Friday, October 26, 2007

Let's Raffle Their Feathers!

Hi everyone! I just wanted to give you an update. I got my paypal account for Jacquelyn's Boutique up and running! You can now make payment for raffle chances using the address. I realize this makes things easier for everyone, and so I decided I would absorb the percentage of charges Paypal will take out for each payment made to me for the raffle. Least I can do, really. You are all so great to take part in this. And frankly, I don't care what country you are from. If you pay your five American dollars per chance and your number gets picked, I will happily send it out to you wherever you are, whatever the cost. That's the whole point of this, isn't it? To give in a way that purely gives to animals I feel are in danger for their lives.

So, now, no excuses and no slacking off and no "I'll do it later..." I know my fans. You have good hearts and give more than lip service. Together we will be a powerful force. YOU get a 1 in 100 chance of winning a prize...ACN gets 500 bucks.

BTW, a woman named Laura from ACN called me today. They heard about my little raffle. :) The things she told me they are doing...oh my! I am going to be invited to a wine tasting ( and silent auction (oh AAAAAAAmy....I need another baaaaaasket) on November 29th. The have restaurants from all over catering, wine is being donated, and get this...only 20 bucks a ticket to get in! I said she was undercharging!

She also told me their plans for the future. They are trying to establish a specialized pet store where they will sell safe toys, good fooods and adopt animals out without using any cages! The cats will have a huge habitat, the dogs will play together. They hope to expand and offer vet care, grooming, doggie daycare...and anything else they can think of! It will be wonderful because everything you buy, all the profit goes right back to the ACN! A nonprofit store run by a charitable network. Amazing idea! Also, I learned that they have actively been in court trying to shut down a certain infamous shelter!

I am more certain than ever now that I have chosen the worthiest of causes. My 18 dollars a month to the ASPCA is important, but this is spectacular! I am thinking of making a bi annual event of this raffle. Fall and spring. The next one will happen after the Romantic Times convention. Anyone who misses out on going, not to fear, all the goodies I am giving away there will end up in the new basket. And trust me when I say it is SUCH fun stuff!

I would like to add this: If you wish to make any donations to the ACN beyond your five dollars...just leave me a note in your Paypal payment explaining how many chances you are buying and how much beyond that is for ACN. Together, we can change what is happening to animals in this area. I know we can!

You are all beautiful and may you all be beautifully blessed!



Tracy said...

Ah - if only I'd waited a day! :) I sent me check in the mail yesterday so hopefully you'll get it soon!

Take care!

Susilien said...


I am thrilled that you are spending your energies in ways that will profit the whole world. This month has not been good for a lot of people in our country, but instead of wallowing, you are working.

Blessings on you, ACN, and the drawing.

Maura Anderson said...

Thank you!

I sent some money already :

CinnamonGirl said...

Okay, I'm an idiot, but can someone tell me how I do the PayPal thingy? I clicked on the connection, but I need to enter an e-mail address & a password. So, do I also need a password to go along with Jacki's hotmail address? Any help for my sorry butt :( would be greatly appreciated!


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