Thursday, June 26, 2008

Spotlight:: The Queen's Necklace

First, I have to start by saying that the BBQ basket and the Jacki Frank Freakin' Fantastic Basket are both SOLD OUT!! YAY!!!! If you sent money for tickets for that basket I have emailed you asking where else you would like it put.

Now, to continue so we can sell out all the remaining prizes before Saturday!!

The Lycanthrope Queen's Necklace!

Designed by the ever talented Serena from, this is a one of a kind piece designed by her with my guidance for the representation of Siena the Lycanthrope Queen's necklace.

Serena used real moonstones in this piece, a gorgeous milky blue and white color the way I always dreamed they should be. I am including pictures of my GF's Tanya and Laura wearing the necklaces at one of this year's Romantic Times convention's costume balls.

Serena learned how to chain link just for these two pieces. How's that for dedication to the truth of my vision?? This is why she will always do my pieces for me from now on. In fact, Serena is working on pieces for me right now that I will be wearing to the RAW Masquerade at Lora Leigh's shindig! And every time I mention Serena's name here you can click on it and see a new and fascinating piece of her jewelry. :)

This piece is a 16 inch choker...adjustable to smaller as needed.

More pics:

This is Tanya wearing the Queen's collar.

And Laura wearing the Princess's collar :)

Now....woman cannot live by necklace alone, so I have STUFFED the basket with our second favorite thing...BOOKS!! Books galore! Including Ready, Willing, and And Able from the FABULOUS and generous Lucy Monroe. I spotlighted one of those in a previous basket, but this is the whole set. And also:

Noelle Mack:


1st in the sexy steamy series!


Kyril. Marko. Semyon. Brothers like no other, sworn to lead the Pack of St. James and defend the English crown, though the blood of Russian wolves runs in their veins. In 1815, every woman in London has heard of their legendary passion for seduction-but no one knows of the supernatural powers that raise them far above the ranks of mortal men.


In pursuit of a priceless treasure stolen from his homeland, Kyril commands the Pack to gather in secret. A rash act by one woman-one extraordinary woman, the sensual and utterly alluring Vivienne Sheridan--has put their ancient clan in peril. He vows to find her-and find out her every secret--before it is too late.

Hidden in a ruined mansion, concealed by the shadows of a moonlit night, Vivienne comes forth, drawn to Kyril by a mysterious magic she is unable to resist. In his powerful embrace, Vivienne senses the wild nature beneath his gentlemanly fa‡ade--and she surrenders to his intimate touch. Whatever he wants, she will give.with all the passion of a woman mesmerized...

Praise for Noelle Mack and her novels.

"Hot sex.sizzling and innovative."—Romantic Times on JUICY, a Top Pick! 4 /12 star review

"A truly sensual story that will titillate and captivate readers."—Romantic Times, four-star review of THREE

"The queen of seduction meets the king of rakes. Sensual, sexual, stupendous."—-Harriet Klausner Reviews on THREE


This book has yet to be released!!!


Kyril. Marko. Semyon. Brothers like no other, sharing an ancient blood bond and descent from Russian wolves. Sworn to lead the Pack of St. James and defend the English crown, their seductive charm is legendary among the women of London. But no one knows of the supernatural powers that raise them far above the ranks of mortal men. In WANTON, the second book of her compelling trilogy, Noelle Mack presents Marko's story.


In the year 1816, the Pack of St. James meets in secret in their London lair. An unknown assailant has begun to prey upon the women who consort with the men of the Pack-two have already died in mysterious ways and a poisoned communication threatens still more. With Kyril Taruskin and his love Vivienne away in the far north, attending to the clan's business in the Russian port of Archangel, his brother Marko begins to investigate-and finds the trail leads to a scandalous beauty known only as Severin.

One of the victims was Severin's half-sister, but that alone is not enough to explain her intimate knowledge of the strange case. Well aware how a clever woman can hide more than she reveals, Marko employs all his powers of sensual persuasion, barely able to resist the allure of her amber eyes and softly seductive voice. He has never been outwitted by a woman. But Severin is different from all the rest-very different-and loving her is a dangerous game indeed.

Shelly Laurenston and Cynthia Eden!

Newly released!


Two of paranormal romance's bestselling authors combine their extraordinary talents and set the pages on fire with an after-dark anthology featuring Alpha males so hot, so wild, and so bad, they may just be the best you've ever had...


Miss Congeniality

It's those damn stockings that get me every time. They have this sexy little line down the back and I can't help but stare at her legs ... constantly. And you'd think she'd be all over me like every other female in the Seattle area. I'm young, good looking, and one day I'll be Alpha Male of my family's Pack. But Professor Irene Conridge acts like I don't even exist. How is that possible? Now she's got enemies coming out of the woodwork and I have to protect her. Why? Because that's the kind of man I am. Yes, I am that amazing. Of course, it doesn't hurt that while I work to secure her safety, she'll be hanging out at my house. That's hours ... days even that I've got Irene Conridge right where I want her.


Wicked Ways

I'm too dangerous for her. I know it, but I can't get my sexy new neighbor out of my head. When I hear her scream one night, the absolute last thing I expect to see is Miranda Shaw-star of my hottest fantasies-being attacked by a vampire. Now the undead jerk is after her, and I'm the only thing standing between the beautiful lady and a killer who just won't stop. Well, too bad for him, because that vamp has just made the worst mistake of his afterlife-he's tangled with a shifter. And Miranda, well, she's so busy watching out for him that she won't see me closing in on her-not until it's too late-and I'm about to show her just how wild I can get.

Plus Jill Shalvis, more Cynthia Eden, and Susan Johnson...and more!

This is easily 60 to 70 dollars in books! All for a three dollar ticket. You can't beat beefing up your TSPB collection for a price like that!


neliss said...

I am stoking that I signed up for this basket. The only thing missing is a *hint* ;) Noahs Arc...but we cant have everything...

Stephanie*magic* said...

I LOVE those necklaces!
So beautiful!!

CinnamonGirl said...

They're such beautiful pieces! I'm glad that I got some tickets in towards them, and doubly glad that you're so close to reaching your goal! The books look steamy-as-hell...right up my alley. :) Thanks for putting together all of these wonderful prizes! ~ Ness


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