Friday, November 2, 2007

And the winner is....

I wanted to make a quick announcement. The winner of raffle ticket number 21 is Renee! I swear this was utterly random. I am actually surprised I haven't chosen a friend of mine before this. Of course, Renee knows this doesn't get her ass off the hook and she is wholly expected to purchase a ticket as well.

And that goes for the rest of ya! I am only a third of the way there with 13 days left to go. That third has been given out to a small number of people being VERY generous. I am proud of them and YES I am guilting you! Maybe that's because my little kitten Magellan has now got a cold virus and is all sickly...and he ripped up one of the pads on his rear paw around his nail. He's certainly turning out to be an accident prone little bugger!! But What I mean is, I am shelling out big bucks to nurse my adoptee to a semblance of health (something I believe wouldn't be an issue had he been properly cared for) so one little raffle ticket won't hurt you. Oh and because it was asked...I will send that basket out to anywhere in the world so for those in foriegn countries...or Canada...just pay in American dollars and we are good to go! You can have a chance just like anyone else.

Okay, so I am being pushy and bossy and such. I can be that way when I am passionate about things. I really am grateful to everyone who helps and everyone who spreads the word for me.

A note about the Pittsburgh Romantic Times convention in April!! I am having a super fabulous party Friday in the morning entitled The Nightwalker Stud Muffin Mixer where I will be serving up gourmet muffins and, with any luck, some studs to serve them. Heh. Still working on that part. Anyone with a hot hubby they want to volunteer?? Anyway, I am in the process of crafting the gift baggies! The stuff I am gathering so far is utterly gorgeous. I am sparing no expense. Anything for those who take the time to come and support me. I am so very excited about my party debut. I plan on spoiling all of you. Especially those who are here with me every day of the year.

Love you guys. Thanks for putting up with my sporadic presence of late. I am starting to settle into a routine once more. I am lucky to have such patient people in my life. You're all fabulous.


Susan said...

Congrats Renee!!

Anonymous said...

Morning ALL...Congrats Renee! I guess that comment re 'Canada' was meant 4 me...done Jacki...cheque in the mail & off 2 u. LUV ur party title *giggles*...any luck u in giving us a sneak peck of the 'studs' u have in mind? LOL

Stephanie*magic* said...

Woohoo Renee!!! Congrats!!!!
Hope kitty stays outta more trouble,lol.
Cant wait till April Jacki! Gonna be a blast!

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Actually, I was aiming the remark at Desine. Heh. But I haven't heard a peep out of her for a while!

Then again, with the whole move and the B thing, I haven't been very communicative.

Suzette said...

Jackie, I have a hot hubby which you have

Jacquelyn Frank said...

Oh yes I know Suz....but will he be in Philly around April 16th?!?!?

He does me no good otherwise lol.

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

Wow! Thanks Everyone...especially Jacki.

Let's hear it for figuring out how to clear my cache so I can comment on the blog and sign on the boards from home!

btw...Jacki...I'm sending a check tomorrow for 4 tix...I need more stamps, so couldn't send til now.

You know of course, since I won the extra ticket...I used up my luck for winning the!

Love ya all,


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