Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Things to be THANKFUL for.


Yep. That's it. I am thankful for you. You who have bought my books, you who have slathered me with adoration, and you who helped me raise $650 dollars for the Animal Compassion Network!! Laura, my contact at ACN, actually squealed when I told her that...and that I was jacking the total up to $750 with a one hundred dollar donation of my own. I am going to attend the wine tasting and silent auction party on 11/29 and she said we will take lots of GREAT pictures for you guys of me handing that juicy check over! She also promised me that my skills as a busy body will be warmly welcome and appreciated. I think she thinks she won the lottery. In a way, Hendersonville Shelters low treatment and respect for the beings it rescues was responsible for this; if they hadn't pissed me off so royally, I never would have found the ACN. Kinda ironic really. I believe ACN will be their utter destruction one day...and it amuses me to think they are feeding that fire themselves.


This past year I have also been tremendously grateful for Kensington Publication, Editor Kate Duffy, the brilliant Art and Sales departments, and everyone there who helped launch me into your path with Jacob. It is Jacob's one year anniversary this week. Gideon was a solid follow-up, but it will honestly pale in comparison to Elijah. This week Kate Duffy let loose a little secret we've been keeping in an article for PW Magazine. The Nightwalkers series will be drawing to a close with Noah in the fall. But before you wail and tear at your clothes, she also told that in the following year we will begin a new series called The Shadowdwellers. Yes, my lovelies, you will finally get to see this race in great depth...and I think you will also get to see me open new doors for myself as I dare to stretch myself under Kensington's liberal auspices. I was very conservative and wary when I wrote the first five of my books...and now knowing Kensington like I do, I know I am free to explode in any direction I want to. I plan to bite into that apple of opportunity with really sharp teeth.

I am hugely grateful and thrilled to have yet another 4.5 star review from The Romantic Times Magazine! I am also honored to be an author In the Spotlight for the January issue. Unfortunately, the article I wrote was sliced and diced, and rather poorly at that, and so the true point and feeling of it was obliterated. It was meant to be a major ass-kissing, slurpy, lovey-dovey homage to all of you. Honestly, I had put all my heart and humor into it, not realizing there was a 500 word limit (and after all, how does one limit their love for their readers to 500 words??) and it was reduced without a final consult with me. Am I angry? Oh yeah. It sounds awkward and dorky, with references to things no longer there. Will it kill me? No. But that isn't the point. The point is I was trying to do something nice that I knew you all would get to see and now it's kinda ruined for us both. However, I am not trying to assign some kind of blame so much as I am trying to tell you that the dog ate my homework. I did it. I meant to hand it in. But I SWEAR the dog just gobbled that sucker up when I wasn't paying attention!

I also admit that I might not have been as sensitive to it as I was if I hadn't called a bookstore in Asheville to arrange a signing only to have them actually say to me...."Send us a copy of the book to review and we'll see if it's appropriate material for you to have a signing here."

Well...what a way to keep a gal humble. So, I am going to send them a book...and I am going to call another damn bookstore. 'Cause honey, if you don't know me, it stands to reason you don't give a damn about me, my book, or my readers...and I only want people handling my Elijah release signing who are thrilled to have us there. People who don't get that TONE in their voice when they say... "Oh...romance..." like you or I would say "Oh, festering pus-filled boils." What is up with that? I mean, I never claimed to be Shakespeare, but this is the one genre with consistently blistering sales numbers, dominated by a huge cross-section of women from all walks of life, and yet it's still a section tucked in the ass-end of the store as if it has something to be ashamed of? In a world where electronification of everything, including books, is wiping out careers, stores and quality control daily, one would think you'd know better than to spit on the hand that feeds you.

*kicks soapbox away*

Anyway, my sister arrives tomorrow with my brother in law and my gorgeous nephew. I can't wait to see him! And for once I will have him trapped in my house! MUHAHAHA!!! Pinched cheeks (on both ends) will abound! The cats have no idea what's coming. LOL. At least he has a cat and has learned how to treat them. I can't say the same for my cats knowing how to treat Christopher! LOL. Anyway, I have missed them so terribly. We are having a lot of family here this year. It ought to be interesting. But those are details for Saturday's blog. (We are having da turkey a day late cuz my dad has to work on the real day. Bummer huh?) But the point will be all of us being together. I think my dad will even come see my house if I am lucky! I think it is finally ready!

Better be. I'm freakin' broke. lol.

Happy Thanksgiving EVERYONE! Especially to you my so very loyal friends and readers. MWAH!

Hugs and kitties


Tracy said...

Happy Thanksgiving Jacki!!! That was such a great blog! We love you too!! As shocked as I am to see the Nightwalkers end after Noah it will be exciting to see what's up next! Have a great time with your family and remember we're always here for you!
Muah and big hugs

Stephanie*magic* said...

Awwww, Happy Thanksgiving to you too!!Hope you and your family have a wonderful holiday.
I have to admit I did a wee bit wailing and screaming at the mention of the series ending with Noah, lol. But at least its not the end :)
Too bad your article got cut short. That wasnt nice!! Its okay though, you always let us know how apprieciative you are of us all.
Your a very special lady Jacki! We are very lucky to have you too.
Take care, love ya.

Anonymous said...

Wishes from Canada...Here's wishing all the u a wonderful & safe Thanksgiving w/ family & friends! Ada =)

Selena Illyria said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Big Hugs. I'm sorry about your article being spliced and diced and how the bookstore treated you. Big Hugs to you again.

CinnamonGirl said...

Thanks to you, Jacki, for always being so good to your fans, and for always keeping in touch with us about how you're doing! I love reading your blogs because you're always open & honest with us all (usually funny-as-hell, too!), and I feel as if I can relate to you on many issues. I'm so happy about your efforts pulling through to help ACN! Can't wait to see the silent auction pics! Congrats on your great ratings and reviews for Elijah, too! You know you're living in the Bible Belt now, right? Unfortunately, romance novels, down here, will always be attached to certain ridiculous stigmas. I'm tired of the people at my local B&N never seeming to know anything about the newest, hottest romance releases. Maybe we northern girls are just what they need to help them learn up more! I'm sorry your article got chopped up by RT, but we all know you love us, so don't sweat it, woman! And, oooh! Ooooh! Nightwalkers ends with Noah and, then, goes on to...Tristan? Sexy Shadowdweller guy, Tristan? I'm psyched!!! Anyway, I hope that you & your family enjoy your Turkey Day (no matter when that actually occurs). Happy Thanksgiving! Gobbles ~ Ness


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