Friday, November 16, 2007

Okay, I give!

I just looked up who bought ticket number 86 and therefore won the ACN Raffle Basket.

The winner is....Selena Illyria! Yes, that naughty gal from The Pink Chair Diaries! I want to thank her so much, as well as all of you, for supporting my cause.

Now, what am I up to? Oh, the last forty pages of Damien. The slowest part of the editing process for me. Why? Because I ran out of my WAKEY WAKEY medication!!! It's a long story that I can give you in brief format. I moved. I made an appointment for a potential new doctor. New doctor was an asshole who thought my fat ass needed a good slicing and dicing to make me all better. Hated new doctor so had to find another. Now, you know how long it takes to get new patient this new new doc can't take me until Dec. 11th. I only had three refills left on all my meds EXCEPT my Provigil. Which only had two of course. Now it has none. So from now until the 11th I cannot drive and every time I start reading the slightest bit of anything, including my own work, BAM!! I fall asleep. Snores abound. So even though the script is due back Monday, I had to beg for an extra day or two to offset the damn nap attacks.

This is very inconvenient. Annoying even. The cats seem to love it though. They just pile on and snooze right with me. That is when one of them isn't PEEING on everything. Apparently, (I believe it is Nino) one of them doesn't like a) the black and white neighborhood tomcat that has taken to taunting him through the sidelight windows of my door--neener neener neener, I am out here and you are trapped in there and can't do anything about it while I pee on the porch!-- or b) the Feliway hormone thingy I bought in an attempt to calm them down and to get them to quit fighting. Apparently it either works really well on cats to destress them...or they pee on it. I think mine decided to pee on it. Or there's c) the new kittens are really on his last nerve, or d) the litter in the boxes was way too fershtunken to stand! I have remedied this with deodorizer, some blue crystal somethingorother that works totally AWESOME. I have eliminated almost everything fabric from the floor, I am throwing that damn Feliway thing away and spraying Petzyme all over the place before I am forced to bonk a certain kitty on the head! Especially cuz I love him to death and we all know I am not giving any of my cats away. I will buy some cat attract later too to help the matter. I hope.

Other than that, I wanted to say I am generally happy and very much looking forward to my Thanksgiving this year. My sister is driving down from CT to stay with me. She is bringing my nephew and I decided to buy and wrap all his gifties early so he can open them in front of me. Sigh. I am going to miss having B here to play Santa for. This will help.

Also, on the 29th I am going to the Animal Compassion Network's 4th annual Wine Tasting and Silent Auction Event. I hate wine, but I love to buy stuff lol. I am also hoping to hand over our check at the event. This should allow me to get a pic with one of the founders. Or all of them! Also, Amy has done it again! I asked her to make up another one of her fabu baskets to put up for auction at the silent auction and, VOILA! She did a splendid job!!

I think that this basket could potentially earn the ACN a mighty pretty penny :) I am so proud of my Amy. She makes me look SOOOOO good!

Anyway, have I mentioned I love you guys? Well, I do. With the holidays upon us, I just wanted you to know that you all are one of those things I am so very thankful for!


Hugs and Kitties,



Selena Illyria said...

OMG! I won! Wow, Thank You. Would you like me to kick new doc. booty?That was mean! Oh hate nap attacks, well at least you got rest right? Sending You Big Hugs.

Anonymous said...


Susan said...

WTG Selena!

Ren (blndmschf1969) said...

Amy is definitely queen of basket making!

Congrats to Selena!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Wow Amy!!! Another beautiful basket!!!
Congrats to Selena!!
And Jacki, you rock! :)


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