Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Spotlight:: Jacquelyn Frank Freakin' Fantastic Basket

Hello again! I don't mean to flood you guys with blogs, but ...well, okay...I do mean to. But that's because of how important this is to me. I wanted to spotlight the next basket but keep in mind, Kensington just donated a buttload of books that I am spreading out across the board! Whatever you see posted is just the beginning as far as books go.

This cordial assortment of Godiva milk chocolate coca, sesame crackers, Portlock smoked salmon, Ghirardelli coffee, Mrs. May's strawberry cashew crunch, herb cheese mix, Sorrento candies, Ahmad tea, sour cherry drops, pickled green asparagus, whole olives, caramel cookies, Brown and Haley almond roca, Mamma Mellace's cinnamon roasted cashews and matching serving dish fill this embossed burgundy tin. The variety in this basket guarantees there will be something for everyone.

And, of course that's not all!
the ENTIRE Nightwalkers series, beginning to end and signed by me personally to you! That includes a NOAH ARC.

But how about a list of those random Brava and Aphrodisia books? Let's start with:

Shannon McKenna



Surveillance expert Seth Mackey knows everything about the women that his millionaire boss toys with -- and tosses aside. Raine Cameron is something different. Night after night, Seth watches her on a dozen different video screens. Her vulnerable beauty haunts him and her fresh innocence stirs a white-hot passion that he can barely control. Raine is pure temptation, but Seth has something more important to take care of first. He's convinced that his boss, Victor Lazar, is responsible for his half-brother's murder. He cannot put his secret investigation at risk, but he can't stop wanting her -- craving her -- and soon he knows he can't let Victor have her. For Raine may be Victor's next victim...


Raine knows she's being watched -- but no one can see the secrets in her heart. She has reasons of her own to seek revenge on Victor Lazar, and she will, despite her fear -- and the distracting presence of Seth Mackey. Though Raine has little experience with men, Seth's fiercely masculine good looks and animal sensuality stir her most erotic fantasies when she's alone...and lead her to a bold plan. Offering her body to him, surrendering totally to his ruthless desire might well push her beyond all emotional limits -- and beyond fear itself.


Shannon McKenna's first thriller, Behind Closed Doors, brought readers a passionate, intense hero like no other: Seth Mackey. His dark sensuality and thirst for revenge concealed the secrets of his past -- secrets that only his mysterious partner, Connor McCloud, understood. Like Seth, Connor has been scarred by betrayal and tested by searing desire -- for a woman who tempts him beyond reason...a woman who is now the bait in a deadly trap Connor is unable to resist....

Ex-FBI agent Connor McCloud can never forget the day he was set up to die at the hands of trusted friend and fellow agent Ed Riggs. Hard justice and loyalty to his badge have cost Connor what he wants most -- Ed's shy, studious daughter Erin. He can never have her now, but her beauty still haunts and torments his every waking hour and his most fevered erotic dreams. But now that his old enemy Kurt Novak has returned, Connor is prepared to do anything to protect the vulnerable young woman from a killer who has vowed a brutal payback...a killer with a predator's lethal patience.

Erin has been harboring secret fantasies about Connor McCloud since she first laid eyes on him -- but that was before his testimony sent her father to jail. Her world is falling apart and it's all she can do to hold her family together. But now Connor is knocking on her door, telling her she needs his protection, whether she wants it or not. He won't give up and he won't stay away. He's sworn to guard her life with his own and his fierce protectiveness awakens long-buried feelings -- and a fiery sexuality deep within her soul...

Susan Johnson


From New York Times bestselling author Susan Johnson comes a tantalizing new novel of hidden secrets and passionate desires.


Hugh D'Abernon, Marquis of Darley, was in Sevastopol for one reason only— to reconnoiter the town for the British Secret Service. So if he encounters a woman of unparalleled beauty in need of his help, he will do his duty and smartly escort her back to town-then continue on his way. He will not consider being diverted from the task at hand. No matter how tempting the lady.

Aurore Clement was unaccustomed to being so susceptible to a man's good looks. From afar, it was simple enough to be prudent, but in close proximity to this handsome Tatar, it was quite a different matter. She would have to keep her distance and focus on more important concerns-like her work with the French command and caring for her wounded brother, a soldier with French forces.

But Hugh and Aurore both have reasons for wanting to escape the reality of this fearsome war. And when the two meet again, there is no stopping the fierce passion that ignites between them...

"Susan Johnson knows how to make the pages sizzle."—Romantic Times

There. That's what I have (I am saving some of the better ones for the necklaces since they are selling out the slowest!!)

Good Luck!!

Hugs and kitties


PS: Don't forget about the marathon chat!! This Saturday!!


neliss said...

Hey Jack. Thats great. Congrats...

neliss said...

Ill be there off and on sat for the chat. I am really happy we all got together andnow you are so close to getting to send all the procedes you wanted to ACN. I will buy some more tickets tonight. Ill just have to send it in offa hubbys :P acct. I wont get paid in time to do this myself. lol. Ill put the money back in his acct tho. I know enough of us will get togheter and finish off the 600.

Robin Snodgrass said...

Great news that you're getting so close!! Woo Hoo!!

Robin Snodgrass said...

Just bought a few more tickets!

MeShelle said...

well i think ill go ahead and buy some more you out some more**plus the prizes are very tempting**

Laura K said...

Could you tell us the measurements of the necklaces? Being a BBW myself, I'm not too sure if the necklace will fit my ummmmm...large neck! Thanks! Laura

LynTaylor said...

Ooooh .. just sent through my money for some tickets. May have to buy some more LOL!


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