Wednesday, November 7, 2007


Seven! That's it! As of this moment I only have seven raffle tickets left to give out! I am so proud of you all and so freakin' happy I could just pop! I cannot wait to present this check to ACN. I know they have run out of funds...or are scraping they try to launch bigger and better projects, so this is going to be a great little boost just in time for the holiday season.

If you have sent in money, it's all first come first serve. If I should run out of tickets, I will present you with a choice--to donate anyway or have the funds returned to you. Only you and i will know what you choose and I am far from making judgments. I am just pleased to be so close to my goal!

Now i have to make up cards numbered 1-100 and toss them in a bag. To make sure it is fair, I will have the cleaning girl pick the winner on the 15th. Heh. She doesn't know who any of you are so she has no vested interest in a winner. Sound fair enough?

Anyway, thanks again.

I just received my first edits for Damien. They give me like 13 days to run through them. Oy! I never know when they are gonna spring it on me either. It's like a warped surprise party...I have no choice but to attend...only I wasn't expecting it so any plans I had made kinda go to hell. But I am NOT cancelling my hair appointment again! Three months without cut and color? And somewhere in here I need a pedicure cuz, damn...I have Swamp Thing feet...only, the swamp dried out from massive drought.

I admit, I let a lot of things slide this past month. I am in a funk, I know. Guess we all know why already. I am doing a lot of things wrong and making it worse. I suppose we'd call that self-destructive behavior. I grumble at myself to 'snap out of it' but I already know that's not how these things work. It will take time and coping skills and an outside resource to help me manage and balance it all. But before I can find a good shrink, I have to find a good doctor. The first one I tried thought I needed a gastric bypass after one look at me...cuz, don't you know...all our problems can be solved by complicated major surgery and losing weight.

Anyway, I couldn't get a new appointment for a new doc until December 11th. This time a woman. So we'll see.

Oh! That reminds me! December 12th I have been invited to be a guest on a radio talk show with Mandy Roth and Michelle Pillow. There will be a call in number, live, and we can talk during my spot on the air. If you miss it and want to hear it, it will be archived later on and also turned into a podcast. We just made the plans so I barely know anything about it, but I betchya I will be giving something away to one of the callers. You guys gotta call and talk to me. If I start rambling aimlessly I am bound to say something dorky.

Anyway, I am off! Have a good night!
Hugs and Kitties


Susan said...

Wow that is great news about the raffle tickets. The ACN has found a great champion (you of course) for their cause and I'm glad to be a part of it.

I hope I'm off work the day of your radio chat. I'll have to check my calendar and see.

Big hugs to you.

CinnamonGirl said...

Congrats on meeting your drive goal, Jacki! I hope you get a chance to get all of your well-deserved pamperin' done between looking over those edits! Good luck with it all! :)

Jacquelyn Frank said...

That's the good thing about the archiving, I think you can listen to it any time! Although, you can't call in AFTER the recording...hehehe

Anonymous said...

HI Jacki...CONGRATS on ur ACN tickets...I'm glad u made us (ur loyal readers) a part of it.
GIRL! It's time 4 some ' JACKI TIME ' ...don't u think? U deserve it! *LOL*

Enjoy editing Damien!

jabberwookie said...

I am so happy to hear about your news!!! :)

Stephanie*magic* said...

Awesome Jacki!!! What a woman you are!!
Oooooo, Damien, lol!
So cant wait to read that!!
Hope you get some relaxation in soon!
Did I miss what station you were gonna be on?I'd love to call in! :)
Take care hon!

Lisa said...

YES!!! You made your 100 Goal. Go get your well deserved pamperin. Bless you for all you have done to help those homeless little sweet creatures. Your little black kitty reminds me of my boys when they were younger. It is so much fun when you have a baby in your house. Enjoy and cant wait to get my hands on your next book.
Good luck


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