetic little thing, wouldn't you want to spoil him? Anyway the cast came off this Monday and all is better for for the random nip on the head. I am giving Leo some loving as we speak. Maybe he will get over it tolerably after a bit of time.

So now that you have a cat update, I wanted to give you a Halloween update on the raffle status. Keep in mind I haven;t been to my post office box yet, but I have given out numbers 1-20 for ticket numbers so far. I am very happy about that, and grateful to those who sent in above the raffle total just for the ACN with no expectation of reward or favor in return. I will continue to take donations and sell tickets until the moment I draw on November 15th or until I reach number 100 in ticket sales. This means you will have a 1/100 (or better...I don't think I will sell every chance though I hope I do!) chance of winning. 1 in 50 if you buy two tickets. 1 in 25 if you get four. Remember, you can pay via paypal to email addy or you can snail mail a check to PO Box 2164 Skyland NC 28776. Please make this donation. The more I talk about this, the more horror stories I hear about the Hendersonville Shelter. The ACN is, pardon the pun, rabid about closing them down and about providing a humane alternative. Please help me support them.

On a book note (bet you never thought you would hear about my books again!!) Elijah is on the cusp of release! Only two months left to go! I wanted to say a couple of things. Firstly, E got his review in PW and boy was I happy! Romantic Times releases E's review in the next issue in time for his Jan. 2nd release and I just saw the gorgeous ad Kensington is putting up. (Although, I did try to get them to make the book cover bigger...sigh. You know I try my best for you gals!! LOL!!) Apparently the consensus is that this book is scorching hot. Searing. POOF! You'll be nothing but ashes. But, (demure eyelash flutter) that's not me saying it. It's the reviewers...but you know ow THEY exaggerate...

I thought I would celebrate the holiday with a giveaway. Comment here to enter and you will win a chance at the raffle basket. I will donate the five bucks for ticket number 21. I will draw the name at the witching hour. Heh. Midnight tonight. Winner gets ticket number 21. I guess I ought to have saved number 13 lol...but I wasn't thinking ahead.



PS: I am the featured author HERE:

The site is run by Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow :)


Anna said...

Awww poor Magellan, glad hear he is doing better. Hope you have a great Halloween!

Suzette said...

Happy Halloween Jackie! 6 cats, WOW! Unfortuantely cats and I don't mix well. I'm terribly allergic....glad that there are people out there who love them as much as you do!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jacki! I loved Magellan! His little cast was soooo sad but he seemed to be well :) You're such a good kitty mommy :)
I loved the video he fell asleep righ there in like 45 seconds LOL! I wish my son would do that!
Happy Halloween dear! Hugs and love, Crystal

Jennifer said...

Happy Halloween!

Poor kitty. I hope he gets better soon and doesn't break anything else ... of yours OR his.

Cathy said...

Your kitties are so darn cute. All with different personalities and quirks that make them a kick to read about, but I know they must make you crazy some days.

Susan said...

I'm sure Leo will get better with the kitties in time. It reminds me of sibling rivalry. He was the baby for a while and now he's showing out because he's not. Hopefully soon he'll figure it out that you love him just the same as the rest of them. :)

Maura Anderson said...

That cast was pretty impressive.

Just watch, later whenever he wants extra pity or love, he'll pretend he hurt it again. One of my mother's cats does that and we call it the Poor Hurt Foot syndrome.

Of course it would be more impressive if he remembered which foot....

Shari C said...

Wishing you and all your kitties a fun and spooky Halloween.

Sage said...

Happy Samhain Miss Jacki!!!! Hope yours is a wonderful celebration... and hopefully the kittys will all cooperate!


L2 said...

The last time I had a problem with a new kitty getting beat up, I kept a spray bottle of water at hand. When the "bully" attacked, he got a squirt. It worked well for me, so you might try that.

Magellan is adorable in his cast. Glad he is doing so much better.

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Oops...I made a booboo. Ticket 19 was already given out!! I forgot to check before writing the blog. The number will actually be ticket number 21.

I swear I got it right this time!!!
Sorry Jennifer !LOL

CinnamonGirl said...

Happy Halloween & Samhain, Jacki! Thanks for the help on the PayPal thingy...pfftt, I'm such a dodo! :P Anyway, so glad Magellan is doing better (he looks just like my Bear when he was itty-bitty!). I love the pics & video! If I could, I'd have more kitties, too! Have a great night! Halloweeny Hugs ~ Ness

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

Happy Halloween Jackie!

Glad to hear Magellan is doing better!

btw - I'm kinda surprised that you hadn't realized how bad the "shelters" would be down there. Every time I see rescue organizations up here, the animals they are trying to adopt out are usually saves from those crap shelters often in the carolinas.

You should recieve my raffle request via snail mail early next week...I don't do the paypal thing.

Anyway, hope you have a wonderful holiday.

Hugz, Ren

Pamk said...

congrats on the raffle sales and good luck with the kittens.

Anonymous said...

I hope your little Magellan gets well soon. Can't wait for the next book!! It seems like it's taking forever lol. Have a Happy Halloween.

All my best!

Anonymous said...

Hey Jacki...I might be a little late but was running around w/ my little ghosts & goblins...getting ready to go trick or treating yesterday. Hope u all had a spooky Halloween. I hope ur little kitty gets well soon. Thanks 4 the update on E! Can't wait 2 get my hands on HIM!!!


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