Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mega Flu

I know you've been eagerly awaiting the announcement of the Rumpelstiltskin Contest winner...or anything for that matter. Unfortunately, I caught a bitching cold while in Ohio and I am sick as a darn dog. I cant taste a thing, have no sense of smell, and can barely breathe. In a word, I am MISERABLE. What's worse, I think I am breeding a good case of pneumonia. Seems like the natural progress for me these last years. Ever since I was diagnosed with asthma, the state of my breathing sucks if I get the slightest cold.

Anyway, I am otherwise very okay. I have started the process for my surgery, am planning a trip to Australia next February, and hope to throw London in there somewhere as well. My sister should be moving out at long last this weekend. Or so I hope. That's the plan anyway. The kittens are old enough to separate from there mom who, incidentally, has gone into heat. She is meowing non-stop at the top of her trampy little lungs. She gets fixed on Tuesday if she survives that long. The kittens have been named Bella and Magdelegna :) And let me tell you, I picked perfectly who got which. Maggie is a little lady, genteel and refined and adorable. Bella is gorgeous and a scrapper. She cracks me up and is a walking ball of trouble. How perfect is that?? It looks like my sister is adopting Maggie. Bella will get a home quick too. She is a tortoiseshell with beautiful blue eyes. Irresistible.

This weekend I am off to Virginia to spend some time with some lovely readers who have invited me out to dinner. I'm a cheap date ;) For the cost of two hotel rooms (my assistant and her husband), dinner and brunch, I am going to spend some time with them. :) Honestly they sound wonderful. I am really looking forward to it.

Anyway, for the moment you are looking for the winner of the contest right? I had a LOT of entries...and most were right. Now here are the clues.

A winery. Eight letters long. Means 'Who is like God'. A song.

For those who guessed Michaela, it's the right length and meaning, but I never heard of a song entitles Michaela or a winery.

The answer is MICHELLE. The St. Michelle Winery is in Washington and 'Michelle' has been the title of several songs, including a Beatles song. It is the feminine of Micheal which means 'Who is like God.' And, obviously, is eight letters long.

Now, of nearly fifty entries, the winner of the Noah ARC.

Congratulations to:

Nur Shahir! You won! Please email me you full address as soon as you can. :)

Hugs and Kitties

PS: Stay tuned for two things: One is a new raffle for ACN. I am going to dog you for donations to my favorite charity. Each donation will win you an entry into a basket drawing. There will be three baskets total and you get to choose which one you want (though there will be minimums for the bigger more than 5 dollars, I promise.)

Two, we have our all day chat coming up on June 28th! So far I have Lauren Dane, Gena Showalter, JJ Massa, Alexandra Ivy, Yasmine Galenorn, and Patrice Michelle. Each one has a give away for the day. If you are working, best take a vacation day ;)


Sara said...

I guessed Michaela. If you google enough you can find a Michaela winery in Germany and a song lyrics to a song named Michaela too.

Get well soon!

Stephanie*magic* said...

Well, I did get your name right, lol.
Hope you feel better soon Jacki!
Have a fun, safe trip!
And congrats!! :)

rjs4444us said...

congrats to the winner!

feel better Jacki!

Universal Chick said...

Sara I guessed Michaela too...although my gut was pointing towards Michelle...oh well congrats to the winner!

i hope you get better Jacki...drink lots and lots of chicken soup

Pamk said...

dammit I got your name wrong I was like the first lady. And guess what the funny part is. My first name is michelle. How's that for irony. Acutally my name was supposed to be Pamela Michelle but my dad reversed it to Michelle Pamela while my mother was unconscious after my delivery. Could be why the divorced when I was a baby lol.

Anonymous said...

Congrats Nur Shahir! Hope u feel better soon, Jacki! Ada:)

Kelley Nyrae said...

Oh no! Sorry you got sick. HOpe you feel better soon and I had a blast with you in Ohio.

Suzanne said...

Feel better Jacki! We're all sick here too. Have a great trip. I'm looking forward to the 28th.

jabberwookie said...

Yeah I got your name right!! Congrats to the winner! :)

I hope you feel better Jacki! You have kitties at your house while I have puppies. My grandfather's dog just had three puppies a few days ago.


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